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  1. I was using 11.1 but rolled back to 11.2 as it worked for jorvik. Works for me too.
  2. I was using 11.1 or 11.2 previously - will check tonight. Forgot to mention that I am running Win 7/64 and I7 in case this problem is only for this combination.
  3. I have the same problem after installing 11.5 on a 6970. In fact I thought there was some other problem - glad I saw this post. I don't have a correlation with the sun; the freezing seems to occur when changing any field of view (e.g., view through gun site when rotating a turret, changing direction while walking as inf, etc.). FPS drops from the 90's to 2 for a second or two and then back up. Navigating the map also has the same effect. Will roll back to previous version tonight and see what happens.
  4. Thanks for the tips. I'm running 9.7 0n my 4870 X2 since 1.30 as the latest drivers 10.x (can't remember which) did not work well at that time and I rolled back to 9.7. I also recall that others had no success with the latest drivers back then. S!
  5. Don't mean to be thick, but can't find any specific reference to WWIIOL and 4870 drivers here. Don't see a search option.
  6. Installed 9.7 - played 2 hours and no problems :-) Intel Core Duo E8500 3.16 GHz 8 GB RAM Windows Vista Ultimate 64-bit ATI Radeon 4870 X2
  7. I have been using ATI cards and drivers for several years with no issues. About 10 months ago I got this setup: Intel Core Duo E8500 3.16 GHz 8 GB RAM Windows Vista Ultimate 64-bit ATI Radeon 4870 X2 Everything worked fine until about 1 week ago using 8.x drivers with absolutelly no problems, then suddenly weird green squares and auto reboots. Windows diagnostic popup claims problems with ATI drivers. Cleaned everything and reinstalled Catalyst 8.10 - no joy - immediate reboot or freeze when logging into WWIIOL. All other computer functions, internet, etc. working fine. Today installed the latest Catalyst 9.10 out of desperation. Logged into WWIIOL no problem but sudden clean exits (CTD?) from game about every 10-20 minutes. No heating issues anywhere, etc. Out of ideas...
  8. Interesting - I have the same problem - see the joystick sticky above When I login, I must for every session click "detect controllers", save the tank keymap (which is always the correct one), and then MOST OF THE TIME I can steer tanks. Other vehicles, atg's, etc., do not require this. Strangely, I have the same keymap for trucks and tanks (as far as steering goes).
  9. Klaus, what was the problem with your keymapping? I'm sure that is not my problem but it never hurts to check again.
  10. I'm not sure if this is the same problem. I got a new computer with Vista Ultimate 64 bit a few weeks ago during 1.28, re-installed WWIIOL and everything worked fine - no glitches whatsoever. The 1.29 patch messed up the joystick; not completely, as the joystick functions and keymap work fine for trucks and ATG's but not so for tanks. For tanks, the keymapped views, positions, etc. on the joystick are OK, but I can't steer (but can use js buttons 1 and 2 to shift gears up and down) from the driver position or operate the turret or gun in gunner postion. Same for commander, cannot use joystick to rotate but buttons work for views - the turret/gun/commander control has transferred to the mouse in tanks. Just to underline the difference - all the joystick functions for steering and gun/commander work fine in atgs and trucks where applicable but not in tanks. I also noticed a significant drop in FPS. Any ideas? ATI Radeon HD 4870 X2 Catalyst Version 08.10 Vista Ultimate 64bit Asus Rampage Formula Intel Core2 Duo E8500 8GB RAM MS PP2 FFB joystick USB Logitech G5 mouse CHB throttle
  11. Thank you stngrpbg; I clicked on "Visual and Performance" in settings, closed Settings, and logged right in with no problems after about 24 hours of frustration. As nobody from my squad was there, I only stayed in game for a few minutes, but everything seemed normal with 32 FPS at a relatively quiet FB. I was getting the white screen with "login complete" and then dumped back to the WWIIOL page. Also could not get into the Training server. Checknet utility got 8 OK's.