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  1. Hello all, With some of your help, I set up my controls so that I could use the mouse for fine aiming of tanks, at guns, etc. Ever since doing that, I have times where my screen will randomly jump like crazy when using the mouse to aim with. I never have a problem using the mouse as infantry, it only happens when using it to aim a tanks weapons, aaa guns or at guns. I can be moving in the horizontal or vertical plane and the screen will suddenly jump a long ways, and quickly, like straight up or down or left and right. I have not been able to track down any common time that this happens, it appears to be random. Any suggestions on what is causing this, or what the fix is? TIA
  2. I think I found the problem. I worked on this offline in external view while watching the elevator. I kept working with it, moving slow, fast, holding a bit of back pressure for a while like I normally do while flying and finally one time while I had the stick at full rear deflection, the elevator started to return to neutral, even though the stick was still full back. I just happened to bump the top of the elevator trim wheel on my Flightstick Pro and when I hit the trim wheel the elevator went right back to full deflection. I do not use the trim wheels on the stick, they stay in the neutral position all the time. I worked the trim wheel back and forth and the problem seemed to clear up. I made two flights in game last night and it seems to be working fine now. Thanks again for trying to help maglight.
  3. Thanks for the response maglight. I have done that but forgot to mention it. I use the same flight gear in Rise of Flight and it works perfectly.
  4. Hello All, I hope you can help me as this is driving me nuts. I have recently begun flying in WWII OL again but keep having problems during flight. What is happening is that the game stops recognizing pitch inputs from my joystick. It may be affecting the roll and yaw also, but I have not noticed that for sure. When this occurs, even the stick in the cockpit graphic does not move. For example, I can be up, flying straight and level, all by myself. What happens is everything is fine, but then at some point, I start trying to pull back on the stick, and there is no reaction from the game. I keep pulling the stick further and further to the rear and then suddenly, the game will react all at once like it saw no movement of the stick from center, but then suddenly recognized the stick was almost to full up pitch input. This happens without the autopilot being set. It can happen at any time, but of course is worse in combat, as often when it does finally see the pitch up input, it also blacks me out to make it even more fun. I have experienced this mainly in the early Hurri and Spit, but those are all I have tried flying yet. I am using Win7 Pro and a full CH control set up. I have checked the control inputs many times in the CH win7 control center and it always shows the stick inputs as being very smooth and consistent. Any and all help and suggestions will be most appreciated. Thank you