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  1. Not only was I agreeing with your ealiier post. But 100% agree with what you said here. I think a common thread for devs in most games is listening to the losers and not the winners. Every camp I've been a major mover in, or any game where Me/my team made an impact I could tell game devs why and how to stop it. Listen to the winners more imo, at least the open, honest ones ).
  2. And that sounds like a bad idea to me ian77. Encouraging people to attack has always been an issue imo. Its why the dreaded softcap was such an issue. Ahhh someone is moving the map )).
  3. https://www.bing.com/images/search?view=detailV2&ccid=9%2fbEYPtW&id=B48B5D66B297CE0ABCBD07FA095C336D715318EE&thid=OIP.9_bEYPtW-N0dQrYTDuK52AHaLD&mediaurl=https%3a%2f%2fvignette.wikia.nocookie.net%2finjusticegodsamongus%2fimages%2f5%2f5c%2fInjustice2TMNT.jpg%2frevision%2flatest%3fcb%3d20180531145352&exph=1118&expw=749&q=teenage+mutant+ninja+turtles&simid=607996312287971075&selectedIndex=0&ajaxhist=0
  4. Hard to roleplay as one narrow type here. Para is best used sparingly. You will never be spawning para on a regular basis. But that is very realistic if you know the history at all.
  5. TZ3 was usually the best fights. Some steamroll happens for sure. But usually its the result of weeks of pitched fights resulting in one side getting an advantage. Then the roll happened. Really if people just worry about what happens when they are playing its good.
  6. Didn't read all this. But the game has always been about the side that best uses its pop to best effect wins. Maybe not that exact camp, but good play attracts and good players get it done. The supply, units etc is all window dressing. Good play wins regardless
  7. This is actually one of the more polite forums of any game I've played. Maybe branch out a bit and come back to appreciate how good it is here? lol ))
  8. Anything that gets/keeps people logging in and playing is good. Keep bouncing the ideas around.
  9. You'll learn a lot from these characters. And I don't just mean about the game... lol.
  10. And this is the problem. I've played with you. You are a difference maker when your engaged. Who do we get/keep you that way? Please tell us This is why I came back on axis side.... it was a mess. It swings. Someone wins, someone loses. And if all the great players I see posting here went one side it would be over fast. The goal is to get the people who aren't posting here on board.... again easier said than done.
  11. You of all people should understand how few people mean the difference between win and loss. Its a very small number. Just say I'm glad when your on my side.
  12. Do you guys even understand the 1AO rules??? There are not massive softcap cuts happening in 1 AO times now. Happy to explain to anyone who just doesn't get the rules. And seriously if I have to play allied a few camps to "fix" this I will. This is a bit of a letdown from losing a meaningful camp is all. its far from unrecoverable. Knuckle down and fight.
  13. AI has never saved a town. its an annoyance. So much about this game is annoying already. Get rid of AI. Hurts higher pop more than lower as most restrictions do.
  14. Haven't been around so can't give a valid response. But WOW I love seeing this thread.