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  1. Thanks for all your thoughts! I think in the long run CRS has to decide, what impact RDP is supposed to have to the game and tweak all abovementioned aspects accordingly. This topic shows, that there is no shortcoming of ideas and input from the community. Carvo
  2. Thank you very much for that information!! That was very helpful! Finally I know, what to do with that setting. I always thought, the green bar to the left was to set the left edge and to the right the right edge (respectively front and rear), which didn't open an option for adjusting the behaviour around the center, but now it makes sense... Hint to CRS: Maybe it would be a good idea to make that a little bit clearer in the settings screen! Thanks again! Carvo 91st
  3. Hi! When I let the handle of my joystick go, it tends to steer veeeery slightly to the right. In normal play this is not perceptible, but when I go straight forward for a long time (like on ships), it leads to a small but significant deviation. My question is: How can I set a deadband? What I mean is a (very small) zone around the center position of my stick where inputs on the x or y axis are not recognized. BTW: How is that controller setting with that red box you can move around meant to be used anyway? I have no idea what I can set there and what dragging that box around does. Thanks in advance! Carvo 91st Sturmbattalion
  4. I have a question on RDP: Germany, France and Britain have 9 RDP factories each. I would assume, that the German factories have the double productivity of the allied ones (because Germany has only half the factories, than Britain and France combined). Right? But if that is the case, it means that a bomb run on a German factory has the double effect of a bomb run on an allied factory. Or in other words: To cause the same damage, Germany would have to make two bomb runs for each allied bomb run. What am I missing? Carvo 91st Sturmbattalion
  5. Hello! I recently got myself a Logitech (formerly Saitek) X52 Pro HOTAS. On Youtube I saw quite a few videos, where people have managed to program the buttons and lights on the stick and throttle even with a feedback funtionality (e.g. one user has mapped gear up/down to a button in the base of the stick and the indicator light switches from red to green, when the gear is extended). All the videos I saw were about different games than wwiionline. Obviously it is possible to send some sort of script via USB to the stick (LUA-files seem to play a role here). My question: Has anyone of you experimented with that? Carvo
  6. I don't see a problem there: To blow an FB it needs 27 satchel charges. So if each para engi had 4 charges it would take 7 people to blow an FB (since they can't bring a FRU or a truck for resupply). If that seemed too easy, CRS could furnish each para engi with just 2 charges, so it would take 14 engis. Either way: You would need at least 8 (respectively 15) people (including a pilot) just to take down an FB. That's 8 (or 15) people not available for fight for at least 15 minutes (it will probably take alone 10 minutes to gather that number of players on the airfield). And one single casualty would ruin the whole FB busting operation since the remaining satchels would not be sufficient to blow the FB entirely. 15 people missing on the battlefield for such a period of time mean such a huge disadvantage to a raging battle, that noone would do such a thing just to give his HC more options for AO, but only if the FB is vital. Furthermore: After the FB has been blown, the engis can't RTB (no FRU, no truck), so they lose these engis from their supply list. So another easy way to avoid any abuse would be to limit the number of available engis at an airfield to a value that limits the possible number of FB raids to 1. Carvo
  7. When I joined the game in 2003 it was virtually impossible to play anything else but infantry without a joystick. So after 2 or 3 days in the game, I did what everybody did who got involved at that time: I went to the next store and got myself a joystick. And suddenly a whole new world opened to me with all the diversity, the game has to offer. The obvious problem was that there might have been a number of interested players who didn't get a joystick and as a result were limited to infantry units with the consequence that the game did not really catch them. Those players might have left the game because they didn't have a joystick and didn't want to get one. So CRS did a great job in implementing a rather good way to control vehicles just with the keyboard and the mouse. Now all units were available to players even if they didn't have a joystick. As a result many of those players, who stayed, didn't see the necessity to get a joystick. And while in the early days of the game almost everybody had a joystick, I'm under the impression, that the vast majority today is playing just with keyboard and mouse. The problem: Everyone who played the game with a joystick knows, that the level of immersion into the game is way higher with a joystick. It's a difference, if you're commanding your tank with the keyboard or with a joystick. It feels much more real and in a way hard to describe way better. And I think, that this might in the end affect the loyalty to the game. For example a fast scan of your surroundings with a tank turret (or a DD turret !!) is much more precise with a joystick, because with the mouse you often tend to "overshoot". And of course: Flying! While you might be able to get your plane off the ground just with keyboard and mouse, even an experienced keyboard pilot will lose any dogfight against a noob with a joystick. As a result a lot of players restrain themselves from flying instead of getting a stick. But for me it was especially that diversity that kept me on fire for the game. If I'm tired of playing infantry, I get a tank, or a boat, or a plane. And each time it almost feels like a different game. But at the same time I'm staying in the community of my squad or side. So what's my point? Of course I don't want CRS to remove the really good implemented keyboard/mouse control from the game to force players into joysticks, but maybe some of you have ideas how to motivate more players to get sticks. To show them, that it's worth it and much more fun too. Because the broader the playing options for each player are, the more probable it is, that he will stay in the game. And a large base of inspired and motivated players is exactly what this game needs. As I said in the subject field: Just thoughts. Carvo 91st Sturmbatallion
  8. Hi! Where do I find the file wherE BE stores my keymapper preferences please? S! and thanks! Carvo
  9. The MagicMouse from Apple is great for almost everything but gaming. I also have a simple Dell mouse for playing. For when I'm too lazy to switch mice, I also have keymapped the sights to the space bar. Carvo
  10. Hi guys! Since my good old Saitek Cyborg Gold ceased to work under MacOS 10.11 (El Capitan), I'm currently looking for a replacement. Unfortunately most joystick manufacturers don't seem to explicitly support MacOS. And of course I don't want to spend money on a stick, that doesn't work with my Mac. Any recommendations in a price range up to approx. 80 USD? (That work with El Capitan and WWIIOL) Is the Mad Catz V1 good? Is the Mad Catz FLY 5 better? How? Thank you very much in advance!! Carvo
  11. The problems vanished within a few hours. I don't know who solved it so quickly but: Thank you!!
  12. Hi guys! Since the new campaign started I experience major connection problems: 4 of 5 times the game wouldn't start but crashes on the startup. If it starts, almost never get to spawn. When I, try I first get the message: "I dunno. It's some kind of internal error, -KFSONE" Then I either get the message: "Cell Host (57): Not connected" or I try to spawn again and get the message, that my unit type is no longer available (which is not true, since there were still plenty of it, whatever unit type I tried). Since this problem is appearing associated with the beginning of the new campaign I suppose, it might have something to do with some new server settings. Please take a look at this! Sincerely, Carvo P.S.: I'm running the game on MacOS 10.11.6
  13. Hi! Yesterday (1.35.1) and today (1.35.2) I have experienced a bug, where the side of a facility was shown wrong: Yesterday it was an enemy FB that was invisible to me (but not to other players). Just now I've been to Signy and Signy EAB was shown to me as French on the map. When I got there, there was a French flag hanging from the bunker, but talking to a team mate inside the bunker I realized that the AB was in fact Axis. When I entered the bunker I got the message "can be captured" but no progress on the bar. When I pushed "esc" to despawn the message popping up showed "MIA", although I was standing in a friendly AB. That means, the AB appeared to me as French with all consequences and the only exception, that I could not cap it. S! Carvo
  14. I recently reported very severe stability problems since I updated my OS to 10.11 (El Capitan). I have no idea, what you might have changed at the servers, but stability is MUCH better since the new campaign! I'll keep you posted. Carvo
  15. Hi! I usually have something like 60-80 FPS. But when I have TS running in the background, my FPS drops to below 10. Any ideas or hints? Carvo