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  1. LOL. Forgot to check my second account; eriken. Still locked out. Ticket on the way. :-)
  2. Logged on. Thx for fix Chimm.
  3. Ticket submitted as well.
  4. Mail sent (again).
  5. The best of wishes from a former Wingless Cafe customer. (I still got your books btw, you even signed one of them. That was "great" for a then Warbirds rookie (Canis). Browsed through them yesterday in fact.)
  6. Correct, it is the Tiger ( 251 113) at Vimoutiers. Purchased by the town from a scrapdealer in the mid 70`s, after an article in "After the Battle" Magazine. Patched up visually, not sure about that camo beeing realistic. It is thought to have belonged to Schwere SS Panzer Abteilung 102 and left behind and partially demolished by its own crew in -44. This is August 44, the Falaise gap and headlong retreat to the North. Possible Commander SS Unterscharfuhrer Reisske. The location is actually on a steep hill, so it may have just broken down through mech failure, it was going uphill. Or it may be the common summer 44 running out of fuel scenario. These days it is cordoned off, at least it was when I saw it last summer. The rear end is just welded up with steel plates to recreate the original form. But it sure looks like nothing else when it is suddenly there on the roadside in the middle of nowhere.
  7. As a former in real life mg34 user, I will simply say; That was a good fix. Salute. As for the unrealistic reload speed and the bipod extension issue I can wait.
  8. This thread worries me a bit. I have been playing for years; Atari, Commodore, 368 and so on….. «Tennis», killing aliens of all sorts, Tigers in the snow, USAAF, one SSI game after the other….. Then came internett and I found Warbirds with Doc and a wild bunch in the Wilderness Cafe or whatever it was called. Then Aces High, IL2 and finally WWIIOL in 2003. And WWIIOL it has been ever since. At last a game with a wish/will to recreate RL physics and inventories. That is my main reason for staying. I have been reading about WWII since stumbling across a Pierre Closterman book back in the 60`s, so I like the idea of trying to approach parts of the reality via a game like this. Np, I could field a long demanding to do list of things wanted and things fixed. Items and corrections may come or it may not, but right now I see a lot of things coming which I look forward to. SMG topic, LMG topic, Matilda topic and so on, I still find enough to play with and things to accomplish that by far outweight these so called «problems». Then we we have the «persons» you play with; Vadr in a A20 and the EFMS`s go down, Rebel 357 with a 40mm Hurri and you know there will be some sorry Axis tankers among us. At the same time you know that Hastien is sitting out there in silence, patiently waiting with his 88. The list could go on. I do play both sides, mostly going for the underpop or losing side. Love to be in a winning scenario but on the other hand can take a loss as well. This after all is a game. I do observe some heavy whining in the channels and the forums (I am not on Discord in order to avoid the noise).Nothing new there. But I must admit the unsub threat chorus makes me uneasy. I would quite simply hate to loose this hobby of mine (and others). Especially in the light of the efforts put down by some «heavy» and enthusiastic names that have floated across my screen for years. Salute to them. Guess I will just hunker down with my two accounts and hope for the best. Threats won`t make much in the way of progression as I see it, neither in game or RL for that matter.
  9. Yeah, when you had your no. 2 close at hand & deployed. He was bzy with the belt/ammobox, handling the lid, checking the feeder arm (pos to the left w bolt up front), holding the belt in pos.... Me with left hand on the stock, right hand keeping belt in pos and ready for charging the gun. Quite a "dance" on occasion. When alone you were very bzy. The mg3 was a bit better, you just slammed the lid down, bolt up front or not if I remember right. Np with the bipod tech limit argumentation. Just felt like mention it
  10. Having "lived" with and used a 34 for a few years, I can only support the XOOM stand on this one. I have only one practical comment to add; you alway moved about in the field with the bipod deployed. Then you just plonked the gun down and opened up simple as that. What took a sec or two was checking out the belt (loose not twisted etc). We use a drum in WWIIOL (each man carrying 5 of them by the look of it) and I have used that as well but never used them in the field,. Prefered the belt for ease of handling, carrying etc. Still my point is; that loading the thing was a two hand operation and you better be stationary with the gun preferably on the ground. A few things to control; Feed the belt, hold it with ur right hand, close the lid with your left hand, feeder in the right pos and so on. In real life you almost never filled up the belt with more than 45+ rounds, the first few free slots were used to hold the belt in position, as the feeder link was always missing.... :-) I have fired a Bren on the range, but that is all, so I can`t say to much about that one. As for the 34 I could go on but thats another story.
  11. Easy, just log in on the underpop side and play there.
  12. My idea of fun? Rtb'ng with some sort of accomplishment achieved. Not necessary kills but happy with OP duty, overwatch, etc. Must admit I like to blow up an efms now and then. I may not be much of a "talker" online, but I sort of find it ok to be a part of this peculiar community.
  13. Ok, thx. Steady as a dream yesterday. Can`t stay in game today... ?
  14. CTHL twice in a couple of min... Whats the message 10057 mean ?
  15. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I have just recieved a copy. lots of photos and tech info. Main text in Norwegian, but as the photos represents the main contents of the book and they have English/Norwegian text, it is no problem. Recommended.