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  1. Phist25 RIP, he was VFA-25 XO back in 2001-2006 era, and maybe even off and on.
  2. a multi engine airplane that turns inside 109s.
  3. if the wheels are up and the belly of the airplane is on the belt, then yes
  4. Probably the same people have a satellite connection or other weak connection, or packet loss.
  5. ive only had 1 CTD... but that does appear to be a recurring theme. Why it happens is a mystery.
  6. history and all
  7. join date, post count
  8. See how accurate it is in close quarters. Should also take the sound effects from this video if you can too.
  9. Medic Class. Secret Police Class Pillbox style FRU's Partisans
  10. Barbed wire or camps would be nice. Also deer, because as you know the German army needs to feed itself. Also I would like to be able to buy my own Villa / plot of land within the game itself. I find Frankfurt quite nice.
  11. IS it possible to spawn infantry from Tanks or ZOC's instead of FRU's or trucks? Could use a few more infantry spawn options
  12. Oops you forgot one: Rub one out in Xooms honor (I know you'll like this one xoom).
  13. Pros: Funnels impatient players to the other side balancing.Deaths take too long to come back into the fight (which isnt a bad thing actually as you cant avenge your own death as easily) Cons: No Surge attacks. No surprise overwhelming attacks. ie battle of the bulge. feel free to add to the list.
  14. he has good points. I would like to see 2nd accounts made for subscribers to increase the game population without causing too many problems. Would increase population by 2x. Once we get back a bigger player base we can always remove that 2nd account feature. I have enough ram on my PC to run 2 copies of the game no problem, but i dont as a 2nd account isnt worth it to me. F2P is cool, but i dont believe im seeing enough free players on the field.
  15. Enjoy your cold war. Nuke arms race. Wars in vietnam and korea all due to failure to align with germany and defeat the soviet union.