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  1. Can finally see the AAR and respawn the unit I just reserved. ... about time
  2. The stickies here in Mac Support are out-of-date or providing incorrect information. Please fix the following, as I am almost positive they're kaput. CTD crash reports here(AHWULF no longer the go-to guy) 1.33 Bugs Anyone still using 10.5? 1.34 will only support 10.6+ Current Live Release (1.33.4 - Apr 15 2011 ) and maybe Video Cards Comparisons ( 1 2 )
  3. Wow, one of the old guard peeks in to say hi Mac support is still supposed to happen, but the specialist (ahwulf) is no longer with CRS. They still make a version for us, but the bugs may not get squashed as quickly. Sorry I can't help you more effectively. I can only say I can connect just fine. The usual advice that I'll just repeat is to try downloading the full installer and using that. Good luck
  4. Most JS's with special features (like x52 display) are windows only. So for the most part, try to find a cheap one with no strange features (but as many buttons as possible!). The Mac OS will recognize them on its own. That said, I have an oldie (thrustmaster afterburner)
  5. Please send this to the bug reporting forum.
  6. Yes, modern games are pushing more into the gfx memory bank. More is better. 512MB is in fact considered low-end today and won't be viable in a couple years.
  7. Macs have a known but unsolved bug for Joysticks. The first time you log in to a gaming session you need to click "detect controllers". This can be found in the controllers tab under preferences or in the map window. Once you click this, it should be resolved. At least until the next time you launch the game, then you have to redo it.
  8. That is a tough one. Is this a new problem? as in, did it only begin after the patch? It's probably some random bug, things like that happen in all games. Try downloading the "full installer" and reinstalling the game. It won't change your preference files.
  9. Gophur posted in Bug forum: Switch to connection 2 (in settings from launch program, not in-game). See if it works.
  10. Do you mean the auto-despawn bug?
  11. Is it just the arrow keys, and not any other key? What are you trying to map to the arrows?
  12. Had us scared there for a minute*. Don't do that! *(in geologic/Rafter time)
  13. You'll be missed, we appreciated your efforts and always effective work. S! Andy
  14. Cmd + tab. You can switch to other programs. Other than that, you cannot directly minimize or put this game into window mode.
  15. Hello back at ya, This game does have a default "keymapper" set up for large/fullsize keyboards. I used to use an iBook for this game myself, and let me tell you... it ain't pretty or fun to change the things. For starters, stick with infantry play until you are comfortable with some of the major controls. So to do this, just stick with the infantry tab of the keymapper. Adjust the controls in there to what you can use. Also check the general/views tab and adjust those, as they rely on F keys and the numpad you don't actually have to work. Good luck