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  1. That free Windows 10 upgrade
  2. I had to give up due to family and finances, and now want to get back into the action
  3. I was Allied HC a few years back (retired due to finances). Would I be allowed to come back in at my old grade?
  4. I normally get this after a CTD Sent from my Galaxy Tab via Tapatalk
  5. I am interested but I work nights and alternate days off so I'm not always free for Squad nights, plus I have a 4month old
  6. moving flags, fallbacks, how to oic a defense and offense
  7. When I click forum tools to mark a forum as read, it doesn't do anything... I don't like having to read thru ALL posts to mark them read
  8. This happened to me a few times over the past few days, my game seems to lock up, then throws me to the map screen and says "connection lost" and when I exit and restart the application, everything is "locked"
  9. what did i miss?
  10. 13th Infantry is a well-rounded group, so far seems to play a lot of Infantry (some prefer flying, armored, etc) PS: Im 13th Inf
  11. OT: The old days, when the military wanted experienced NCOs... now they want PT studs who can run a mile and a half in 9 mins or less... yay... I'm a "crusty" SSgt (USAF Security Forces) who's being "recycled" for PT and "severe financial insuitability" Anyway, I can't help with a squad as I play Allied (13th INF), but looking forward to seeing you on the field
  12. Bump for some 13th Inf action
  13. I have played with the boys in the 56th FG. Fine group right there
  14. Put in my app! 28, played since NOV but never had any real training, would love to learn to fly too :-)