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  1. You should take your own advice. You lead with a personal attack because I don't agree with your opinion. I can't state facts to prove a negative - particularly when it is, entirely, a matter of player opinion. But relax, I'm going now, and I'm sure you need to attend to your catalog of complaint threads.
  2. Not agreeing with your opinion doesn't mean others don't understand.
  3. It may be telling that many players don't see a problem
  4. FBs can be monitored from anywhere in the game world with a .own command.
  5. I'm not even sure if you're serious.
  6. Both suggestions benefit the overpop side and hamstring underpop one.
  7. Gold standard is a bit generous. Most games require you to be in a small area near a flag which is the same mechanic with no building.
  8. Getting too much resistance rolling 10 to 1?
  9. Just don't teach anybody over there to use those 88s
  10. Is 1920x1080 resolution high enough or are you looking for 4k stuff?
  11. ...I shed a tear.
  12. This is good news, I hope we all get to attend your future concert
  13. Not saying this is the case with OP, but a derelict/unresponsive ML is precisely what the .takelead command is for. I took lead from a nonresponsive ML during the WBS campaign - XOOM himself took a mission from me after I set up a bunch of nice waypoints for it but I think it's just because my mission was so awesome and he wanted the credit for it.
  14. Not really, which is the big problem with the French in later tiers.
  15. You can close your eyes to hide if you want to, but we can all see you.
  16. Nope. You'll have to push your retribution agenda elsewhere. http://forums.wwiionline.com/forums/topic/423002-is-there-a-list-of-what-the-brigade-spawn-lists-are-by-country/?do=findComment&comment=6406103
  17. Not even close. This is like flying 110s against Spitfires ... in every tier
  18. Ok, I get it, you refuse to talk about it more here. A good thing about the forum is that it has a memory. Rest assured we will revisit your suggestion in future threads.
  19. The problem is, as ever, who determines what is balanced?
  20. Actually just responding to your post. The deflection is all on your shoulders because you understand the immense stupidity of bringing it up and are hoping to avoid further discussion.
  21. You do realize -you- said it? Of course you don't.
  22. Oh yes please let's open the "war production" can of worms now that the US is in game. Please do it.
  23. I see just fine.
  24. I had you pegged as a bitter old man, I had no idea you were so adorable! But I guess that means you have no substantive complaint either. I'm sure we're all surprised.
  25. Nobody has answered to what the problem is - one complaint about sappers vs matty and a bunch of generalized complaining for the sake of complaining.