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  1. Your absence will be felt Raptor, I hope we see you back soon.
  2. Getting shot down seems to work for me.
  3. I'd apologize but you're gonna find morons no matter which side you play. Last time I played axis last campaign, the true believers were ranting on side chat about how the axis players who went allied could just stay there and they flat out told me to leave, I wasn't wanted there. So do what makes the game fun for you and don't mind the small minded idiots.
  4. Farewell brother
  5. This tactic of congratulating the allies on victory before it was over may have been the best propaganda tactic in the history of WWIIOL, because the allies seem to have bought it.
  6. Numbers do that for you, but I know you can't be expected to understand that from your one-sided view. I didn't read the rest.
  7. Because it happened to you ONE time? By those rules, I guess you can't complain about it either.
  8. 2003 I guess. Lafayette Federation first, then 23rd Armored, and lastly 53rd Shadow Falcon Raiders. I was a blight upon them all.
  9. Para Puppers for Christmas?
  10. The fiction is strong with this one
  11. Tell the 109s that
  12. To clarify, noob means his own squad - this is not true for all squads.
  13. So you gave up already? Why didn't you just change tactics and adapt? Not to mention it's only been a few days. Once the Tiger hits, your pop will come back up and many of the "axis" players will come back and you'll be all over the forums praising "your" greatness. That is unless something bad happens and you threaten to rage quit again.
  14. That's a lie. You're only in here spouting all this nonsense because you're mad about the current state of the map and population. Having seen enough of your angry old man "get off my lawn!" posts, I know it's hopeless to appeal to your rationality but one thing everybody needs to grasp is that trying to make some imaginary separation between axis and allied players is at the core of the problem. Clicking a different button has absolutely no effect on the player.
  15. You derive far too much of your self worth from your side identity. That's not healthy. As for the community, it has it's ups and downs. You should swing by the Axis discussions thread in the real forums if you ever actually join the community instead of riding our coattails.
  16. What hurts the most is that you think this is clever.
  17. Neato! Semi-related: Would gift subscriptions be a possibility?
  18. Respectfully, I don't think this would solve the problem -- it would in fact cement it as it exists now. The "problem" with population is due to side and squad loyalty. Note that I put problem in quotes, I understand that loyalty is not an actual problem. People simply don't want to switch off from the side they have chosen because they typically want to stay with their friends. It is that simple and yet that makes it a terribly difficult issue to address. There is nothing to incentivize people to switch to the underpop side, unless those players are generally lonewolves. And lets be clear, I am not talking in terms of Allies being underpop and Axis being overpop - I mean "side" objectively. It doesn't matter which is which, dedicated players don't want to swap. I sure as hell haven't swapped to play Axis this past couple of days. My squad is so few as it is, even during overpop times. Last time I did switch I, rather accidentally yet inevitably, ran up against my own squad. Nobody really wants to do that for any extended basis. I know there are the "get gud" people just waiting for the opportunity to pounce, but it really is just a numbers game. We need new blood to stick around long enough to become bitter old [censored] guarding depots. How to accomplish that when there is so much poison flying around (Steam is a dumpster fire) from vets who are pissed the game didn't evolve the way they wanted -- that is a whole other can of worms I guess.
  19. Not nearly as dramatic as you might think.
  20. An excellent question that I'm not smart enough to answer. It's especially hard in this game where there is little the player can be given. I've seen other games the where the underpop side gets more "points" or whatever the appropriate term for said game is to be used towards level ups or weapon unlocks or upgrades. I've seen bonus "credits" that go to the same end. In this game, I really have no idea, and I suspect that's why it is the way it is. I do understand what you're suggesting, and if there was a base spawn delay for EVERYBODY and had been from day 1, that'd probably be ok. Do it now and it would be flirting with disaster. Having played Allied tonight with 30 second spawn delay I can say it does suck, but not enough to stop me from playing- though I did consider logging out several times and actually did once (damn you @shagher) but I came right back and kept playing. So it was just an irritant that didn't really do much. I'm not saying that makes it ok - just that it doesn't do much of anything.
  21. Edit: Oh nevermind
  22. In Soviet Russia, punishment is incentive!
  23. Spawn delay will never correct side balance issues. There needs to be incentive, not punishment. That said, I do understand the need to do something -- but this is pretty dramatic. Don't forget this sword has two edges on it.