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  1. Oh, and OHM, Tell The Dude With The Patch Over His Eye and The Abnormal Fixation On Lit Matches To Get A Shave...
  2. "A Day Without Killing is Like A Day Without Sunshine"... I Told You Guys Not To Use Microsoft Security Essentials...
  3. Just Lovely!
  4. allykill ingame. !S
  5. There are many military units in different Divisions with the same most armies of the world. We are 91st "Wolfsschanze"...which means "Wolf's Lair" Wolfen were members of the FBB... For more info:
  6. Gentlemen, If YOU are hardcore Axis, play more than "once in a while", and like to have fun, get in touch with myself, or Recruiters robsa or iormun. New recruits also accepted, on condition of axis-only except during intermissions. If you want to change to allied for a campaign, just let ALLYKILL know in advance and we will keep your place in the squad. Our goal is to have fun, and we will help new players who are willing to learn the game. If you want to join and we are not available ingame, PM robsa or iormun in forums. ALL new players are asked to read the MOTD ("Message of The Day"). You may use the WOLFEN TS3 channel if you wish to communicate with your squadmates. See you ingame! Welcome To The 91st Wolfen! CO Allykill
  7. Guys, the Hell's Angels Axis-Only Squad is looking for some \\kill// talent...Bikers, Hit Men, Thugs, Gangstas & Murderers Welcome...LOL We are looking for players who are online MORE than ONCE a month... If U never show we cut you. We are axis-only & will cut U for playing allied during campaigns as well. (Allied Play allowed during intermissions) We have squad nites on Saturday nites at Midnight CST. We encourage ur attending because that is the ONLY nite we promote new players. It's Loads of fun, and we are pretty loose during the week, (u prettty much play how u like, except if a squaddie needs ur help); but on weekends especially we like to GANG UP & KICK ASS! PM allykill, piscesman or rotsechs ingame or pm on forums to join. We have a Teamspeak3 squad channel for those who like to communicate by voice during game; it is NOT Mandatory, but ingame comms ARE. Use ur chat & respond if you are contacted. If not, u get cut. We want to WIN & need Vets as well, so Join The Hell's Angels! BTW If U are an Allied Player Looking to Join us, BE AWARE that I APPROVE EVERY RECRUIT, and do checks...if you are looking to spy or in any way disrupt this squad you will not only be removed, but you will be reported by email to the proper CRS community & Game Managers.
  8. Hello, Dougy....
  9. Ohm

    Sirs....OHM is missing...ingame for over 3 hours, we have had no comms with him...Please Check on his welfare.....allykill