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  1. I have a geforce GTX 1060, definitely not graphics card lol. I'm thinking there might be some cap the system has placed on the resources it can draw from the processor. I can run pretty much any new game on max quality graphics, with no stutter issues.
  2. It's not a silly suggestion, but I have just recently done a fresh install. I have no problems running games that are resource hogs. I am wondering if there's some sort of cap on the resources the game is permitted to use, because once the startup completed, the entire thing was snails pace. Mouse moved jerkily across the screen, clicks didn't register for 30 seconds... If that's the case, I need help fixing the problem.
  3. It used to take 5 tops. Why does it take so long now? My computer is better than ever (it's a brand new gaming laptop), and the start up time is unacceptable in its current state.
  4. looks legit to me
  5. If you're engaging a 6pdr at 500m with a tiger, I suggest you learn 2 tank. There are way more tigers in t3 than Matties in t0. Another effect of the axis whine brigade. If the axis whine brigade was present on the eastern front in ww2, the soviets would all be speaking German, because that's how effective they are at creating axis advantages.
  6. axis whine away every advantage the allies have, and still keep their god mode tiger that puts up 8 to 1 vs Shermans.
  7. I know the silver is for 5 years and used to be $500 which is a pretty good deal. I bought mine many years ago - may be running out soon. But I do not regret it.
  8. Operates under AEF now
  9. Never understood why they discourage the air game like that. IMO You should have access to some of the higher tier fighters - more than F2P but less than full sub.
  10. i think you need to contact company0 regarding this.
  11. disable high dpi settings - try that.
  12. Go into the CRS folder, right click on ww2.exe Go to compatibility, select disable DPI. Should correct resolution issues.
  13. Windows 8 works fine with it if you use the 4GB patch and know how to work compatibility settings. I noticed a lot of people complaining about how they couldn't play the game with windows 8, but I have had 0 problems getting it to work. Just requires making some small changes in Compatibility settings.