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  1. We are happy to help, but we need to know what problem you are having. Can you give us some details here, please? Thanks!
  2. Sorry for the delay in response to your request for assistance! Were you able to get the problem resolved and log into the game? I've flagged this thread to our support gurus so we can tackle it if you are still having problems. Thanks for giving the game a try! S!
  3. Hey Boud, good to see ya around as well! We're clipping right along and making good progress so stay tuned!
  4. Memno, I know this post has been around more than a month, but I want to thank you for taking the time to provide this feedback. I am working on cleaning up the dead links and dead ends and am happy to say almost all of the dead links on the main site pages are resolved. Please hang in there and keep constructive feedback like this coming! S! Alspecto
  5. Never mind. Move along please
  6. Sorry, forgot to sign up. I'll be gunner for the USS Ward Captained by Grimklin! Thanks!
  7. I concur! Very happy for you! Well, and us too!
  8. Just got the entry level 24" iMac with 4GB and the 9400 nvidia chipset running at 1900x1200 and I get good FPS (40-50) until I look toward a town, or see certain users (I don't know why it's certain users), or spawn at an airfield under certain conditions. In town is not playable and when the above things happen, I typically drop to around 5fps. I'm going to try and do some testing to see if I can narrow down these instances of fps drops...
  9. Thanks for the bump! S!
  10. Don't worry, we keep Ian safely in the goat locker! Tune 43 to run with us! S!
  11. We have chocolate pudding covered thewench! What else does one need?
  12. I can haz 1LB? Tune 43 to meet the squad! Teamwork, comms, fair play, fun! kthxbai!
  13. ZOMGCOMECHECKUSOUT!!!!! Tune 43 or be pwnt!
  14. Join now or be sentenced to Tex's goat locker! S!
  15. We're always on the lookout for good people to run with us as potential members or just for fun. Look for us on 43! S!
  16. Hey all, I just added an MS Natural KB to my computer to replace an older MS keyboard and I'm having some goofy issues with my function keys not working properly. At first, they were shifted to the right by two keys. For example, I have squad chat mapped to 'F4' so if I wanted to reach my squad, I had to hit 'F6'. I'm guessing it has something to do with it being a USB device with a bunch of buttons and not being understood by the game. Has anyone seen this before and, if so, do you have a fix? :-) Thought I'd check here first before tinkering too much. S!
  17. 1LB FTW!
  18. 1LB is awesome! We even have pretty girls named thewench! Watch out though, she puts a round through a flea's butt at 600m with iron sights.
  19. Mmmmm Jamie Westenhiser. Oh, and bump for the 1LB!
  20. S! Hog Thanks for the heads up! BTW, I've been dying to ask. Is that Charisma Carpenter?
  21. Look, I can do three letter bumps too... 1LB