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  1. Ever since i got the NVIDA driver beta from the stick on here... 0 CTD and 0 Cell hosts.. Not kidding.
  2. ahh. rgr that. But the event is on the training server too no?
  3. same
  4. connection error 10057 when trying to log into playnet
  5. Why is there no response from CRS in regards to this CTD Mania? Obviosuly there is a huge Error in 1.33 which has yet to be adressed.
  6. ITS THE PATCH..... I had 4 CTD Last night. I've done evey fix ive been told since the Patch inclduing building a new system and startign from scratch... And what happens...MORE CTD... All since Patch 1.33
  7. Well, I juts paid $50 bucks for a 3 month memebership when this started happening. If its a game issue, someone has to know how to fix it.
  8. Hey, wierd bug... After death, in some cases im getting a lag, then locking screen at the next ready room. then huge lag between clicks, then every persona has a lock on it. Eventually, it says connection to host lost. Any ideas?