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  1. A classic, thanks for sharing mate.
  2. Day 1 Too much time, maybe years REI - Regio Esercito Italiano Axis
  3. Ciao, mandami un PM se vuoi
  4. I don't know why but my nickname has been changed from gladio to gladio1, both in game and forum.
  5. Another great challenge. This time we faced the 13th members and we suffered many losses due their superb tankers: fast and furious. Congratulations and well deserved. S !
  6. Bump for 101st, a Squad Challenge team. !S
  7. We decided NON to recruit new soldiers. We're too big ATM so please avoid to make pressure on our recruiters in order to be enlisted. S!
  8. Events are the juice of BE and yesterday we had a great Event facing the 7th AST. Many thanks to Jammyman to hold this Challenge, Lexfire (a real Gentlman) and the whole 7th AST. See you in the battlefield next time. !S
  9. Italiani a me !
  10. With CTRL-I you can only change the view cycling PLAYER NAME - UNIT TYPE - NO ICONS