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  1. Pg35vq, is what I was looking at it's not out yet but I has a higher refresh rate, you don't mind the 100 Hz refresh rate?
  2. 21:9 will the game work ok on this kind of screan ?
  3. Active Missions should be all inclusive, Seriously the Navy and Air missions for at least the infantry components of each should be part of the active missions lists, its hard enough to get vets on them at times let alone the Green'ies.
  4. Supposedly after the Ammo audit all rifles will fire "ball" instead of AP like they do now and u will not be able to kill the 232 that way anymore , FYI u can kill them with the grease gun the same way...
  5. I think it was oldzeke that came up with a new Interface idea for this, also one that included a very clear choice as to whether or not to Spawn at the FMS or the base but we have to wait for steam before they sort out the interface but yeah everybody wants this because the way it is now is really clunky
  6. Shouldn't we be called stat workers ?
  7. I think when a player fixes the AI he should get a cut of the kills added to his, like maybe 10%... A new PPO might be an AI MG pit for the FMS, The Mission leader could maybe place one...
  8. My ears were burning, what good news?
  9. Ok, so I was using photo bucket, but they stared to charge for the privilege, and its kind of pricey, because what I want to is called third party hosting right, I get the link from them so I can add the pick to my post? Is their another free sight u can suggest or one that's cheaper?
  10. Well yes and No some of the Italians continued to fight with the Germans against the Allies and the ones that fought with the allies didn't do much apart from support missions to Yugoslavia and those criminals formerly known as partisans in Italy as well, today we call them terrorists. Tier three is afik supposed to be 1943'ish, despite all the 44/45 kit in it, and sept 43 is when the Italians flip flopped, well some of them did, So it makes since that they would be in the game with the Germans, I mean their is no real nationality distinction on the allied side anymore persona wise so I get why they would lump the Italian kit in with the Germans. I cant wait to see the Italians added, they had some pretty cool kit. edit, the French spent more time fighting the Allies in the midel years of the war than they did the Germans, so realy it would be more accurate to have them Join the Axis, after tier 0, and then flip back in tier 3... The Dodecanese also saw some Italians fight with the British on Leros for example.
  11. Laundry day again:)
  12. I used photo bucket
  13. Please
  14. There's a quote from "generation kill" that I'm thinking of that has to do with the business end Of " general .........." ............ I like to think if Hi command as a bunch of dedicated selfless individual's Who Have found a way to play the game That they enjoy, and that that,in and of itself, is reward enough. What you're suggesting however well intended strikes me as a profound cheapening of that Ideal that makes me as a dedicated Allied player want to do what I can to help them, even the 30 day wonders.