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  1. Ok, but it's still not catching up a lot of my kills and captures are not showing
  2. Cool beans:)
  3. Yes, but again unless I'm missing something there's no criteria for an overall player ranking, what I'm thinking is it would include, captures,kill death ratio, total kills, Time on map, naval and air kills as a separate variable, bombing, essentially include everything in a formula and then poop out a ranking. So for example if a player never flew but did everything else great he would still have a low ranking because he never flew. The idea would be to encourage people that wanted to play for rank to embrace all the disciplines the game has.
  4. Hi- Unless I'm missing something this game doesn't seem to have a universal player ranking like many other games do. What I am referring to as a ranking system is one that looks at all aspects of the game whether it's flying ,ground ,Naval... And combines them all to create a ranking system that looks at all the disciplines, unless of course again I am missing something?
  5. O, so you use the same inputs for both PCs and you just switch back-and-forth?
  6. What does swap with KVM mean?
  7. According to that link at the bottom it notes that that will not work for Windows 10. Just to be clear, in case it was lost someplace above, what I am trying for is: Have two separate accounts playing on the same PC on two separate monitors at the same time, and I "alt Tab" between them to switch the control inputs from one to the other. (or some other combination of key strokes)
  8. Unless I have misunderstood the thread, and that's entirely possible given some if it's over my head, I am not seeing how you can run the game simultaneously from one PC on two screens?
  9. So, two PC's is the only way to realize this... Thanks for the help though, I wanted to make Shure their was no other way. Given most contemporary Vid Cards support multiple monitors it is kind of a shame the game cant accommodate that in some way. Or can it? Obviously the scenario I painted above is a no go, but what about multiple screens on one account?
  10. So, is that finial, word, or does anyone really know if its possible?
  11. So, the only way to realize, this is to have two PC's?
  12. Well that's sorta, my Question, one of them at least, my want would be for each screen(monitor) to run the game Full screen, and I would: Do this, some how? I hear guys say in game the way they run two accounts is by "alt tab'ing" between them on one monitor, but vid card can run like 4 monitors at once so why not use two at once one for each account, the real issue then is how do I use the same inputs for each account... The idea would be I could crew my own plane, or tank, Fly the plane and look to my right to my second monitor, and see out the rear gunners position, bad guy comes up and I swap inputs by hitting some combination of inputs (or a button on a controller ideally) and then shoot at him...
  13. Will it work? Can I run Two accounts at the same time with one PC on Two screans, and if so how do swap back and forth with my inputs, presumably Alt. Tab, but is it that simple?
  14. Hi- What are the best recommended dimensions for the Forum Avatar and Banner?
  15. What Time On Friday does it usually go live? (Pacific Time Zone)