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  1. Use B2k’s sight, it’s more accurate. @B2K
  2. I was active in the very beginning, and played for a few years, I also played a lot of AH back then as well. I was largely absent however in the intervening years. I returned December 26 2016, and apart from a couple weeks last summer and the odd day or so hear and their I haven't missed a day of gaming since. It is presently my drug of choice.
  3. IMO: Trucks APC's Halftracks/Tracks that are prime movers TT's
  4. I thought they could not go below ground with the terain editor ?
  5. Planes turning off their engines and listening for trucks ... the sound bug where u don’t hear the charges going off on the FMS
  6. As mentioned above it’s all really rather a moot point given how easy it is to rank up.
  7. 1) they’re not hard spot, and once they are there doomed. It might be nice if there were two choices for an FMS that could be placed out in the field , a- The current model no changes b- something very much like the UMS, But It can only spawn infantry, And maybe it has a chunk of camo netting on it, the idea being it’s hard to spot, make it so it takes two HE charges to kill it UMS- harden this so it takes two HE charges as well Combined arms, it’s almost impossible to get armour to some places or sectors to support an FMS but ideally yes 3) It increases the likelihood of a successful placement prior to an AO being set. But you have to set them out pretty far which means that some players won’t even use them they Spawn in, town looks far away and they bail. But the FMS it’s self is just as vulnerable as always Timer- Yes it makes it easier to place them but they still get blown just as frequently It’s really about detection once they’re detected thier doomed
  8. I haven't even looked but is their a way to mute sound in game ?
  9. It’s so everyone can see them
  10. I thought if you had two accounts from the same isp the System would detect it and launch a kinetic solution in your direction ?
  11. I Corps Commander
  12. This is a good point, and admittedly sometimes I forget that, the people who use the forms are a small percentage of the game
  13. What about adding a new infantryman to the TOE, it would be locked so only f2p could use it, kinda like the limited SMG. ATR- half the ammo no smoke Enginear- half the HE charges, keeps the tools tier-0 AT gun half the ammo You see where I’m going with this... It would be simple to do, give them a token capability and you could set the numbers on the low side in the pools More F2P is better for you and me
  14. afik, no squads unsubed, they defected
  15. "17-pounder Sherman of Lord Strathcona's Horse in the Netherlands, April 1945, showing the extent to which extra tracks were often applied to tanks in Canadian service. LAC Photo." From link above...