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  1. One of the Great many things to learn in the game is how to find the action, Knowing when and where to go to get the Kills u want, 1.36 is going to fix some of that By completely changing How attack objectives are going to be placed and in every town there will be supply so that in and of its self is going to be a big plus, Also they’re going to fix the user interface to make it easier to find fights. The strategic game play that exist today which is often at odds with the tactical gameplay is not going to exist going forward, so many of the headaches associated with that are going to disappear.
  2. Personally anything Less than a 2-to-1 kill death ratio is just embarrassing,And the map is far more interesting, the game is far more interesting, when whenever Side your on is actually losing, The reason for this, at least for me, is that you’re working in a target rich environment, It’s much easier to get into a fight when your on Defence, it’s the people that are Obsessed with the strategic aim that get very frustrated When they’re not winning the map As opposed players that are just having fun by fighting the map, They’re the ones that tend to log when the going gets rough And this is true whether you’re in high command or a regular player in history for both sides. However this further Illustrates The depth of their passion for their way of playing the game, and while I can’t personally embrace their gameplay style I can certainly appreciate it
  3. A lot of what you say is true, and the fact that I can’t comment on it entirely pretty much reinforces the whole over moderated thing, In fact commenting on moderation can have your post deleted... A lot of people have very strong feelings about how the game should be played because they’ve been playing it for years and they argue about it like family because in a way They sort of are, a dysfunctional family and they argue like one. There are a lot of different ways to enjoy playing this game, I play every day And average at least 40 hours a week part of the reason for that Is that it’s difficult it offers many many challenges and I think that’s part of its charm there is a lot to learn and I don’t think that’s going to appeal to a lot of players and I don’t think we really want to find a solution to that. A lot of the negatives you mention would be something that would be completely lost on a new player anyway I mean I’ve been playing since the game started and I was largely oblivious to high command until I joined it because It didn’t really have much in the way of any bearing on the game I was playing Or rather the way I was playing it so I can’t imagine it would be that big of a deal for a new player. There are always really two games being played at the same time the strategic capture the flag game and the down and dirty tactical Kill em all game They overlap and Have a Simpatico existence but you can play one or the other and be oblivious to it if you want
  4. Ya, it will redefine “glass jaw”
  5. Well They do have A shot trap
  6. Ya the panther will be a chalange to foil from a play balance perspective, the firefly is an obvious counter as is the Achilles and likely the s76 and possibly a Jackson
  7. WoW congratulations!
  8. They lowered the numbers last time as well, I beleave the intent is that by doing this it will slow the role, but I don’t get the logic behind that, it’s the greenies who use the rifles not the vets, well the f2p vets do of course, but why pull their kit, so they go to another fight that has kit or log in frustration ?
  9. I’m sure there’s a very good reason for reducing the numbers of rifles but I have to admit it’s completely lost On me, Unless the intent is to frustrate the greenies and make them go someplace else?
  10. Ya I have been awarded it several times apparently , or it shows on the list that I have, yet I have never died a 1000 times in any campaign.
  11. Not all supply will be static, it’s a hybrid system, so some supply will be movable by high command what form that will take has yet to be determined, and really garrisons are just a guess on my part.
  12. I would like to think that going forward with these new "extra" supply units that HC can mov,e that over stocking would remain a thing of the past, or at least that some effort would be made to make it a very unattractive thing to pull off.
  13. I t will be interesting to see how this all pans out, I get they haven't fully fleshed out their plans as yet and what we have seen thus far with regard to those plans is that the Movable extra supply will be something short of what we now see and that they will likely be brigade esq. but they hinted at them being independent (not tied to a div.) and that they would be extra supply, something less than what a brigade has now, all very vague but its early days. I also got the impression that they were few in numbers, the extra supply, so putting things like Tigers in them Would be historically representative of a "EFFORT" being put forth by HC to PUSH in a certain spot, likewise for the Allies have the S76 in their extra Supply would do the same.
  14. My Assumption has been from the get go that the Garrison for each town would probably be something akin to what an infantry brigade looks like today I haven’t seen anything that said that I just sort of assumed it would be the case. ???