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  1. I used photo bucket
  2. Please
  3. There's a quote from "generation kill" that I'm thinking of that has to do with the business end Of " general .........." ............ I like to think if Hi command as a bunch of dedicated selfless individual's Who Have found a way to play the game That they enjoy, and that that,in and of itself, is reward enough. What you're suggesting however well intended strikes me as a profound cheapening of that Ideal that makes me as a dedicated Allied player want to do what I can to help them, even the 30 day wonders.
  4. Just play air infantry to gain rank, its easy to do, I get its crazy that u need to do that to be able to gain air rank but it is what it is...
  5. I'm not entirely sure I follow exactly what you mean but I think I get it, What I referred to above is firing the weapon by simply pointing it in the direction of the enemy, now while it's true that I have had some practice at this I haven't had as much as others have, I am by no means aiming but I can see instantly were the shots are going and walk them on to the target and they don't even have to be in the same room I can do this with targets across the street in the next building. if that's what you're referring to by point of aim then yes I agree. but what I am sure we all know by now from all the videos we have watched and from the Learned real world experience of forum members is that these weapons would be impossible to control to anywhere near that extent. unless deployed on thier bi pods as Mars intended them to be.
  6. I was referring to the universal carrier. I am sure at some point they will add a US Half track, given the ridiculous amount of US equipment already in the game I would assume it would be a foregone conclusion.
  7. At the risk of stating the obvious one of the big pluses in modeling this would be the potential Number of variants that could easily be created.
  8. I was advocating this a little while ago: , the universal carrier is in my opinion something that should be added because of its rather ubiquitous nature One of the many variants mounted A 50 cal...
  9. Well something I probably overlooked, and that was cleared up to some extent above is that were all talking about two different things. 1) what constitutes a kill for stats. 2) what constitutes a kill for points. Since for the most part my rank is as high as it's going to get i'm not really concerned with points anymore and I follow my stats for the reasons noted above, from what I gather in following them pretty much anything other than a healthy return to base is counted as a kill stats wise... right ?
  10. Seriously? U can play this game on a sat hook up ?
  11. Now that's an idea, so it wouldn't kill everyone necessarily...
  12. I'm not that worked up over it I just don't get what the thinking is. I follow my stats because it makes the game more interesting because I have too much time on my hands, this game does not have a ranking system like other games, all it has is a glorified kill counter and that's what we're stuck with for the time being, in short for me I need-it to be more challenging and trying to survive as often as I can in an effort to make it more realistic is how I like to play the game.
  13. I mean wtf, why? If I am scored as dead then tell me truth don't blow some up my [censored]
  14. Buildings are way to easy to blow in game, one of my big peeves is having some guy run around and with a satchel or two destroying the building I am in and half the time its some clueless ( I cant say that word anymore ) player on my own side who kills me. With the HE audit Buildings are going to be much easer to destroy, and when their blown their a lot less fun to fight in and around. Perhaps buildings should be harder to blow after the audit? Also it seams to me that if building are close enough the charge does not need to be on the same building to bring it down, this should imo change. Presumably Placing a Demo will be much more dangerous after the Audit as well for the Placing Player? @scotsman