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  1. It’s just like every other vehicle in the game there is a special spot that if you hit it it will burn, it’s the sapper spot one shot and it’s dead, or just hit the driver.
  2. They could be generic, realy just one perhaps to start with, for the tanks, u could use existing art work, chop the top off the gun pit, the ppo, so a tank could park in it, be great for the SPAA also, it could even be a PPO. that might be a short cut, until a more realistic fortress could be realised, Forts are invariably subterranean and as far as I know you can’t really go subterranean, right ? ,everything has to be on top of the ground, correct?
  3. A lot of these positions were capable of 360 fire, if you look at some of the fortifications around Metz, again for example, many of them had overlapping fields of fire, so an argument could easily be made to put gun positions around the town that could be made to accommodate the guns in The manner you suggest. The whole idea behind the fortifications howeaver is that would be impervious to fire from the front, excepting for, say... HEAT from a sapper or perhaps 105mm direct fire HEAT or the 95mm CS HEAT round, or possibly HE charges from the rear, a gun pit is presently just a big target it’s realy easy to kill anAT gun in one
  4. Yes, that later part, other games, like AH, you can man a fixed gun position and thiers a map that you select the gun you want, if it’s ocupied already it can’t be maned, So yes your idea is basically what I was thinking of, the guns would be built into the terrain and players would then select those positions to occupy. So Metz for example with all its forts would be a very interesting place to fight from, forts might be tied to CP’s and ownership could change...
  5. So, bunkers could be structures we could fight in or from, but modeling the weapons installed in them, like the ones we see above... How could that be done so a player could spawn in as that weapon, that is to man it ? I don't mean run by in world as a smg and man the weapon, but select it from a the list of kit in the pool that u see for the town: 127 rifles 57 lmg 25 smg 5 75mm Fortress guns 7 Fortress MG's you see the idea, or my idea with regard to that. ?
  6. MLK day is a day off for kids in Oregon. They sorta screwed us though, they should of given us MLK day and Both presidents days off instead of the mash up on the presidents days, pretty cheap of them really.
  7. Some time ago I recall their was talk of building in game actualy fortifacations that cound be maned by players, that the posations would be listed on the spwn list for the town that they were near, now were returing , in a way, to town based supply is this posable? I know it would likely be pretty low on the totem pol, but might be interesting if a "generic" position could be modled and salt and perrered about the map at key, historic, posations. Some of these picks are from Eben Emale, and some from the maginot line: Their could be perhaps two kinds, one with a 75mm gun, the other a MG enclosure, Siegfried Line: Expedient: Future:
  8. The Game play is typically much better on the losing side, faster time to contact with the enemy and a way btr K/D ratio on average. The Allies also, when their losing, win far more battles than they lose, I see it every day towns are often fought over several times before they are finialy taken. Its the capture the flag players that tend to get burned out I think for them the games not to fun unless their rolling the map, we simply need more stat sex workers
  9. Priour to 142 it was prety much a 50/50 split for along time, in fact it was a bit... uncanny, i sorta suspected some high leval colushion to that end, but I dont now.
  10. Bombing is over kill, all u need us like three rounds from your pistol to kill a flack track
  11. The numbers in game is not a surprise to me personally, i’ve played pretty much every day for the past 14 months so I have a pretty good since of what the games been like during my typical playing time, 2-8 pm gmt, and yes the numbers on the whole during that window of time feal about double what they were pre steam, I know that’s pretty anecdotal but that’s just how it feels, and I still see a fair amount of green tags in game regularly
  12. Well, HC can veto the move once it’s been ordered but there’s only a small window of time in which to execute that. If your in the sight your going to miss even my CAP SPAM warning of the move, yellow system warning of a move after the order is given could be useful but perhaps a mute point. Ideally brigades are not moved if they’re being used if they are moved when they are being used then typically it’s an emergency situation and every effort is made or should be made to communicate that even to the extent of going on local to further communicat that Somebody is however almost certainly going to miss the message it’s just the nature of the game
  13. I always do something like this: MOVEMENT WARNING XXX (TOWN) XXX (UNIT) IS PULLING OUT MOVEMENT WARNING XXX (TOWN) XXX (UNIT) IS PULLING OUT MOVEMENT WARNING XXX (TOWN) XXX (UNIT) IS PULLING OUT Then again once or twice before it goes, I try and give the first three as far in advance, within reason, as I can. I also try and not move brigades that are in use if I can help it, today was nuts however so If I did so today and U missed the movement warning I apologize.
  14. Well they already do, how many times have you been in a building and had it blown out from under you by a friendly bomber or some over enthusiastic engineer, and just recall how completely ticked off you were ...