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  1. So, is that finial, word, or does anyone really know if its possible?
  2. So, the only way to realize, this is to have two PC's?
  3. Well that's sorta, my Question, one of them at least, my want would be for each screen(monitor) to run the game Full screen, and I would: Do this, some how? I hear guys say in game the way they run two accounts is by "alt tab'ing" between them on one monitor, but vid card can run like 4 monitors at once so why not use two at once one for each account, the real issue then is how do I use the same inputs for each account... The idea would be I could crew my own plane, or tank, Fly the plane and look to my right to my second monitor, and see out the rear gunners position, bad guy comes up and I swap inputs by hitting some combination of inputs (or a button on a controller ideally) and then shoot at him...
  4. Will it work? Can I run Two accounts at the same time with one PC on Two screans, and if so how do swap back and forth with my inputs, presumably Alt. Tab, but is it that simple?
  5. Hi- What are the best recommended dimensions for the Forum Avatar and Banner?
  6. What Time On Friday does it usually go live? (Pacific Time Zone)
  7. Hi- my HOTAS occasionally experiences sticking inputs, views primarily, flight Control imports occasionally, sometimes trigger commands, only when I'm flying, mostly in A congested playing in environment, although not always, and maybe just when I'm giving a lot of input , I don't know if it's the stick or the game anybody have any help you can offer me/a clue?
  8. Hi- I have HOTAS flight stick, new'ish, and while I am flying I often get stuck views and flight control inputs that can be unstuck or do unstick but they last long enough to kill me on occasion or contribute to me getting killed , is this a known issue with my equipment or a Game issue? I never had this problem with my CH stick. O- it does not happen on the ground only when I am flying and typically only if their are a lot of players in the area.
  9. Ok, thanks, and what then will effect the FPS in game, the Vid card (and or the system as a whole)? Basically if I want the best possible FPS in game I need do what?
  10. ok, so mostly no answer is better than no answer, but I have learned that no answer is actually an "answer" after all:), loosely translated typically as "Maybe"...
  11. Yes it looks pretty amazing, but I would hate to spend the coin for it and have it not work for the game, also the fact I want to seamlessly fly might tip the scales back toward the more conventional 27 with the higher frame rate.