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  1. This game is the best game I have ever played. No matter what anyone asks, since the day I started back in 2001 ( thought it was 2003 ), this is the only game I come back to and leave my subscription to be billed when not playing. Do not let my statement or gripe be a reason why you avoid the game. It was intended to be for the better of the game and not to put it down, or take away from the current situation and future potential. We need good players to come back to this game, ones who care enough to be a part of this process so things like the above do not occur. With that being said, I hope you can see the purpose of the post and not let it be anything to keep you from rejoining your fellow squad mates in battle. thanks, roirraw46 (91st SB)
  2. Hi, I've played this game off and on circa 2003 and remember quite a few of the games different phases. What happened this morning(last night) put a sour taste in my mouth among other things. Axis is making a break through in the line following an AHC movement to Haybes, with some busted up units. After the attack was well under way, which was a good fight, allied units started to shift down the river to fill in at Haybes. At the same time, units all across the map were pulled back from touching our flags, only leaving near Antwerp for an AO switch. This resulted in a slow trickle of players running against a well defended town and taking lots of attrition that didn't need to be. Such is the nature of the game, yes I understand, but our HC should have had opportunity for movement to another AO to take advantage of the hard work we put into opening up the front. These opportunities were taken from us by removing the flags from 8 ( EIGHT ) towns linking the attacks so no AO could be placed. Thus slowing us down for over 2 hours until "players logging on as reinforcements" arrived. How is this even allowed? The dynamic nature of this game allows for gains to be made and lost because of the situation on the field, not some arbitrary rule set that people can manipulate to their advantage when things get bad. Where is the oversight to this? Please, change this rule set of 1 AO, or no AO's to softcaps during TZ3. These small adjustments to how things are done make this game go from a simulator to unrealistic. If no rule set can be changed then please do something about the people in charge of AHC during these times. It would be nice to play the game as designed. Thank you for your time, roirraw46