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  1. we always need more of this from both sides, i have a ton of it from shadow play but no time to sort or post it, one day i might.
  2. This is why we play, this is what we have been trying to get back to THIS IS WAR over 1200 recorded kills in the heart of Aarschot in 24 hrs over 2000 at Longwy over 1500 at Orval now that is a hell of a lot better than 43 at brussels ain't it for BOTH sides dig in all, it is going to be a LONG LONG map enjoy the fights win or lose
  3. Yeah but at least when allied used to have an overpop you had more than 7 guys on your side
  4. Problem is when 20 to 30 axis walk into a town and only get to shoot at the tumble weed, 20 towns later they might of already figured out that they are overpopulated and may go for mmm bigger towns maybe like Brussels or cambrai etc
  5. What year did you start playing? 2001 i think forums registered 2003 When was the last time you played ? today What squad were you in? 1st squad was 91st then kgw then 23rd armoured then merged into AEF What side did you primarily play on? started on axis 11k+ kills now mainly allied 50k+ kills after cinc term possibly go axis for a while
  6. yup as Leanderj says we have to submit our next deployments before the end of the current map, but we didn't get any info on a] intermission or straight to next map or b] next map start day / time also the reason I pushed the idea of map130 deployment change to 131 so we have more time to discuss, agree and plan something different and maybe fun
  7. Problem is some towns are spread out way to far for just ab spawning As for inf fru, the old magic army in my pocket was just too daft, if reduced to rifles maybe not but personally prefer truck frus but def prefer the old no fru way, much more teamwork needed but we would need a massive population increase before going near 0 frus again
  8. Yes I know I should of left it as just yes no, shoot me for putting some humour in, besides that there is at least some interest in sorting something different out but the polling question is for ALL players ie both sides, so not sure about the bias bit ?
  9. Yup agreements have never worked in the past, hence it is all down to the deployment to prevent anything or at least movements in 1 direction or another will show up, working on it However we can discuss this throughout map 130 and hopefully we can agree on something for map 131
  10. The main focus for attacks from both sides should be the zees, i can guarantee that from the allied side, until the zees are capped nothing else really matters but yes its the details and mainly the deployment which will prevent 99% of the issues
  11. nope nothing set in stone at all it is just a concept idea which I shared with Allied HC, the rats and Axis CINC but yes BOTH sides would need to agree on the deployment and and on any "agreements" required to not cut north of Antwerp or Give up Antwerp or no air in Antwerp playing around with the deployments to see what would work without crippling either side with as little as possible as to policing and no rat intervention other than a little media spin and possible wbs
  12. its an open vote for ALL players on both sides here not just 1 side, i've already spoken to Leanderj last week before even putting it on the forums anyone can put the poll up but all players need to choose I had originally had just yes or no in there but it looked a bit boring so i put some humor in there, shoot me for not being professional in a forum for a game ?
  13. take the poll comments as a joke just a simple yes or no to the principle that you are or are not interested in the idea its not biased and its not intended to be condescending We all want fun and we all need more players logging in, this concept could increase both even just slightly, just trying to help everyone by using my current state as allied cinc to do all i can to help the game out Its not fun for either side at moment to have the population swing 1 way then the other, no fun being overwhelmed by numbers or to cap empty towns
  14. removing divs in my opinion would just encourage softcaps, that doesn't help the game but promote more avoid the fight and go around no fun in capping empty towns, which is why I came up with this concept of trying to get more logging in and more having fun when logged in. ok going to push the idea to map 131 as there is still not enough response from the players and gives us more time to nail deployment down for both sides to be happy with