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  1. 1) # of people online. 2) Uhhh... honestly not sure. I was pretty satisfied. 3) Probably Grandpre, but I had a helluva lot of fun at Vireaux and especially Ste. Menehould, even though most of that was sitting around and waiting. 4) There were a lot of people forming up panzer columns and Stuka raids and etc., so probably? I run with a squad so I wasn't particularly lacking in direction. 5) 232 Scout Car providing recon for Panzer Column in Vireaux; PaK 36/Sapper in Grandpre; Fallschirmjager Sapper in Ste. Menehould. Screenshots here as there were quite a few.
  2. Hello everyone! During the event yesterday (3/17) I took quite a few pictures. I'm creating this thread to share them, and to also ask others to share their pictures and videos so we have everything in a central location. I hope everyone had a blast! Vireaux: Grandpre: Ste. Menehould: S! All! P.S.: @TMAN here you go =)
  3. On the Axis side (all I can really talk about because it's all I play), a lot of coordination does happen, but every so often you get one of the usual suspects pop in to rant about x y z thing. It can be "spies!", "hackers!", "CRS bias!", anything really. I've spent many hours in side chat responding to people like that, and long before I had my run as a CRS volunteer. "You're sure you just didn't have a bit of yourself sticking out of a bush?", "There was no stealth patch, that's not how the patcher works, they need server resets for oftentimes basic things. No one nerfed your ammo mysteriously", "Why would CRS willingly antagonize half-or-more of its paying customers by doing the kind of ridiculous nonsense you suggest?", "It's a known bug, not a cheat, not bias. Check the forums", "Yeah, you're right that that's dumb and needs to be fixed, but don't resort to personal insults to make your point, man." Sometimes I have had success in talking these people down from having their blood up in frustration at their experience and talk them through it. Sometimes I don't. In either case, it shouldn't really be anyone's responsibility to respond to it in side chat, not even CRS's, but it has to be someone's because unchecked vitriol ruins morale and enjoyment for a playerbase. It polarizes and discourages newbies. It literally kills the game, and the usual suspects seem to treat Side Chat as their "old man store front equipped with rocking chairs" and just whine all day instead of play the game. Or it used to be; I haven't been active in months due to irl stuff. The forums, or some kind of sister channel to Help that has to do with issue resolution, bug reports, etc., would be appropriate. Spamming side chat for everyone to see isn't.
  4. You don't have an issue with spawning in and having 2-layer thick sandbags laid across the front of the vehicle spawn, preventing vehicles from leaving? With the HE fixed it's not as much of an issue, but it's still explicitly playing the wrong side to screw people over in completely unrealistic ways. There was no ei check because it would have been someone playing on the same side.
  5. Angle is life. Flat is death. The enemy will try to shoot for your flat. Deny them! Pewpew enemy flat for kill unless flat is too thicc. Beware some parts of you may be flat even when other parts are angle. Also beware pesky footsies giving you boom boxes. They do not care about angle! Work with friends! If no friends, think from enemy perspective: where would you not expect a tank to come from?? Go there! But most importantly, always remember: Angle is life. Flat is death.
  6. Except I've seen it done in towns with ABs. That's the occasion when I had to spawn an engineer/sapper to blow up the sandbags because I couldn't get a tank out of it since the HE wasn't blowing them up. Rifle wouldn't cut it because it was an entire wall, two layers thick or so, of sandbags, and would have required multiple respawns. Yes, the FB issue is also bad, don't get me wrong, but it's not just FBs that are an issue.
  7. Stalin was kind of content to pick up some Polish land for free and continue restructuring the army after the officer purges. Didn't really need the additional resources, either. The Allies and the Soviet Union only cooperated under the whole "The enemy of my enemy is my enemy later but not right now so here, have some stuff" thing. The partnership wasn't particularly friendly anyway, as there was a lot of "actually do something to help please" from both sides. I don't think Stalin would have been prepared to hit Germany or would have wanted to, either. The Soviet Union had its butt handed to it by the Finns in what should have been a very easy fight, so I believe they'd be more gunshy about pursuing a modern, professional military. The Red Army would probably just continue development and focus on maintaining control of the country. Without the pressure of war to serve as a cohesive agent on the people, there would probably be a good deal more issues on the home front at that time. Additionally, there wouldn't really be an ideological casus belli for Stalin or the Soviet Union, given that the political system in power in Germany wasn't that different from the one in Russia, given the heavy focus on nationalizing and directly controlling the manufacturing sector. So I don't really see that chain of events happening unless something big changed, and just not attacking the USSR doesn't really cut it for me. Could be wrong on some stuff, though.
  8. I mean, there was the one earlier in this thread that I made. Lots of Discord chatter over the years, but can't exactly quote that. A quick search for both "head shake" and "headshake" show it as a source of frustration over the years, whether associated with bugs, the delay resulting in a death, or just general gameplay issues. Probably not enough feedback based off of that to put it as a hot-button topic unless someone ran a poll for it. If it is an issue after the patch, I'm sure people will complain loud and clear, haha.
  9. This has happened to me on 2 occasions that I have clear memory of. A player, whether Allied or just a general troll, surrounded vehicle spawns and the area outside them with sandbags. It happened around the HE changes and I had to spawn an engineer to blow them up on one occasion. The only way to do it is to spawn as the same side as the facility and build all your crap there. You're hurting the side you spawn on, so you're either an enemy player switching sides or you're a troll out to ruin fun for other players. It's banable because it's clearly behavior intended to abuse game mechanics to serve as direct detriment to the enjoyment of the game for other players and thus a violation of the ToS iirc. Not easy to implement a fix because there are definitely circumstances when you want to build a lot of PPOs close to spawn in non-self-hindering ways, but you can't make the game smart enough to know the difference. Report it when you see it.
  10. > Changed bombs so they have more realistic armor penetration and HE damage model > Changed tank and ATG gunsights to be more accurate to actual gunsights > Changed all HE and AP ammo to have correct fragmentation, armor penetration, and trajectory > Changed TOEs to more closely model actual WW2 TOEs as a test > Now changing LMGs so you can't move while firing because the best you could realistically do was walk at a very slow pace while carefully braced You: "Okay, but being more historical or realistic clearly can't be the reason; you'd have to change the whole game!" Did you miss the memo, perhaps? It's pretty clear what CRS is doing and has been doing.
  11. The issue with increasing dispersion is that all you end up doing is rendering it even more similar to a fully automatic shotgun. It's not a valid fix because it can make the weapon even more useful to clearing out rooms.
  12. I don't think anyone has said anything about it being based on HTML5.
  13. Regarding whether or not the LMG changes hit Allies as much as Axis, anecdotally I can say that I've seen several Axis players use LMGs to clear cps/bunk, while Allies rely on the Thompson. Literally saw one guy kill like 5+ defenders in a bunker running and gunning in a sustained burst with a Thompson. That's similar to anecdotes from Allied players about MG34 abuse, but at least the Thompson is an SMG intended for short-range shoot-to-kill burst fire. So anecdotally, I have a perception of it hitting Axis more because I don't see Allies doing it with LMGs; that doesn't mean they don't do it, just that I don't see them doing it. It could be that that perception is shared by more people, and so this change seems that it will be more impactful toward Axis than Allies. Regardless, though, the change hits all LMGs, so now neither side can do it regardless of how often they do. If it's a tactic Axis employed more often then they'll have to change their tactics. Jogging while essentially firing a fully-automatic shotgun (600+ rpm sustained spray plus dispersion might as well be buckshot spray) and clearing corners and rooms as fast as you can move your mouse is pretty ridiculous for a game that sells itself as attempting to be a realistic experience, and just because one side may or may not favor it doesn't mean it should somehow be kept holy and sacred and protected from adjustments. If you're an Axis player and are upset at this, look back on the bomb changes last year and see how you reacted to the Allies getting upset about not blowing open tanks with anything less than a direct hit. Even though it affected both sides, Allied Air is a lot more active and thus the change technically affected them more. If you responded "but it made the game more realistic!" at that time but aren't saying it now, then you're looking pretty darn hypocritical and ridiculous right now.
  14. As someone that was a part of the WWIIOL volunteer team for over a year (had to stop because IRL time constraints), I can tell you that your assumption that this LMG fix has been "brought out in a hurry" is completely and totally false. Merlin's quote I'm posting below is the truth, and it should say something positive that CRS has spent this much time on something attempting to get it right conceptually while also trying to figure out what solutions are actually viable given the code and the team's understanding of it. A lot of careful thought has been invested into this. Agree or disagree with the solution proposed, but please don't assume some inherent side-bias priority based on literally no evidence.
  15. Oh, then I must not have complained about it to you, lol. I'm definitely not a fan. It's quite intrusive, and I have personally heard complaints from other players, though that's typically with the "can't prone/un-prone" spam in tight areas iirc. But yeah, hopefully people don't have a problem with it here. Here's hoping!