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  1. On the actual topic of the thread, I'll say the same thing I've said in every single other thread like this pops up. I joined the community as F2P recurring 'Free Trial' in 2011 and immediately fell in love. I was going to a top-tier university entirely funded by student loans because my family wasn't well-off by any means. The only disposable income I had was through the university and money from birthdays and Christmas. I literally could not afford a subscription. I played at a time when F2P couldn't make FRUs, couldn't cap, but could spawn restricted rank 1 and rank 2 stuff in the Army. I fell in with Windhund and tried to do everything I could to help my squad and my side. I drove trucks to tow and resupply people. Pushed ATG and AAA for sometimes hours on a single life to interdict the enemy. I would flank for 10 minutes at a time to make sure I destroyed critical enemy FRUs. I drove 232s and 2cs to explicitly fulfill infantry support roles, recon, and screening for higher-value tanks. I defended caps. I was the point man for assaulting caps since my soldier's life was inherently worth less because I couldn't cap. I felt like I constantly let down my squad when I was the last one left alive but couldn't put down my own FRU. Etc. I had an absolute blast. I left the game around 2012-2013 when the previous F2P model was replaced with one that got rid of most of the stuff I loved. I couldn't spawn a truck. I couldn't spawn better ATG or AAA. Couldn't spawn 232 or 2c. The only thing I could do basically was ground-pound. Gone were all of the things I enjoyed doing, all of the ways I could functionally assist my squad and side. All because "blah blah blah f2p no money freeloaders restrict everything blah blah blah". There was no "they'll pay if they want to keep playing" because I had no money. Fast forward to 2016 or 2017 or so, and I figure I'll check it back out and see if the game and devs still acted like [censored] to their players. Some mixed results, but the Devs were trying to do nice things, and I went ahead and subscribed now that I had disposable income. Joined as a volunteer developer from 2017-2018, made major contributions to 1.36 and planning some of the UI improvements that have teaser screenshots posted. So I'm one example of someone WWIIOL would have lost if it pursued this ridiculous "F2P are teh ebilz" philosophy, and nearly did lose when it did pursue that nonsense. Killing F2P isn't the answer. The game needs population so people are encouraged to log in to play. When people are encouraged to log in to play and have fun, they want to see more of the game. When they want to see more of the game, they sub. It's easy. It's 101. You want to solve the jackasses sitting on F2P accounts so they can whine and moan in side chat and ruin morale for everyone playing? Mute those players. Give temporary mutes, then more substantial mutes when they won't shut up. Attempting to circumvent punishment by creating alt accounts constitutes a breach of TOS and results in an IP ban, which they can appeal when they get some basic human decency back. Problem solved without ruining your chances for fresh blood into the game.
  2. Ah, yeah, that makes sense. I forgot it just adds to the Garrison #. Thought it added to the town name #. My bad.
  3. GsnSt23 is the Army?? So what are 0, 1, and 2? Or did they get deleted and re-added or something? The first number should have been Army if the scripts I wrote were used.
  4. You may be stuck in patching hell, where you're downloading and "installing" the same patch over and over because the game doesn't recognize that the version got updated. This happened to me. In my case, I had a Beta client installed on my computer, and for some reason that messed with the version detection for patching. Deleting that fixed the issue. Check to make sure you're downloading different patches (you see a change log readme each time it prompts to update). If it's the same one, make sure you don't have any other version of the client installed. I also heard this can happen with "hacked" clients, so shame on you if that's the case.
  5. If there's a 0, then it must be 0-index. In that case, it'd be 0 - Army 1 - Navy 2 - Air Force 3 - Airborne Now, the character limit on garrison names also caused some problems, as they had to be named after what town they were in. You'll note that we have a tone of "St." And "Ste." towns, so you might also see "gsnst00" or something like that. The "st0" bit refers to the first "St" town the game parsed when adding garrisons. "st1" would be the second, etc. Unfortunately, you won't exactly know which is which by the name alone. Or, at least, that's how I had things set up. Not sure if that got changed.
  6. No, because the Heer Garrison is also the French Army Garrison is also the US Army Garrison, etc. They change hands and supply information, but as an entity they remain the same branch with the same designation until reset (end of campaign? Never?). IIRC, it should be: 1 is Army 2 is Navy 3 is Air Force 4 is Airborne
  7. If we can ever get area-capture done, we could set FBs to be both capturable and blowable. That would reduce the requirement of having satchel-bearers and resupply. Capture would work similarly to cp captures, though it'd start out longer and the capture rate would pause if contested. That would allow coordinated teams to set up and take down an FB rather than relying on ninja sappers or hot-drops, while also allowing for ninja sappers on well-defended FBs if necessary. It'd also cut down on new players getting spawn camped forever because they don't know to spawn anywhere else. Also, same thing for capturable FMSes for the same reason, so when you stumble on one as an LMG it gives you a way to shut it down other than spawncamping. Not sure how I feel about bombers being able to blow FBs... while interdiction was a major component of their operations, FBs signify ground troops setting up a literal forward base of operations facing enemy-held territory. Therefore, I don't think planes alone should be able to move abstract ground army positions the map, but maybe a damage cap of 25% or 50% or something should be allowed.
  8. In what version of TOE could the players play the game to the fullest, always having brigade supply to press attacks, always having brigade supply to spawn defenses, completely without the requirement of HC to move supply around without a ton of AI programming?
  9. One core objective of Town-Based Supply was eliminating - not reducing - the complete reliance on HC to be constantly active and operating as desk jockeys shuffling flags around on the map. There is no state of TOE, except for programming a game AI to handle it, that could have offered that.
  10. TOE sheets for garrisons are Army: 4 (1 - 4 ABs) Navy: 2 (1 - 2 Docks) Airforce: 1 Airborne: 1 Total: 8 Multiply by country: 32 Multiply by game types (regular, intermission, event): 96 Plus the brigade ones being used With a row for every equipment type and a column for every tier, basically. I wrote some scripts so the garrisons could be pulled from base templates and scaled as necessary (maintain 4 base templates for each garrison type for each country for 16 total), but it'd still take some manual work to polish. People ask "why is supply wrong, why didn't you find it, it should be obvious to spot!" the answer is that it's not obvious by any means. It's something that could use a lot of refactoring love, but it's also something that technically works and people generally aren't excited to sub when they read patch notes like "Fixed the back-end hellscape so devs can work more efficiently!"
  11. A fast retake would involve a town flipping, which completely resets the supply list. When it flips back, it also completely resets the supply list. Allowing an opportunity to get all your supply back if you capped quickly enough was discussed, but the way thought to do it was that there would be a garrison for every town for each side, and only the town owner's one would be active. However, once the reality of garrisons got fleshed out, that would have led to absurd performance losses or completely breaking the game with cascading errors and display issues. So that was scrapped in favor of an option that was playable, unless someone else figured out a good way to do it. There are some really smart cookies working with CRS on this thing, including some people on the staff list that never really post or interact with the community so they're often overlooked. At least one other way comes to mind that'd be conceptually easy (dump it in memory, re-use it if it exists if town switches hands to that country, delete it after x minutes/hours), but would probably be a huge pain to actually do.
  12. The issue is that supply is a nightmare to manage for anyone.
  13. The answer to both questions is no, because there is no supply history kept once a town flips owners.
  14. Not sure I understand the question. For the given situation: Town 1 FR - Town 2 FR - Town 3 DE Are you asking "If France takes Town 3 and then immediately loses Town 3 so Town 1 flips inactive/active, what happens to overstock supply numbers in Town 1"? If so, I don't know that answer.
  15. The idea behind this is a kind of best compromise/least evil. The abstraction is that when a town is taken, the supply from two towns back (town that launched attack, town behind that one that is now inactive) are all moving up into the new town. The defender has the town adjacent to the one they lost, which will normally have decent supply remaining, and the town behind that one recently activated at 100%. These roughly trade off. It's an abstraction because actually moving the supply piece by piece is an extremely difficult undertaking, and would have delayed 1.36 for a long time. I do agree on newly-activated towns for the defender getting the Allied grace period though.