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  1. nothing to do with the design of the internet. its cheap cllient side prediction, no serverside interpilation or extrapulation that every other game has used since the dawn of time, its there so the server has less strain and your clients take the workload. i shoot you so i send the info to your clients and by the time that info has got to you you could have turned and shot me, this is how i shoot you but you dont die when my client thinks you should have, i instead see you die when your client has recieved the info that you have been shot. this will never change unless they rewrite the netcode. its the same thing that lets planes fly through others undamaged
  2. this may help ive allways used blackviper's configurations mainly because i never have the latest hardware so i havto squeeze the best i can from what i have
  4. im uk i fly with JG51 all hours if your lookin for fighter squad
  5. i had it for ages last patch, defaulted my nvidia settings and it loaded. something stopping it in there