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  1. press f9 and its saves it in the battleground europe folder in mydocuments.
  2. Hi, I ended up going for the 2nd one but changed the power supply and ordered a Geforce 9800 GX2 1GB DDR2 2 CPU card which cost me about 100 more than what I bid on it. I'm on a bit of a budget so think I did alright in the end.
  3. Hi, Would this machine be any good for ww2online? or this one?
  4. hi, thanks will do. S!
  5. While *attempting* to play in brux last night I was reduced to 4fps and a stuttering mess to the point where I decided to play elsewhere. even when doing this I was lucky to get over 15fps. Considering before the update I had 50-60 fps never really dropping below 30fps. Also the game crashed dropping to a black screen and desktop twice. I also seen many many many people complaining of the same performance hit and crashing on the side channel. me thinks something is broke.
  6. Same problem for me dropping to 4FPS! in brussels and CTD's Twice. pretty damn unplayable for me since update
  7. Hi, Noticed I have a strange problem that occurs every now and then and maybe someone can help. It usually happens on a long mission say 40 minutes plus and I look through binocs or gunsite and bam I lose video. both my monitors go blue and says NO SIGNAL. The computer does not lock up but I can not get the signal to return until I power down the computer and power it back up again. any tips appreciated.