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  1. Well done Majes...
  2. As title says. This game is in dire need of discussion and banter. Not necessarily from the players currently active. Lurking, reading and interacting with people who you played the game with in the past might help generate more interest in actually getting in-game. ALL FORUMS SHOULD BE FREE TO READ/PARTICIPATE IN. Regardless of sub-status. Not like you guys are dealing with a surplus of olde players spamming the forums. The forums are pretty daed. Please consider. P.S. F2P can't make threads and post even in General Discussion anymore. -3/10 move
  3. Here, take this L Oh and these ones too Such a great save deserves to be meme-alicious
  4. Since I mostly fly I notice changes in air spawn lists over ground lists. Quick question, supply in-game atm is old Tier 0. I'll take the German example. 110 C-4, 109 E-1, E-4 Ju-87 and 111. Few maps ago when supply was adjusted, French Air Force and LW received a few F-2s and H-81s to start out in Tier 0. Since I haven't seen them in this 1.36 test, does it mean that supply has gone back to old tier system for now? If this is just an error, can the Spit 2b be added to the list of limited additions since FAF and LW get a few of their Tier 1 fighters in Tier 0 now? Doesn't make sense why Spit 2b will be left out if supply hasn't gone back to the way it was. Just wondering.
  5. Plus, I expected people on Axis side to reject the new change and get back to using side. I was surprised at first, but after putting in some werk, Side is the most used channel again. Ty to all that contributed. Let's keep it this way puleze. Glory to Axis side!
  6. OT'ing in OT is just bland. OT'ing everywhere else is progressive and forward thinking.
  7. As the latter half of the title says-> This change blows! My powers have been nerfed and my confidence has taken a hit. How do I entertain/troll side when people are hardly on side... Do tell! I need a new home to reside in now. Any suggestions? e: Already got a warning within 5 mins of server coming up, so I can't skirt seemlessly around the rules like I usually do. I need the help of your collective mind General Discussion readers, posters and lurkers. Please help me!
  8. He was probably ashamed that he couldn't set his FMS on that hill he really want to set it on cuz of the angle...
  9. So, this is how you nerf Zippy?
  10. I'd say what Allies really need is some nice billboard advertising in tz3 countries like Australia... Pewdiepie vs T-Series vs Team Allied
  11. If I can't I'll be flying planes full of rubber dogsh(i)t outta Hong Kong?
  12. I'm surprised there isn't an article on you too. Afterall, you served in the American Civil War, World War 1, World War 2, Korean War and Vietnam and now World War 2 Online. Omg! Are you Wolverine? Guess you are Murica's best kept secret...
  13. CRS, you guys better be upping my G2 numbers! Fine, I joke around about it. But 4 G2s is pitifully low. Yesterday at Givet, I had to hope and pray that the new guy didn't die over the AO and rtb the last G2. I don't think you guys know how close you guys were to taking that town. There were no schreks left, no panzers left in town and no G2s left in Bertrix when I got on. I had to deal with a 20 minute delay to get my hands on a G2 and trim your tank numbers down with some nifty runs. Just brought everyone else enough time to bring in panzers from adjoining towns and help ease the pressure off. Great fight by both sides!
  14. I wish my first post had this level of quality...
  15. It was a joke made to demonstrate this very sentiment. As jwilly said though, humour/sarcasm can be hard to get across in text. I thought the Day 1 player, Day 2 son and Day 3 grandson thing would have made it apparent that it was a joke. Either that, or my better half is seriously talented.