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  1. Area 51 down as always on training server (all towns under Axis ownership) and playing offline is just bleak. What can one do offline besides spawn in, look at the planes gunsight and cockpit, and despawn. If you want to fly it around a bit you can but I pretty much know how it'll do anyway since it isn't a 'new' plane per se. So no point in telling people stuff is in-game if it isn't in the campaign server.
  2. Sounds interesting, what sort of data?
  3. Yes, but at top tier, you can play stuff from all tiers to mix things up if things get boring. Granted it isn't in its prime tier but that makes things even more fun and challenging. Right now, things are just so stale. Thank god the F2 is playable now, otherwise I would have been flying the E4 straight for 20 days before. And I'll just ignore the offline play comment...
  4. And why aren't they in game yet? Would take a minute to up the tier from 1 to 2. That is like saying, "Hey! These are the new toys you get for the Christmas patch! Buuuuut, you can't play with them for Christmas." Given how slow the RDP cycle is moving, should take another 3-4 days. Very Christmassy indeed. What makes it worse is we are 20 days into the map now and still in Tier 1.
  5. I never understood why they do that. Spit 1 is more than capable even in Tier 3. In T0 and T1 I personally find it to be the best plane on any side for defensive flying which is what I prefer. It is what I mostly fly if I play RAF only for the whole map except some forays into the Spit 9 when I get really outnumbered.
  6. So assertive and hawt! Daddy, take me home!
  7. get on you turd bucket, we need to talk...
  8. Dr. Cox will be missed. Also, WB Reyern!
  9. Best part of playing Axis is the vibrant side channel that has no correlation to anything going on in-game. Frankly, that is the main reason I still log in. Flying around and pew pew'ing is an added bonus when I am over an AO but on the way to, and coming back from, there is only one thing on my mind, contributing to the "junk" Axis side as you called it. To each their own, but Gsc and me have worked very hard to make it what it is today. Although he'll deny it as usual...
  10. Cloudy 24/7.... Err no thanks.
  11. Squishie post will be squishie post...
  12. In the keymapper, double click on the throttle up button and then move the throttle to its full position. Then double click on throttle down option and take it to its lowest point. Should map it. Let me know if it works.
  13. Go into Keymapper and see if you have joystick selected instead of No Joystick. This is where you can custom map all your controls too. If spawned in-game then you get there by opening the map ( press M) and then it is on one of the tabs. Outside the game world it is one of the tabs to the top right. Do the same.
  14. lrn2fly Intercept and conduct RDP raids and you can negate the affect of what you are complaining about. Flying is the hardest aspect of the game to master. It requires the most skill. So I think it makes sense that it is as impactful as it is. Anyway with current pop it shouldn't be too hard to protect your factories and render this argument void. I have a skewed perspective but for me, RDP fighter/bomber gameplay is the most fun aspect that this game has to offer. One wrong move in the air that deep in enemy territory and you are borked. Or make a wrong decision while intercepting a raid and ground guys on your side might be without their favourite piece of equipment for longer. If only numbers were greater in the air, this could be even more fun than it would be now. Oh well, at least RDP is active again...
  15. Cuz someone really really good at HC shizz never became the CinC they deserved to be. This must not happen again