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  1. How dare you schism after we schismed (twice?)?
  2. I want my OT.
  3. But if the backward speed of the belt = the forward speed of the airplane, then the absolute forward speed of the airplane has to be zero, so it can not ever take off.
  4. Your not alone in that. WETH MEH OT?
  5. To set some things straight: Vista and 7 do support 3d sound, but it's processed in software by a Microsoft library. What hardware you use does not matter anymore, hence no more bionic ears either. So I'm in favor of that new way. Our cpus are fast enough anyway. The only way to do it in hardware now is alchemy.
  6. He's right I looked for it to ignore robotech and could not find it.
  7. Probability is he couldn't see it either from his gunner view and aimed with the spotter.
  8. Too true I'm afraid. That gfx card has no balls at all.
  9. I like the razer copperhead
  10. Almost any game will always consume all of the cpu (of one core) it can get, so your conclusion is fallacious.
  11. I don't get any better fps (core i7 920, 6G ram, audigy 2, ati 4870).
  12. No ww2ol with integrated intel stuff.
  13. Probably update your drivers, if that doesn't help, your video card is teh old.
  14. It boggles the mind sometimes how bad the performance of the game is on some machines with decent specs. I'm not sure, I don't think your performance is that bad for the game. I'll try it later today and will post numbers.