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  1. NO. I was looking at the system requirements other day and it was dated July/2013 and there were a few changes. I have an older laptop that ran game in version 1.32 but will no longer load game.
  2. You only have 64MB dedicated to video memory. You need a graphics/video card.
  3. You can't WARP using a MG34. It will suffer a 99% failure rate and or revert to a rifleman with 1 spare magazine and no grenades.
  4. I would like to present the following medal to this dedicated Axis player. Please step forward: ksa43 For clearing the EAB and CAB BUNKER in Brussels then asking for others to come CAP the bunker because he was only a F2P Rifleman. I present you with: Frontal Attack This award is presented to top Axis Players or officer who was involved in a Frontal Attack Operation and is presented to them as recognition of their effort, talent and expertise as a Member of a instant Operation success. Please join me in congratulating this player for his contributions for the Axis side. S! Wittmann
  5. When changing keymap in game with LW air or KM naval it is an instant CTD. Make changes from the brigade roster screen BEFORE you join a mission and no CTDs. Clear the assigned key first then enter the one you want. Make sure you are not selected to use a joystick if you want to assign keyboard commands. No joystick/joystick is at bottom right check that first.
  6. The integrated video on Lenovo PC's is a POS get a Nvidia card. I have a 4 year old 9800GTX and it works great.
  7. Shut down PC completely. Restart PC allow Windows plenty of time to load. When Windows has completed loading open Task Manager. Check APPLICATIONS PROCESSES PERFORMANCE and please post your results. We need to know what version of Windows you have. The CPU speed and total physical memory.
  8. Although Teamspeak is not required, it is highly encouraged and accelerates the new players's learning curve. If you do not have a microphone you can still listen and respond via chat. If you need a microphone and are in a bind you can use a set of earbud speakers, the kind that come with MP3 players iPODs .etc as a microphone. You can even tape them to your neck and pretend they are throat mics. LOL I do however require it for LW operations.
  9. That is a great idea! I'd love to see the Vets RAGEQUIT !
  10. I want to take the Weasels to the Alps and terrorize the Rat's Shangri La ! Weasels with Wings FTW !
  11. If there are any new players that want or need help, find me in game. Send a PM {private message} to me. Use chat command .m wiitman {text} and I will go out of my way to help you. wittman 1PDKG2XO
  12. Intel i5 3.2 GHZ or better processor and 8 GB memory minimum. I run an i5 550M 3.2 GHZ and 16 GB for the game now. Had an AMD firetrap that cooked the CPU before I installed the Corsair H-50 cooler. Nvidia video card a pair of 512s is better than 1Gb onboard processor. I still run a pair of 512 9800 GTXs from 2007 in SLI mode. Use supplied drivers with your Nvidia cards. Nvidia has a driver of the week club and we all know how that goes. A CoolMaster case is also the way to go.