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  1. did you post the pic of the hanger
  2. I am in, all good. Merc88, Merc87, Merc86 will be in game again, bringing zippers, patches and portable latrines to the battlefield
  3. OK, tried it again yesterday. Works like a charm, no start up or in game issues... Been playing free infantry, looking at what subscriptions I need for 3 accounts... Merc88 Merc87 Merc86 88thMercantiles Bringing zippers, patches, and mobile latrines to the battlefield for less!
  4. didn't fix my problem 3 computers all CTD downloaded 3 times... WTF... everything else works expect this game...dissapointed.
  5. Day ONE.. 88th Mercantiles trying to get back to game but it wont load on 3 separate computers CTD on all at load. See technical help post.
  6. Ok, have tried download 3 times on 3 separate computers... all CTD on start, I get about and inch on the red line and BOOM CTD... LOL I see not much has changed over the years. I do note that the video identified is called Display 1 , with no options for other video card selections... ROFLOL, Nice work, 3 accounts ready to go and can't get it to start on 3 different computers....ROFLOL just WOW.
  7. OK, so I downloaded the game on two new computers, both up to date and more than capable for the game as I remember. Was AIr Warrior for 10 years then WWiionline for 8 years, then went to WOrld of Tanks... bringing Merc88, Merc87 and Merc86, the 88th Mercantiles back to game. Problem is everytime I start the game it CTD's, both computers... Thoughts? Merc88
  8. GOd... Merc88.87.86
  9. was a asshat reply to a decent post. merc88.87.86
  10. Got it as well on all 3 accounts....3 different computers... roflol....can this get an better? Merc88.87.86
  11. Is this similar to the Alienware problem, i.e. the mx11, 15, 17 etc... Merc88.87.86
  12. I enjoyed Kroni's pre-event crash entertainment at the takeoff field...well done! Merc88/87/86