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  1. did you post the pic of the hanger
  2. OK, so I downloaded the game on two new computers, both up to date and more than capable for the game as I remember. Was AIr Warrior for 10 years then WWiionline for 8 years, then went to WOrld of Tanks... bringing Merc88, Merc87 and Merc86, the 88th Mercantiles back to game. Problem is everytime I start the game it CTD's, both computers... Thoughts? Merc88
  3. I am in, all good. Merc88, Merc87, Merc86 will be in game again, bringing zippers, patches and portable latrines to the battlefield
  4. OK, tried it again yesterday. Works like a charm, no start up or in game issues... Been playing free infantry, looking at what subscriptions I need for 3 accounts... Merc88 Merc87 Merc86 88thMercantiles Bringing zippers, patches, and mobile latrines to the battlefield for less!
  5. didn't fix my problem 3 computers all CTD downloaded 3 times... WTF... everything else works expect this game...dissapointed.
  6. Day ONE.. 88th Mercantiles trying to get back to game but it wont load on 3 separate computers CTD on all at load. See technical help post.
  7. Ok, have tried download 3 times on 3 separate computers... all CTD on start, I get about and inch on the red line and BOOM CTD... LOL I see not much has changed over the years. I do note that the video identified is called Display 1 , with no options for other video card selections... ROFLOL, Nice work, 3 accounts ready to go and can't get it to start on 3 different computers....ROFLOL just WOW.
  8. GOd... Merc88.87.86
  9. was a asshat reply to a decent post. merc88.87.86
  10. Got it as well on all 3 accounts....3 different computers... roflol....can this get an better? Merc88.87.86
  11. Is this similar to the Alienware problem, i.e. the mx11, 15, 17 etc... Merc88.87.86
  12. I enjoyed Kroni's pre-event crash entertainment at the takeoff field...well done! Merc88/87/86
  13. NO early warning radar... Merc88/87/86
  14. WE got 7 hits on DD's no Kills Wife got 1 kill as gunner on Stuka..were drunk and cant remember who it was. Great time. Wife had a great time flying in gunner least that is what she said. Merc88/87/86
  15. Photon torpedo mate on USS Enterprise please. Merc88/87/86
  16. Wife will gun as Merc88 I will fly as Merc86....Merc87 will serve drinks prior to and after each mission. Merc88.87.86
  17. Last year I looked good in the film, didn't hit anything and got shot down, but looked good in film. Merc88.87.86
  18. merc88 and merc86 in as Pilot and gunner for Japan. Merc88.87.86
  19. The loggin out eventually worked...It decided I had suffered enough. Merc88/87/86
  20. For the patch rolling over, the stuff the guy did on the first thread worked for me eventually.... Merc88/87/86
  21. Did the file number change, that didn't work either... Merc88/87/86