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  1. You can probably ignore this. My new FTP user (saintj3) has access to all toys (even the HC one) and mission creation, so all is good. Nothing to see here, move along.
  2. Are old (paying) players getting FTP access ? If so, my former paying account and my former FTP account doesnt seem like it: saintj and saitj2 . I also dont seem to have access to "FREE PLAY SUPPORT AND INFO" . I can read "General", but cant post there. A new FTP user I created (saintj3) also does not have access to "FREE PLAY SUPPORT AND INFO".
  3. My update failed (twice), but the "update" == "full install" anyway (1GB), so should have gone for the full install from the start Been trying to run this game for over an hour now.
  4. Rgr mate, I am sure life will get better soon enough. I just wanted to raise awareness that former players can do the $5 sub by creating a new account. Also , just to be clear, I am also not subed atm for personal reasons.
  5. Cant you just sub your 2nd account (drkeyboard) on the $5 ?
  6. I personally think this is a bit high: *All Ground Forces Subscription: $12.99/mo For me, that should be $9.99 and the "all inf" should be closer to the starter account (the starter account has less infantry options, but more vehicles). Yes, pay monthly seems more trendy nowadays than Free-To-Play, but a bit like what APPs do I put on my phone, I think most people will think about "what subscription services do I want and how much am I willing to pay for it" ? Do I want to pay an extra $12.99/mo ? Well, $18 was just silly so its better now, but will I be more tempted by $9.99 than $12.99 ? Well, I know about me, but not sure about others, especially outside the US. I think that this prices should be more around "how much are people willing to pay" and less about "how much do we need people to pay to keep this company floating".
  7. If we could imagine for a second we could get any sort of stats, what would you like to see ? Also how would you like to see it ? And finally what about any other kind of information, not necessarily stats ? I'll start: Stats - Top FB buster How - Besides the usual stats site, I think getting an email saying how great I am would be nice Other - As HC I would love to have easy access to a report with supply level and also a report with "bad fallbacks"
  8. Ideas so far for stats: Longest time airborne in a truck opel/laffy racing champion how many people I killed that were on the back of my truck, total amount of time driving a truck Distance of kill Unit vs unit over all campaigns / historical comparison stats Hall of shame: Most vehicles lost without enemy contact (while despawning with your wheels in the air). "Trench Digger" = number of PPOs built. "Inveterate Reader" = number of times killed while reading map "Spawn blasted" = number of times killed in the first 5 seconds after spawning "Friendly Foe" or "Mention for execution" number of friendlies killed when you blow a building "Suicide Instinct" number of times you die because of falling from a transport "top truckers" really should list how many people you transported and guns you towed for how many kilometers Top FMS producers. Top guards.. IE ppl time inside a flag building during the extent of a AO Top ai repair'er EFMS' destroyed FMS' set EDIT: Also ideas for data you always wanted but never got (outside stats) will be considered.
  9. Good stuff on this thread so here are for this campaign the top 25 unit types per %RTB: (only units with more than 50 sorties) British Fairmile B 92.3077 German Fairmile B 88.4615 French Bofors (40 mm) 72.5948 British Bofors (40 mm) 69.7059 StuG III B 63.0435 British Vickers Mk IVB 62.3377 Flak 28 (40 mm) 61.3817 Renault R-35 59.3074 Spitfire Mk IIb 57.5758 Matilda Mk II CS 56.7568 Flak 36 (88 mm) 56.3636 German Ju 52-3M 55.8442 Flak 30 (20 mm) 54.5011 German Engineer 54.2385 British Engineer 53.9683 ROQF 6 Pounder (57 mm) 53.9326 Pak 38 (50 mm) 53.5714 Char B1 Bis 53.4979 Bf 109F-2 53.4247 German Airborne Rifle 52.8571 British Vickers Mk IVC 52.0161 British Airborne Rifle 52.0000 French SA mle 1937 (47 mm) 51.7820 Panzer III H 51.4286 Panzer II C 50.1838 And the bottom 25: French Anti-Tank Rifleman 19.8874 British Anti-Tank Rifleman 20.3931 German Anti-Tank Rifleman 20.4778 British Morris CDSW Gun Tractor 21.5884 Laffly S-20 Truck 24.7093 German MP34 Submachine Gunner 25.0000 Opel Blitz Truck 25.1900 British Grenadier 26.1905 French SA mle 1934 (25 mm) 26.4591 ROQF 2 Pounder 26.7504 Hurricane Mk I 26.8750 Crusader Mk II 27.9412 British Sapper 28.5503 German Sapper 28.5642 British Limited Sten Mk II Submachine Gunner 29.3857 French Grenadier 29.4444 French Hurricane Mk IIb (F/B) 29.5652 German Limited MP34 Submachine Gunner 30.1848 Bf 110C-4 30.6011 Pak 36 (37 mm) 30.9710 French Sapper 31.0455 German Grenadier 31.0550 German Rifleman 31.1046 Italian Rifleman 31.2975 German Submachine Gunner 31.4121 ... Life is not easy for anti-tank riflemans.
  10. Good one, but I am not sure if having a "naughty" list is good to keep players in this game . Still adding it to the wish list though. Not sure if that data is available NOW, but we absolutely need this one. Per unit type I suppose ? Yeah, really good one if possible to get.
  11. There are no clear rules on start/end here. Maybe something around total amount of time driving a truck ? King of the road champion. Great (ish) ideas so far guys. Keep them rolling*. *-Truck pun intended
  12. That would be amazing along with a "flying trucker of the year award". But I doubt we have data for that. Kind of related, how many people I killed that were on the back of my truck, because I drove against a tree.
  13. Anyone has ideas for stats ?
  14. I have not been playing for a while, but I have played enough while winning and loosing. HC and off HC. Good HC like dfadd, bus, dcoy can make a difference (when they behave) in getting morale up . But the map ? As long as you have overpop (either in number of players or you have better/more_focused/know_what_they_are_doing players), HC doesnt really matter. I have seen this many times. You have overpop, you point you finger at a town and buum, the town is yours. No need to care about fallbacks or possible cuts. Hell, a squad managed to get a town in "high pop" with a para drop and you point your fingers at HC ? really ? Yes, some big mistakes from HC can in fact make some difference (supply, fallbacks). But thats like being the goalkeeper. The rest of the players are not inspired, but you expect the goalkeeper to be perfect. So no, the problem is not HC or softcaps or even the map. The problem is that the game mechanics make it too easy for a "overpop" side to roll the other side.
  15. Sorry, only seen this now. I might be around - not sure when I'll take my holidays.
  16. I tried to launch the game, but the update screen came up (have not played in a few months). Tried this a few times, but it always failed (the download of the update never really started). I fixed it by downloading the entire game (also a bit intermittent and on the slow side, but worked ).
  17. Helps you stay sane after hours of looking at walls ? When we had to defend FBs, I saw the grass grow. I am telling you. I saw it.
  18. Cap timers were way way too big, so good thing CRS is trying to fix that. 30s is too short ? Try with 4 min or whatever.
  19. Well I was actually looking for a clarification from Xoom as I am sure he did not meant it in a bad way. Other than that we are all humans.
  20. Might have been discussed before, but I just read this book and for anyone with an interest on WWII is a must IMHO: There is some politics discussed as for example: "why were normal german soldiers fighting ?" But even more important for this community are the reports of the advancing of allied tanks without proper inf support, easy kills for 1 or 2 man with shreks. Also the immense power the air had and the crazy equipment used by both sides (remote controlled cars, tank flamethrowers, ...). How fast ATGs were deployed and how fast they could be destroyed . This book is also very graphical in some descriptions (this were interviewed soldiers 10 years after this terrible event), so be aware of that. (this book is also free for kindle unlimited, that anyone can try for free)
  21. I simply keep a windows partition for games. In the past I also started the game from inside a VM, but the frame rate was terrible (2/3fps). I used that only to HC during low pop while I was at work.