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  1. 1) Agreed, there should be *some* reward for killing AI, even if it's just a few points. Grenades work, but you have to get them close for the shrapnel to do the job as they aren't high-explosive weapons. 2) Gonna sound like a jackass here, but that's what they used, and it takes a little time to reload with stripper clips, you can't just slap that stuff in there. It's why they innovated pre-loaded magazines in later designs. Keep an eye on your capacity and don't wait till the last second to reload. 3) Weekends are a much better time to play, more people means you're less of a target. The learning curve is steep as this isn't a typical run&gun shooter but it's worth it. If you do leave, at least keep up with the announcements, once 1.35 is out things should improve. No ETA on that yet though.
  2. Well clearly they'll never fix any of that.
  3. Ok, so you CTD'd at the squad tab which means the whole patch is a sh*thole and will destroy the game? That's kinda the vibe I'm getting from you here. I am most certainly not assuming that. I can see where this "conversation" is going, and I'm not really interested. I tried to engage you civilly, but if this is how it's going to be, forget it.
  4. Yes, the opportunity for introducing new bugs is there, but so is getting in a car wreck tomorrow and not being able to play the game ever again. Your house is a proven safe environment, will you stay in it for the rest of your life on the chance something bad might happen outside? One thing is guaranteed: if we stay with 1.34, frustration will eventually destroy the game. There's only so long anyone will put up with it. So we can either stick with 1.34 knowing the outcome, or step outside and see what's out there.
  5. I gave up trying to get the game to recognise my X55 throttle, and fighting the keymapper interface in general (but that's an ancient gripe and one best left alone).
  6. I hope you mean gigs of ram You can't even play Rise of the Triad on 4 megs
  7. Weth mah path?!
  8. If Axis gets no bde spawning at all I don't see how it would be feasible. Too easy to intercept and without simulating a continuous presence there, people have to log out and do life stuff after a while. Last time I participated in a UK fight was well before the spawning was changed, before brigades.
  9. Yeah, I'm glad I did that, even though it was rather a lot at the time it's been nice knowing I didn't have to worry about the subscription any more and could pick it back up whenever I wanted.
  10. Nope, I typed what I meant, a portmanteau of scrub and shrubbery
  11. Didn't we have christmas trees spawning with the scrubbery in game one year, or am I thinking of some other game?
  12. The Allies got a flak30 clone at some point. Played last night for the first time in a while, pop looked more like wednesday morning than saturday night. Depressing.
  13. I'd like to sign up as an alternate if possible. I'll be moving and getting ready for classes that weekend and may or may not be able to attend, so reserving a space now would be a **** move.
  14. It worked for mine setting just the playgate.exe shortcut to Vista SP2. Ultimate ed.