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  1. You're also missing this:
  2. The other suggestion that I have would be to understand where you're fighting. If you're inside of town, I would decrease the distance to 100m by default. If you're outside of town, and roaming around I would start at the 200m and then follow the other suggestions listed above. If you're attacking a specific target, I would get the approximate distance from the map and and adjust accordingly based on your placement to it. Jlangemann
  3. Really CRS? You can find the time to ban players, but you can't find the time to fix this? Happened to me twice tonight. Your time and your resources are precious. Use them wisely. Fix what is broken. Stop creating angry players like you're doing with me.
  4. Thanks Branko. This fix did work for me. However, I have to just wonder, why does a paying player have to produce fixes to the bugs that CRS introduces? This is something that CRS should have caught before it went live, and this is something that CRS should have provided guidance on how to fix. Sad indeed where players have to come up with fixes to play the game they are paying to play. Customer service? Bah humbug. Dane