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  1. 1/ Medium and/or Heavy Bombers 2/ Better designed airfields, similar to Warbirds, Aces High and War Thunder & remove all trees at end of runway. 3/ Slave Bombers, similar to Aces High and Warbirds
  2. It is an interesting idea as i saw the post in the other thread, but personally i think giving the axis the db7 and the allies the 111 "temporarily" would be a better move imho.
  3. We the fans are far from closed minded, you only have to look in the Game Ideas and Suggestions thread to see an influx of continous ideas being suggested by players, but not just that section of the forum, but the premium threads which i assume you cannot see which are broken down in their own sections, one for Air, Land and Sea, ideas are posted there all the time especially in the Hanger thread as we continue to discuss improved ideas on EWS/A.S.S, Weather which Hatch has very kindly fixed for us, dot commands for the RDP bomber pilots to keep tabs thanks to Sniper62 and team, the list goes on and on so it does show the CRS does in fact listen. They might not put ideas into the game that you or I want or wish to see right away, but the team we have is relatively new, and the movement in the last 12 months have certainly been a huge improvement compared to what we have seen in the past with the old. I understand you might be new here but i can guarantee pretty much everyone of us players have experience their own particular dark days in ww2online expressing their own frustrations, i would highly suggest you take a bit more time to explore the game, especially in higher peaked times, and browse a bit more around the forums as i feel you would be pleasantly surprised as we not all that different from you, we have the same passion and hope for the games future.
  4. Could the AO's be tweaked so that you can placed a AO within a limit of 1 or 2 grids squares behind where ever the front line is currently is (not the other side of the map), this will provide more functionality in the missions as i described in my last post, enabling paratroopers a more useful role in the game and changes the dynamic of the virtual war so you have alittle bit of the pre-AO 2001-2005 and post-AO 2006 onwards.
  5. Joined Beta as Warbirds players knew most of the original CRS crew - Mo, Doc (volcano diver) and others. Started in June 6th 2001 Various spells with 66 commandos with AGW Warbirds members - Master and others. 2007 - joined 617 Sqdn Damnbusters.
  6. I know a good bunch of players including players from 66 Commandos who would return to WW2OL if AO were removed or if the AO could be tweaked to customised specific missions like behind the lines strikes. Now we have the paratroopers dropping troops behind enemy lines (like they did in WW2) is leaving a gaming mechanic not fully utilised now since the days before AO came in.
  7. I have resubbed again hoping we can bring some RDP back like the old days.
  8. Thanks, that fixed the problem for me on my 4k 40" Philips gaming monitor.
  9. To be honest Zipeh I havent tried playing anything else other than bombers but its a good point to make and i will give that a go (Thanks for the suggestion).
  10. Start - Run - type dxdiag then you will see it pop up with tabs along the top, i.e. System, Display 1, Display 2, Sound 1 etc. On the bottom right you will see a button saying "Save All Information", click on that and it will save it as a .txt file. Then you can copy and paste.
  11. I know its a bit disappointing, but then I guess I tried everything the posters would of recommended. I will post in the bug report to see if I get better luck.
  12. I didnt want to tag on to the end of Saxon post so I start my own in hope I can find a resolution to this frustrating problem. It is very frustrating especially being a dedicated bomber pilot where our missions can be from 40mins to 80mins long. The problem I am facing since I came back after an 18 month break 3-4 weeks ago is everytime I am on a RDP run with 617 Dambusters I CTD. Now the interesting point is I always 90% of the time CTD after I have dropped my bombs over the factory, and we are on our RTB leg to base. So I know 5-10 mins after our turn I am waiting to CTD, and you can imagine after a long flight it is bit of a disappointment especially returning after such a long break. Now 18 months ago I could fly all day/weekend and never have a problem the game ran perfectly for me, flying RDP missions with the squad rinse and repeat all weekend with no problems. The problem started shortly after I came back 3 weeks ago, I say shortly after because when I flew some missions with Sniper and Reddog the first weekend back I was perfectly fine no CTD while we flew from Brussels to Duss (3 or 4 missions). During the next week I upgraded my ATI graphic card (ATI6970 2GB) drivers to Catalyst 12.1 from 11.12, and because I play Star Wars The Old Republic Online (MMO), Rise of Flight Online, World of Planes Alpha and recently Star Conflict Alpha and X3:TC I didnt have any problems throughout the week, no blue screens, no disconnects on the other online games and with SWTOR I could play 7 hours with no issues what so ever. Until the following weekend I joined up with 617DB to do more RDP runs, it was then from the friday and saturday evening I would CTD on every single mission after I dropped my bombs, almost like clockwork that I would knew it was going to happen when we RTB. One thing I did noticed when going back to Catalyst 11.12 is not always but sometimes I can do one full mission without CTD, unlike before when I would CTD guarantee each time after drop or after 30 mins flying), but then I can do two missions and on the 2nd mission I would CTD, rinse and repeat. Things I have done to try retify it: Completely uninstalled WW2Online and installed fresh install (before the new patch) Completely uninstalled WW2Online and installed fresh install (after new patch last week) Uninstalled ATI drivers Catalyst 12.1, and also used Drivesweeper to remove any remaining files found and installed previous ATI Catalyst 11.12 (which seem to work before 12.1 and on my first RDP return from 18 month break). I have run to check my ISP speed wasnt being flakey (living 12 miles west of Oxford in the countryside I only get "upto" 10Meg but in reality I get 6-8Meg) but the connection was solid, and my ISP is Zen who I have used for 10 years which has a better service than BT or Virgin in realibility (so far touch wood). I check to check the line quality and got a A1 report back with no packet loss. I did a tracert to and couldnt see any problems on the hops though I can post a tracert when I return home from work. From the UK I am averaging 130-150ms to the game server, so over the atlantic that is pretty good. And have no problems flying in very close formation with the other members of 617DB with no warping. I always use wired lan when online gaming. All drivers have been updated and I use a Netgear 834 router (rebooted), which has a 2nd PC connected and a Xbox 360 (disconnecting them from the router while problem solving). Checked memory seated properly, CPU and temperature is all fine and tried it unclocked and overclocked. (computer specs below). Computer specs: AMD 1100T X6 Black Edition Overclocked 3.3 to 3.7, Asus Crosshair IV Extreme Motherboard, 8GB Corsair Dominator Memory, Windows 7 64bit Ultimate. 1TB Samsung Harddrive, ATI 6970 2GB Graphic Card, Dell 30" 2560x1600 Monitor, Cooler master Cosmos S case. If you want me to post a tracert I can do so and will try anything else anyone is able to recommend as I have pretty much exhausted all avenues. Thanks for your time.
  13. Has your problem gone away? As your describing CTD on every sortie is almost like my problems, rather than other people are CTD on login.
  14. Ahh thought I recognised the screenshot its from BHawthornes project over at widescreengaming, been following it for sometime with a similar project I like to undertake. Pretty awesome how it got it all setup.
  15. I replied in the Dambusters forum Frantish but ill post here. Put me down for a He-111 in Reddogs flight please. S!