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  1. People want to win, and they naturally gravitate towards fighting styles that produce success. I think under the above rules that would mean more combined arms, and a more realistic feel to the flow of battle. I don't know how that would go over in very low pop where an attrition battle might last for hours without results, but in general I believe its more of what players are looking for when they try this game. Coding the above check would probably not be very difficult. It would be a very interesting idea to try during an intermission, which is such an opportune feature for testing novel ideas without breaking the normal game.
  2. Those are excellent suggestions.
  3. Maybe I'm missing something, but as far as I know an fms, basically a little box covered with dirt, can spawn an army a few hundred yards from wherever. Though it is true, it stems from a truck - one truck with no riders coasting silently for a mile along the road to town, the road on the opposite side of town. And the nearest fbs are <2000ms from their targets, where again, a whole army of tanks may spawn. Was just a suggestion that seemed consistent with whats in game already.
  4. ML spawning, for organization, teamwork, and getting to action quick. For example, I march to within a few hundred yards of an nme flag, put out a call, a squad worth of soldiers can spawn in, we attack depot. Or, call goes out "pm me for next ao" I do, spawn my tank, fb is 3.5 clicks from town, I get 2 clicks from town at the desired attack position, put out call and a squad's worth of tanks can spawn off me. Something like that, to help with action and organization, with logical limits on distance and numbers consistent with current spawn rules, i.e. inf can't spawn closer than current fms distance, tanks can't spawn closer than a near fb distance etc. Think of the potential time saved for ships.