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  1. Yea I just started to notice this well. Never last more the 1 second though. And doesn't do it everytime. 2 year old Acer laptop 1.9 AMD 8400m Nvidia graphics card Win 7 64 4Gb ram. Everything tweaked as far as I can go.
  2. He popped my turret. All crew died in a mass a flaming wreckage. I sat there and looked at my poor tank. Then I despawned and went and got a sapper and blew his azz up.
  3. Was in Tongren next to a cp in a Sherm 76 and was blown up by a Tiger. As I despawned the game gave me a RTB notice. (but did not reserve the now dead tank) CSR also shows a RTB on that mission. Shouldn't this be a KIA?
  4. Saw that yesterday at means FB (I think). Didn't really look at it that close.
  5. Ok I just now spawned in Means armybase as a infantry rifle persona. (Lots of rifles in stock) I never leave the barracks. I Immediatly (like 10 seconds) despawned. I am back at the sortie debriefing room page. Get the notice in the chat bar the my rifleman has been reserved at Means armybase. The enter world button is green. Click enter..button goes grey and nothing happens. Still stuck at the sortie/debriefing room page. The enter world button turns green again. Click button..button turns grey and nothing happens. Rinse/repeat 4 times. Still won't join the game. I then go back from the sortie/debriefing page to the brigade page. From there I can start the whole process of choosing soldier/equipment and jump right into the game. PS: this is happening on the normal server, it was doing it in 1.30 as well
  6. I spawned a M10 at Gouvy FB to St Vith (?). Anyway took small damage to the crew and vehicle. No one died and vehicle was for the most part ok. (smoking) RTB. Was shown that the vehicle was reserved for me. Went to respawn. Hit the enter botton, it clicked and turned grey. Nothing happened. Still at the spawn in screen. About 10 seconds go by and the enter button turns green. Hit enter again. Button goes grey and nothing happens. End up backing up to the equipment page and starting over from there. (but normally you lose the vehicle reserved) Got lucky this time and still had M10 in stock. This has happened alot, just forgot to tell ya. PS. remember I am in Afghanistan playing on a satellite system in case that matters.
  7. I have the same thing posted over in the Windows issues forum.
  8. Yea the bug is still around. Saw it 2 days ago. PZ tearing down the road looking like a blow torch.
  9. Still cant log in but resource panel shows that beta is using 1 gig of ram and close to 70% of my cpu while running (at the training screen) this right? Network data shows just a blip (1-2%)while attempted log in. Bummer will try later.
  10. They know about the problem..probably trying to figure out what the issue is. Give em time.
  11. stuck at training screen..launch bar is green and you can hear the click when attempting to launch. Acer laptop amd 64x2 tl58 Geforce 8400m G 4 gig ram Vista 32 bit