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  1. Sorry mate, you can quite once you add a 0 onto the end of that. Congrats on the kill score, seriously impressive.
  2. With this system, towns like antwerp and brussels will be even harder to capture. There's a reason that Axis attacks like to bypass antwerp and brussels in the first place, making them even harder to capture is just silly.
  3. Yep, a favourite for me is watching the enemy fire at you, where their round appears to detonate on the tree directly in front of them, yet it's immediately followed by the sound of the round hitting your hull.
  4. As we've all experienced multiple times, the engine bug or firebug, where the player is not firing but to others, is running around town firing continuously from his/her lmg/smg/flak30/ca mle 25 aa etc etc. As someone who has had to deal with people continuously firing 20mm guns due to this bug, it can be headache inducing. You try to tell the greentag that they have a firebug but they don't pick up on your message and the firing continuous. You either have to despawn (which isn't always possible) , turn down the game volume or hope they shoot again to correct the firebug. Since this bug has been around for years, what I'm hoping that can be added is a reset audio button that fixes your own audio. Perhaps CTRL + S or something. Not sure how much coding is required for this and it won't fix it for other people but if it means I can maintain my SA and not get a headache at the end of the battle, I'd be happy.
  5. Thanks mate, I ended up doing exactly that.
  6. @XOOM I was only able to join the chat for 10 minutes yesterday before I had to leave. I was wondering where the youtube upload is?
  7. Thanks Xoom. For those of us who don't want to sit through a 1hr plus chat, will there be points of interest made available afterwards?
  8. The CPU and RAM is good but 4k gaming needs a good graphics card. The GTX 1060 may be alright but I'd recommend at least a 1070. A 1080 or 1080 ti would be ideal but the price range isn't...
  9. My instagram and Facebook accounts are not linked but was glad to see this advertisment. Gave it a like, cause I gotta support this game! Just wondering, if it's something you're able to disclose, but is this targeted to NZ/AU (for TZ3?) or just to an age?
  10. Some of us already took the step, potthead, nkelly, thefsg and myself moved from 3rd panzergruppe to 644.
  11. I have an Asus 34" ultrawide with Gsync, looks very good. Be hard to go back to a 16:9 screen for gaming after this.
  12. Ahh right, my bad. Didn't think about the F2P accounts not being able to browse allied/axis forums.
  13. Isn't this what the Allied forums are for?
  14. Don't forget the ca mle 25mm aa gun is considerably better than the axis equivalent, flak 30.
  15. Maybe it's a bug with tanks. I know in CPs, you definitely get the pop up if there are no SMGs or sappers available after you die as one.