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  1. As we've all experienced multiple times, the engine bug or firebug, where the player is not firing but to others, is running around town firing continuously from his/her lmg/smg/flak30/ca mle 25 aa etc etc. As someone who has had to deal with people continuously firing 20mm guns due to this bug, it can be headache inducing. You try to tell the greentag that they have a firebug but they don't pick up on your message and the firing continuous. You either have to despawn (which isn't always possible) , turn down the game volume or hope they shoot again to correct the firebug. Since this bug has been around for years, what I'm hoping that can be added is a reset audio button that fixes your own audio. Perhaps CTRL + S or something. Not sure how much coding is required for this and it won't fix it for other people but if it means I can maintain my SA and not get a headache at the end of the battle, I'd be happy.
  2. Sorry mate, you can quite once you add a 0 onto the end of that. Congrats on the kill score, seriously impressive.
  3. With this system, towns like antwerp and brussels will be even harder to capture. There's a reason that Axis attacks like to bypass antwerp and brussels in the first place, making them even harder to capture is just silly.
  4. Yep, a favourite for me is watching the enemy fire at you, where their round appears to detonate on the tree directly in front of them, yet it's immediately followed by the sound of the round hitting your hull.
  5. Thanks mate, I ended up doing exactly that.
  6. @XOOM I was only able to join the chat for 10 minutes yesterday before I had to leave. I was wondering where the youtube upload is?
  7. Thanks Xoom. For those of us who don't want to sit through a 1hr plus chat, will there be points of interest made available afterwards?
  8. My instagram and Facebook accounts are not linked but was glad to see this advertisment. Gave it a like, cause I gotta support this game! Just wondering, if it's something you're able to disclose, but is this targeted to NZ/AU (for TZ3?) or just to an age?
  9. The CPU and RAM is good but 4k gaming needs a good graphics card. The GTX 1060 may be alright but I'd recommend at least a 1070. A 1080 or 1080 ti would be ideal but the price range isn't...
  10. Some of us already took the step, potthead, nkelly, thefsg and myself moved from 3rd panzergruppe to 644.
  11. I have an Asus 34" ultrawide with Gsync, looks very good. Be hard to go back to a 16:9 screen for gaming after this.
  12. Ahh right, my bad. Didn't think about the F2P accounts not being able to browse allied/axis forums.
  13. Isn't this what the Allied forums are for?
  14. Don't forget the ca mle 25mm aa gun is considerably better than the axis equivalent, flak 30.
  15. Maybe it's a bug with tanks. I know in CPs, you definitely get the pop up if there are no SMGs or sappers available after you die as one.
  16. When an item that you've been using is no longer in the spawn list, you do get a message saying that the weapon etc is no longer available. Most of us vets just click the message without paying attention and spawn in a rifleman, thinking WTF.
  17. The 232 is a seriously unstable vehicle but it can be driven long distances really easily by changing the control scheme to keyboard and mouse while driving long distance. Switch back to joystick when close to town. Something about joystick use and the 232 = 232 on it's side. Also with destroyers, same thing, if you set it to KB/mouse, it makes travelling long distance much easier. None of this gradual turn to the port/starboard.
  18. That's actually a really valid point. AI towers do an amazing job at suppressing players. Lmgs really should have something similar.
  19. If anything, this should go under the bug reporting. If the CP capturing was consistent, then you'd know with certainty if it was under cap or not.
  20. I have to agree, the CP capturing/ friendlies defending notification isn't clear. And sometimes, it's reversed (blue to red or red to blue left to right or right to left). I run into a CP that's at 60%, I can't actually rely on the notice of it being defended or capped, I'd have to wait to see if the progress bar moves to see if there's anyone in the CP I should be looking for.
  21. Lets have a look between the Flak 30 and the CA mle 25mm AA gun. These both can be spawned from a FMS/Depot and both available from Tier 0 -> Tier 3 in good numbers. They're both available in the same numbers comparatively, so CRS must consider them the same value. Lets compare certain areas that are of value between the two. Deployment time (from the time you press Z to the time you get a sight picture). Flak 30, between 5-6 seconds. 25mm, 2 seconds. A clear winner here. CA mle 25mm aa. If you're trying to setup outside your depot/FMS with EA camping, it's much easier to setup and start shooting accurately. Recoil Flak 30, noticeable recoil. The sight obviously jumps up after the initial burst. If you were aiming at something, you'd need to push down on the stick/mouse to counter the recoil. 25mm, basically none. I was able to aim at a target in the distance and there was very little difference (very slight recoil). The gun jumps a little but the sight remains on target. Winner hear is, CA mle 25mm AA. Push speed Flak 30 and CA mle 25mm AA both have a comparative push speed on the ground. Draw. Reload time Flak 30 and CA mle 25mm AA both take around 4 seconds to reload. Draw. Muzzle Speed Flak 30 is 780 m/s. 25mm is 900 m/s. Again the CA mle 25mm AA is a clear winner. Faster round speed = less leading the target, more likely to hit something. Projectile weight aka moar damage Flak 30 is 120grams. 25mm is 240 grams. Twice the size. CA mle is the winner here. Bigger rounds do more damage. When you hit, they will/do feel it. Magazine size Flak 30 is 20 rounds per magazine. 25mm is 15. Flak30 has the advantage here. Sight picture/Zoom Flak 30 has 1 zoom level with a "cross" sight. 25mm has 2 zoom levels with a V sight. The flak 30 feels restrictive when dealing with aircraft flying overhead, as the zoom is too strong for close distance and it's hard to look directly above using the sight. The 25mm sight feels quite comfortable. The V is more accurate with longer distances, especially for sniping 88s on a hill. The 2 zoom levels are much better. The first is great for seeing more of the environment and better SA to follow the fast moving/close aircraft, the 2nd level zoom is higher than the Flak 30s and is much better for sniping and EA that's further away. The winner here is the CA mle 25mm AA. I couldn't find rate of fire info for these guns as I had different info from different locations. I had a feeling the flak 30 had a slightly faster RoF but I'm not sure if that makes it a winner, as that probably contributes to it's recoil issue. Overall, the clear winner by a large margin is the CA mle 25mm AA gun. It's an excellent gun that is fast to deploy, with little recoil, faster muzzle velocity and bigger rounds. It has a better sight picture with much better zoom levels for better SA/faster mover tracking. The smaller magazine size is it's only real limiting factor here but considering the RoF is still fast and the reload time is only 4 seconds, it's an effective AA gun that has appears to have no issues shooting down axis aircraft. What other factors should be added to this list? Do you agree/disagree with my conclusion? What can be done to balance this?
  22. Just a random thought but one thing that would fix this, is allow bofors to spawn from Depots/FMS... then the FMS will become scarily dangerous to aircraft. Oh and just scrap the flak 30, give german more bofors to match up... lol
  23. It's funny how you only take the time to defend your playtime but you don't comment on my kills that are clearly from my timezone (aka, people playing in TZ3) and your "fighting AI" comments. Again, this shows your ignorance. So, you play once a week with squadies. I'm dedicated Axis and have been since late 2003. I play 7 days a week with squadies. I'm 37, I'm married, I work 8 hour days. Some nights, I'm in the game from 6pm - 12am. Some nights, I'm on for 30 mins, it depends on my wife/my friends/my family etc. I also take time off the game to catch up on TV shows/movies etc. My point is here, you judge us and blame us (TZ3) for rolling the map, undoing your hard work from your timezone. "Fighting AI" as you put it. Yet, we are just playing the game like you are, we just happen to be in a different part of the world, killing players on the other team. Lets see what Steam does for this game. The influx of players should boost all timezones and this should hopefully fix itself. New vehicles being added will get players back into the game. Removing flags and putting in town based supply should hopefully get us more players than it loses. We just need to help the new guys stick around. Get them involved in squads/discord.
  24. AOs were a fix for TZ3. I'd be happy to have more people to shoot but I'm a paying customer, I don't work for CRS nor their marketing team. I pay my sub and play the game when I get home from work, just like alot of people here do. The only difference, is I'm not in TZ1 or TZ2. @lipton I know you're a troll, but who "rolled" last map? It wasn't Axis players. My stats seem to indicate that there are enough people to kill during TZ3. I didn't know AI awarded kills? In fact, I've played considerably more than you have this map... Why aren't you playing more now that your team isn't winning?
  25. It's a 24/7 game, not a 18 hour game with a 6 hour intermission.