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  1. got a response from Bloo today and he resolved my issue. Thank you
  2. I got a response from Xoom to email Bloo. I havent heard anything from Bloo The ticket still sits there unread.
  3. Ya, I sent in an email Waiting for a response. I am disappointed I didnt even get a response on here from them.
  4. still nothing
  5. I submitted a ticket on Wednesday and today being Friday, it hasnt even been looked at yet. anyone monitor the ticket system?
  6. Thanks Bloo The Ticket has been resolved
  7. Ticket is still marked as new you think it would have been at least read by now
  8. ticket is still marked as new. I just pm'd Bloo terrible support
  9. I got the session error before, but it was fine the next day. but this is a long time to wait for a billing issue though
  10. I submitted it Friday morning. but ok it can wait till Tuesday.
  11. and no response so far. figured it would have been least read by now.
  12. The game is not Large Address Aware
  13. And how do I kill it with my lowly rifleman?