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  1. I second this question. I don't want to have to re-map everything. I've deleted the whole game and tried saving old files and not saving old files with the same result, it keeps telling me to reinstall the game. We should not be having to do this.
  2. Any idea when the fund drive will start?
  3. XOOM: I know this is supposed to be a free program, but do you see any possible side hidden costs?
  4. The mg34 is one of my favorite weapons to use over the years, and have hardly ever went Rambo and when I did I died a quick death without hitting anyone. That being said I could care less about this, but do consider it micro-managing and a waste of time that could be better put someplace else.
  5. Seems in the past the player base has always stepped up when there were fund drives with specific purposes laid out. I have NO DOUBT at all that the same would be true if a fund drive were to go towards a full 2.0 version. More so then any fund drive in the past. All the rats need to do is come up with a bottom line price of what it would take. Speaking of which, what's the most that's ever been raised in a single fund drive? Anyone remember?
  6. Thought about 40 commando. I see their website is down. How many can they muster?
  7. Curious, with all the historical names Parachute names out there, why 85th? Just curious, not being rude.
  8. Anyone get the following on their video preferences for display: \\.\DISPLAY1 I used to get my graphics card info, but now I get \\.\DISPLAY1. The game still plays the same, well at least I think it is, but just wondering if it's happened to anyone else. Regards...
  9. And your solution is?
  10. Good question. I definitely would like to see this, especially on the MKIV.
  11. I've noticed a lot more recruits. Had some serious fights that were great.
  12. I like a lot of these suggestions, but no matter what, in reality I think large squad based play has gone the way of the Dodo bird. Sure you have a couple mega squads which I feel a lot of players don't necessarily want to join because they might feel they lose their identity, but I think the future is smaller squads of up to 10-15 players who are active in the game. Even then it's tough. Just check the recruitment forums, you'll hardly find any responses. Perhaps use forum links posted in the chat bar. I think everyone who subs or resubs get an email welcoming them, perhaps that would be a good time to provide a link to the forums too. Lastly, maybe it's time free play and starter accounts (maybe starter accounts already have access?) have access to the full forums. I just think you need to start with the smaller ideas before you plan of shaking up OIC's and AO's.
  13. Love the game and also went through some negative feelings for it. That gradually went away as new vehicles were introduce. That being said, Vas I understand your frustrated, but you go back and forth with liking the game and then switching to wanting to give up due to the cost for what you get. Still I appreciate your opinion, but perhaps you need to take a couple month break and see what updates have come out since then. I know I've done that long ago. Personally I would like to see XOOM come out with another fund drive. Say at $2,500 this is what we can do, $5,000 this is what we can do...etc..I think if people had more of an idea what they would get with their investment, they might contribute more. XOOM: has it been brought up again? As for RA, I kinda liked it, but whenever I logged on there was no one to play against. Still, in the end I was extremely disappointed funds and dev time was diverted to that. I could go for N. Africa only if it was in the area that has some foliage, not just sandy long stretches of flat terrain. Plus, besides the Italians it would basically be the same vehicles. Personally I would like to see the Eastern Front introduced. Just keep it in the Ukraine where there was more foliage. Plus imagine all the new vehicles introduced...KV's..T-34's..Yak's..Mig's..PE's..
  14. What big squads?
  15. Salute all. I thought I would take the time and let everyone know that the 3rd Fallschirmjager Regiment is forming again. We have a registered 37 players but are right now combing through to see who is all active. Xoom is our CO and Knotking our XO while I am the tactical officer, but we do have other positions open. We are looking for players that want to jump out of perfectly good planes and I will be the one flying the bulk of the time, so everyone will get plenty of action. We play airborne infantry so that we can maximize our effectiveness. Like I said, were just getting off the ground so please register at our forum, introduce yourself and give us your take on the game, fallschirmjager in general, and where you think you would fit into the regiment. Thanks for viewing....