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  1. This unit still active? I'm looking to start playing allied.
  2. What do I have to type in chat to stop being the mission leader? Thanks.
  3. This worked! I was going to try and start discord after I started the game to see if I could use overlay then, but for some reason alt + tab won't work? Any ideas why?
  4. I will try both things. Thanks
  5. Sorry to sound rude, but I find it hard to believe I'm the only one who has had this problem. Everything is up to date on my computer including latest NVIDIA drivers. Perhaps the latest drivers don't work with Discord? Sucks because I'm screwed if want to join a squad. I had no problems with teamspeak, so I'm at a loss. Should I go to the Discord forum? I thought I would start here first.
  6. H&G is all about the graphics. While I'm sure most would like to see better graphics in this game, there has been way to many times to comment how pulse pounding it is, especially the air game.
  7. The current engine is so old it farts dust. No way they can do any upgrades on it. Time to go to UNREAL which I think some of the developers name dropped they would be most interested in.
  8. If I remember correctly during the last fund drive the rats clearly stated where the money was going to. Remember xoom and his band of merry men haven't had the helm for very long, and in my opinion they have come along way even if you don't see it directly on the playing field. Everything was old and antiqued and badly needed upgrading. Personally, I would like to see another fund drive that can be wet aside for the cost of installing the unreal engine. This of course would be implemented once steam subscriptions are tallied.
  9. I'm patient as I know the RATS have been hard at work. I guess I'm more into seeing a new UNREAL engine rather then a STEAM release, but I know the two are tied together. I have a feeling within the next two years the game will grow by leaps and bounds.
  10. Gotta agree on this. Almost halfway through August.
  11. Wish I could use it but both times it was installed I got a black screen right before the screen should switch to in-game. When I would uninstall it the game worked find.
  12. I would like to join the Armoured part of the Division but forgot my password to your forum. Can you give me that as well as the commanding officer? Just PM the info or give me a contact person. Thanks....
  13. Why should there be a decrease in autos? If anything as the war progressed militaries recognized the need for more autos, especially Germany and Mother Russia. Going to more rifles before Steam release would be suicide anyway.
  14. Keep it the way it is. Good God man, if every person complained about something on a weekly basis the rats would be running in circles waving their arms to and fro. Let them focus on the bigger stuff. I'm sure they have a lot on their plate as is.
  15. Anyone have this problem when they load the game since installing discord? Game worked fine before installing Discord, but as soon as installed Discord, the game would load but then go immediately to a black screen. I installed the latest Nvidia drives thinking that might help but nope. I uninstalled Discord and can now enter the game fine. Ugh! Anyway I submitted a ticket on the discord website so we'll see what happens.