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  1. With the impeding release on Steam I'm assuming there will be a surge of new players, whether big or small doesn't really matter, it's the fact new blood is being pumped into the game. A lot of the new players will be trying to start new squads, but it can be time consuming getting a recruiter online at the same time as a potential recruit. Trouble I am currently having right now through just plain bad luck. Question: Is the current model of recruiting new players, especially when it first forms, satisfactory to everyone, or does someone think it could be made easier, like maybe the recruiter sending a link through the forum message system that a recruit just has to click on. I know the RATS are busy with final preparations, but I'm just throwing this out there. Regards
  2. Some great ideas. I can't stress how important it would be for players who bomb factories and drive vehicles to help with resupply/transport/tow to get recognition. Maybe under their names in the forums they get different colored badges for how many missions completed kind of like the Germans did, put where their sig would be, or of course new sections added to a stat page. The stat page being easily accessible via the main wwiionline webpage. Perhaps even the #1 player for each different section of stats get a free month of the game, or even half off for the month.
  3. Why is it such a big deal to know the numbers? If you like the game then just keep playing.
  4. Check your PM's XOOM. Thanks.
  5. KNOTKING: Let me know where I can help. I work third shifts (midnight - 8) so have all days and afternoons free, and like I said I would be willing to do the bulk of the flying as I know it's not the most sought after position. lol...
  6. I'm in. I'll even do the flying most of the time. It would be great to get a historically named fallschirmjager squad together and just in time to get established before the steam launch too. Looks like we have three already. I'll start looking for a forum website for our home base once we get enough people to form the squad. XOOM: I was thinking that it's a bit hard for squads to start off since potential members have to be online at the same time in order to be activated. Is there some way that this can be made easier as getting all the players on at the same time can be a huge headache. Something like an offline page where a person can register for the squad and only when 5 are registered does the squad go active. Does that make sense?
  7. Thanks for the tip scking.
  8. Any axis airborne squads active, or anyone thinking of starting a squad up?
  9. So North American players can still send money via their checking account through Paypal?
  10. I second that request.
  11. I'm not that concerned about the steam numbers. The fact is numbers can only go up not down with new players once it comes out. After the release though the Rats need to release 2.0 ( within the next year. I have no doubt they would get the money they needed through a fund drive if players knew it was going solely towards a new graphics engine and all the costs associated with it.
  12. There a particular reason it's so hush-hush? You might get people to donate more to the fund drive if they knew what it was.
  13. Your website is not coming back to anything.
  14. New forum colors.
  15. I donated to the last drive and do realize it wasn't that long ago, but was wondering if plans were being made for another one, especially after the steam release. I know...I's being brought up too soon, and especially at a crappy time of year with everyone already buying Christmas presents, but perhaps if we knew the money collected would solely be set aside for the purchase of the Unreal 4 engine 4 XOOM was talking about. I'm not sure on the cost but perhaps XOOM or another Rat could fill us in with costs associated with the purchase (realizing costs go up and down) so we get a better understanding of what we're dealing with. Opinions? Perhaps wait until spring and tax return time?