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  1. Why should there be a decrease in autos? If anything as the war progressed militaries recognized the need for more autos, especially Germany and Mother Russia. Going to more rifles before Steam release would be suicide anyway.
  2. Keep it the way it is. Good God man, if every person complained about something on a weekly basis the rats would be running in circles waving their arms to and fro. Let them focus on the bigger stuff. I'm sure they have a lot on their plate as is.
  3. Anyone have this problem when they load the game since installing discord? Game worked fine before installing Discord, but as soon as installed Discord, the game would load but then go immediately to a black screen. I installed the latest Nvidia drives thinking that might help but nope. I uninstalled Discord and can now enter the game fine. Ugh! Anyway I submitted a ticket on the discord website so we'll see what happens.
  4. I sent a request in.
  5. Still active?
  6. Fine the way it is.
  7. I wonder if it would be worth in say the next couple of years if (when!!) the Rats upgrade their graphics engine.
  8. I enjoy talk of introducing new vehicles to the game, but at the same time realize it's going to be awhile down the road. Once steam is released I see the Rats focusing on getting a new engine for the game. If they go the route of introducing new vehicles it will be upgraded existing ones. The Firefly is just begging to be made. The 17pdr and sherman are already ingame, just add the muzzle brake, delete the hull MG, and add the bin to the back of the turret. IMO, the Germans don't need anything due to the fact the Tiger has been ingame for so long, but if something was introduced then make the PZ4 (H). Basically you're just adding the turret and hull side skirts. I'm just babbling through. I'm not a tanker.
  9. Is this the hilly area of the map (around the center part)? If so, it's my favorite area. I hate big city fighting. It's nothing more then whack-a-mole.
  10. I always wondered about that. Good question.
  11. The only game with parachuting dogs.
  12. Didn't I answer that a bit back.
  13. Between AI AB gun positions, spawnable 40mm and 20mm AA guns, and 20mm spawnable guns at depots, I think things are covered. It's more a coordination of the players more then anything.
  14. I'm a bit fuzzy on it, but when this game first came out in 2001 airplanes were litterally raped before they could even get their engines started. Hence the first use of the term vultching. Airfield AI AA needs to stay. End of story.
  15. I would like to see more AA MG pits but ones that can be manned by players. Otherwise they stand empty.