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  1. It would be an interesting addition but at the same time a difficult one to implement based on realism and game balance. The Italian forces didn't have the greatest of equipment. As the war went on they did have some far improved designs, but often that's all that they were was designs. Full production was never reached and only a handful of whatever unit ever reached the battlefield. Having said that, this isn't real life. And I think it is possible to add the Italian faction in some way and allow them to have some decent equipment, whether it be their own design, or maybe even the possibility of some German units mixed in. (Lend lease)? I would love to fly around in some of the Italian aircraft. And I know there is someone (I think he occasionally still makes an appearance when one of these threads pops up) who would very much agree with me. I would certainly say that it is possible, but in the more distant future as there are other priorities CRS has right now. Before this conversation really goes anywhere, there needs to be quite an expansion southward of the map. =)
  2. 9th Panzer still actively recruiting members from all time zones. New and vet players are all welcome. We encourage team play and working with Axis high command to ensure that we are helping team Axis in any way we can. New players, we have veterans here to help you learn. Vet players, we offer you a place to enjoy the game with some good people and continue learning. Please join us on 9th Panzer channel on Axis TS3 or visit our website at S! we look forward to seeing you on the field.
  3. The Fallschirmjäger face planted on the side of the roof made me giggle. Great pictures Muggles, some good moments captured there. S!
  4. Wow, sorry to hear about Sprouto. Remember always having a good deal of fun playing with him back in the day. S! to the rest of Lehr, recognize several names from my time spent with the squad back in the good ol days. I am still here and running my own squad these days. Good to see some old names back in-game. S!
  5. I agree with most of what was said by Frog. It is often a matter of skill with a certain piece of equipment. For example I absolutely adore my 190. I've put a lot of hours in flying that plane. And I am very good with it. I jumped in a p38 over intermission, a plane that I used to be very skilled with but it has been a long time since I've flown one. I killed a few EA but for the most part was fairly unremarkable due to not being practiced in it. I am curious as to what they will find when they do the armor audit however. I will not scream for one side or the other as I know that there are some strange happenings on both ends. I just want to see everything performing as it is meant to.
  6. We continue to look for new members of all play styles, new and vet players alike, across all timezones for 24/7 9th Panzer coverage. We have some experienced members who have been in the game for many years. We are happy to help new players understand and learn the game. We coordinate squad ops on a nightly basis, whether it is just a few of us working in from a mobile spawn or guarding a depot, or forming up armor columns and setting up zones of control when we have more numbers, the goal is always to work together and have a good time playing the game. I encourage anyone interested to visit our website at or to contact myself or Jakal in game. We also have our own channel on axis ts3 server (not quite half way down the list) and I encourage anyone interested to join us on coms, even if you are already in a squad and just want to work with a group. Teamwork and coordination are very important in this game. So I ask that if you are on our ts channel, that you are working in the same area that 9th panzer is operating in. I look forward to seeing more new members join our ranks. S! see you on the battlefield.
  7. And David, all very solid points. Well stated, ty. S!
  8. It is less directed toward "I want the good ol days back just as they were". I more so meant that I would like to see more squad unity and immersion and I think that there must be a way (doesn't have to be the old way) to bring that back into the game. And admittedly I wish things were a little more open ended, but again, I understand that there needs to be a balance to it and we can't simply just go back to having everything completely open. Perhaps if we get more population, which we are all hoping for with steam, there might be some options to explore in the future. For now I am very happy to see the game being fixed and things moving forward again. It's wonderful to see after so many years of nothing. Inf lag is finally (for the most part) fixed, I can multi-crew a bomber again, there are some fun new inf toys to play with and the promise of much much more to come. I am really looking forward to what will come down the pipe in the coming year.
  9. S! Xoom already gave me an answer on my question in the "non-official" rat chat last night and thank you Xoom for your time and for answering the many questions we all had regarding the upcoming changes in 1.36. Having received that answer, I did some thinking last night about whether AO's could be changed or removed while still achieving the desired effect of focusing players onto a target and getting them to the action without also at the same time giving the enemy a 10 minute "Here we come!" warning. Obviously one of the many reasons AO's were introduced was to eliminate the 1-5 man "sneak cap" operations that would constantly take place and that is also understandable. I was thinking perhaps there would be the possibility of achieving a middle ground solution. Instead of Attack Orders on a single town, would it be possible to have say, an Offensive Order issued that covers a 3-4 town wide area of the map and activates the cap timers where one side might attack one of those towns along the front line? We still achieve the desired effect of focusing players into an area for big battles. It gives the attacking side a few more options in terms of how they set up for the attack and deception of the enemy. But also at the same time you have an idea of where an attack MIGHT come within a 3-4 town area so you can deploy troops and figure out where the brunt of the offensive is going to hit. (Providing you are paying attention to things like ews....) I simply miss the old days of having my designated area of the map for my squad. Mine was the river line at Andenne and north to "Tienengrad". The squad unity and the immersion that brought back when AO meant "Area of Operation" is something I think the game is lacking right now. That was OUR area. And you didn't simply walk in and take anything. And we were proud of that. I know in terms of numbers it is going to be hard to get back to that point and I understand the benefits of AO's. but perhaps there is a better solution and some middle ground? I just wanted to get some other people's thoughts, so please feel free to share your opinion here.
  10. Looking for returning vets and new players to join 9th Panzer. Join up and work with a team of good people who are knowledgeable about the game and enjoy having a good time. Visit or .m Knight29 or Jakal for a squad invite in-game. You can find us on the 9th Panzer Division channel on the axis TS3 server as well. S!
  11. Bump. Really looking for an influx of recruits to get us going! I want to see us grow and make an impact for team Axis! Don't be a loner. Join a squad and work with a team! S!
  12. Bump! New players are welcome! We are happy to help new players figure out the game, how best to rank up, etc. Just drop on by the website and click on the recruitment tab for further information. Or you can send myself, Jakal, or Herpderp89 a PM in-game. The same goes for any veteran looking for a new home. We look forward to seeing you in squad colors. S!
  13. Greetings players new and old. 9th Panzer is currently recruiting! A new Axis squad started by some veteran players. Our aim is to bolster our ranks and to make a noticeable impact on the front. We currently have no recruitment restrictions, however we are a U.S timezone based squad, though we encourage people from all timezones and regions to join so we have a presence across all TZ's. Our primary goal is to have a good time, but also to make an impact on the game. We want our members to have a lot of fun, and when it comes down to being in a major engagement, to be able to have clear and concise communication with each other to ensure our effectiveness. All players of all skill levels are welcome. For the new players, we are more than happy to show you the ropes. For the veterans, we have some great players that have been here for quite some time that are great people to play the game with. For more information please visit our new website at If you are interested in joining, simply go to the recruitment page and follow the instructions given there. OR you can contact me (Knight29) Jakal or Renzag in-game for an invite. I look forward to seeing you in squad colors. S!
  14. Actually after looking at the lists i'll go axis as they look like they need some more people. If there's a 109 slot available i'll take it, if not put me in a 110. Thnx looks to be a great event Jammy. Looking forward to it.
  15. Well we (allies) ended up loosing rather horribly but i still had a lot of fun with my sniper.. 20 some odd kills over the course of 3-4 missions. I forget who it was but not long after 2nd wave i nailed someone in far N unkel church tower from roof top of big city building in middle of Remagen. Bout a 600m shot. Was the high point of the event for me. Had lots of fun though. Thnx to axis forces for a good fight. S!