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  1. Is there any easy way to identify that particular HID? I have a G15 with an X45/Ch Pedals/VR Headset and I have to unplug the G15 before I start WW2OL (thanks SgtSpoon for that idea that finally resolved my problem). I never use the macro recording so I could do with out it.
  2. I would doubt many people are using stereo 3D, so it'd be a rare thing to encounter. But it does make you wonder what else it does to your drivers.
  3. After much frustration and experimenting I've found that Microsoft Flight Simulator X does something to nvidia video drivers. I've been/trying to use stereoscopic mode 3D with my 7600GT. What I've found is that when I install FS X it causes the system to reset when in a g ame tries to use stereo. Reinstalling video drivers doesn't help, you must install a different version of driver (for me it was 91.31 to 91.41) to fix the problem. I have no idea of what other consequences this has outside of the stereo stuff but it may be helpful if people are experiencing other wierdness after FS X installs.
  4. Been having the same issues here. I have XP, no firewall enabled (ie windows firewall turned off). My firewall/router is a business class box too (Sonicwall Pro 1260).
  5. Getting beat up in game so now you picking your fights with forum newbies? Shame on you...
  6. OK, changed USB ports, reinstalled the nforce drivers, tested and found this bug doesn't affect mouse view, its purely control inputs when running around. The game is unplayable for me now, it was fine before the patch. The only thing that changed... was the patch.
  7. jostick is a Thrustmaster FLCS, with TQS, CH Pro Pedals, Keyboard is PS/2, mouse is a trackball on a USB port. IE, gameport / PS2 / USB. I have no issues in other games such as AH2, when typing in WW2OL chat the keyboard doesn't lag at all, at the WW2OL map the mouse doesn't lag.
  8. With the 1.24 patch I now have a wierd issue. When playing infantry intermittently my control inputs lag by around 1 second (mouse or keyboard). IE running along I release the W key and the infantry keeps going for another second. Turn left and it takes 1 second for the command to occur. There is no fps style lag, this is purely control inputs -> reaction lag. Happens with either keyboard or mouse, only seems to happen online. I've got all the latest drivers. Athlon XP2800 on a Nforce2 mainboard, 2Gb RAM, 6600GT.
  9. Gents this application works: However, using a joystick key all I can get is either maximum or minimum zoom - ww2ol doesn't seem to want to step nicely.
  10. I use a logitech trackball too, after all the monumentous screwups crs has done it would be ironic to be forced to ditch the game for something so small.