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  1. Matt, email was sent quite a long ago. Had you received it?
  2. Marcus, no idea about chat window, sorry, I do not observe it. Do you use different resolution for the game and for your "normal" work? If yes then perhaps when switching resolution game tries to "adjust" chat location although noone ask it for it.
  3. Don't even try to use Command-H on Mac, it would lock the game so you'd have to force-quit it. Instead I found Option-Tab does work for me (with minor annoying bug though - if you just opt-tab back it you'd get game screen but previous application menu bar atop. You do need to mouse-click the game window to get it full screen after option-Tab).
  4. FOHDRON, I guessed that already. What I am trying to say is that the release built signed with internal (development) signature which is not intended for distribution. Edit: full report with technical details is in redmine: thanks for approving my account.
  5. Being a long term mac developer (longer then i am playing this game) I feel really sad seeing Mac version suffer from lots of problem which can be solved with pretty minimal time spent by CRS. I do understand you guys can not afford enough time of good mac developer on the project, but why should you refuse community help? I am offering you my help with the Mac version. I do understand your concerns about source code/intellectual property, but I do not need access to the source code to help with at least some critical issues. All I need is your will to listen and communicate. I can describe several bugs and suggest how to fix them just looking onto the client downloaded. I can point to some more problem just disassembling the compiled binary. It may be just hints from me, like "go to this setting and do this and this". I would explain what does it mean and would link appropriate Apple developer docs. Some more helps would be if you find it ok to supply me with Build Transcript - the text of how Xcode invoke compiler and linker (although that might be more sensitive information, i agree - i would see the names of the file in the project). Or, if you plainly not interested, it would be a time for me just to stop my subscription again and wait another several years for some changes in development group Thank you.
  6. At least two issues which could be fixed in 5 mins but greatly improve user experience. 1) Get the damned code signing right. 2) Add the Mac OS X Deployment target 10.9 so game would correctly warn user if run on pre-10.9 systems instead of crashing. AFAIC, if you set deployment target 10_6 it still might compile and work on 10_6 as i honestly doubt you guys used anything 10.9 specific. It might be just compilation issue.
  7. i tried to register, pending admin approval my email starts with rmuginov tons of bugs to report
  8. codesign -dvvv /Volumes/WW2/World\ War\ \]\[\ Executable=/Volumes/WW2/World War ][ War ][ Online Identifier=com.playnet.wwiiol Format=bundle with Mach-O thin (i386) CodeDirectory v=20200 size=62142 flags=0x0(none) hashes=3100+3 location=embedded Hash type=sha1 size=20 CDHash=f4a8405b58a6d4f5c1faff551af785bd07bc5243 Signature size=4310 Authority=Mac Developer: Dave Carlton (33TC7NSLLR) Authority=Apple Worldwide Developer Relations Certification Authority Authority=Apple Root CA Signed Time=Sep 4, 2015, 6:22:28 PM Info.plist entries=23 TeamIdentifier=J63A54QWD2 Sealed Resources version=2 rules=12 files=17 Internal requirements count=2 size=348 Code signing screwed again.... sign...
  9. I remember closed beta 0.61 or so I remember how patiently we were helping devs testing cargo ships... players waiting in line driving their vehicles on command to be loaded on board. I remember WW2OL had "active players" counter on the webpage and it shown 8000+ players online... I remember riding the truck for 20 minutes with dozen of squamates, swimming across the river in a futile attempt to capture enemy city. I remember what WW2O was the first flight simulator for me where you were able to disengage by making enemy lost visibility on you. I remember stopping my subscription several times then re-opening it.
  10. Any standard HID-compartible USB joystick. The one which would work without drivers.
  11. Ahwulf, thank you very much for keeping Mac OS X connectivity on your shoulders for that time.
  12. Same here. The server you are trying to login into is currently unavailable. Please try back later.
  13. Is the API available for anyone? If yes where is it described?
  14. My vote is for CH. CH Fighterstick + CH Pro Pedal + (optionally) CH Throttle. Quite expensive if you want all setup, though. If you dont planning flying, you only need joystick, no need pedals and throttle
  15. Any HID-compartible stick (the one could be used without additional drivers) should work. Not the twist stick but CH products work like charm