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  1. Not 100% sure how these events work or how lnog they last but is it possible to start playing mid event? If so I might be along as a commando, Sapper. P41N
  2. Good to see it sorted out, I have the same laptop and I just leave the graphics card setting to primary and haven't had issues with that. Very nice laptop for the price I reckon. Did have issues with my headset though which stopped the game from loading, Logitech G35, worked one day and then crashed the game the next, pity cause they are sweet freaking headphones.
  3. Ok, so since yesterday I have still not solved this problem. I have tried literally everything suggested anywhere. Seriously. It still does the same thing: Play Online: - Lets me login then freezes the loading bar at "Login Complete" Practice Offline: - Freezes the loading bar immediately at "Initialising Texture Compression" Can anyone hazard a guess as to why it won't work any more. Let me stress that I installed it the other day and it did work for that day until I tried to play the next day which was post the weekly update. P41N
  4. Just tried that myself, still no go Alright well I shall have another go later. Any other ideas will be very appreciated, and shall try them out later. Thanks Petie
  5. Yup, I did that, tried with both my speakers chosen and then plugged in my headphones and switched to them, neither works. I just updated my graphics drivers and didn't help.
  6. Hi, I was playing yesterday for the first time on my 14 days trial and was enjoying the game I finished playing just before the server shut down for the update. Today I logged in to try play and it logs in ok, and the loading bar starts but then freezes at "Login Complete" appears and then the bar just stops and the program stops responding. Before you ask, I have been working on this for hours to fix it, and have tried it offline and it still does not work. I have made sure the settings for sound and everything are ok. Pretty sure my drivers should be ok since I played yesterday and it was fine. I have completely uninstalled the game and registries and reinstalled it with the update I downloaded yesterday. Any other things that I can do to fix it? Cheers, P41N