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  1. Oh lol, just realized that. I think it's a great idea for one, but that's just me.
  2. S! TY so muxh for new scenario. I will either be spawning a TT or hitching a ride as inf to get SS, Fraps, etc. Edit: will this be intermission event?
  3. In the first run the hurris to the south ran into some heavy escorts/bombers at a low altitude, getting multiple confirmed kills on both 11s and 109s. I don't know whether the second round was 'official' or not but it was VERY intense and fun. For those who logged what happened is we had 7 spits and 4 hurris in the second round in different locations, and the axis had a very large force coming as one flight. The hurris rtbd and respawned as spits to intercept with the other 7. We came to a HUGE squadron of bombers and escorts that vastly outnumbered our little fight of 11. We engaged, getting multiple kills in the most intense air combat I'd ever taken part in. Was great fun, imo more realistic to the actual Battle of Britain in that we intercepted a large, outnumbering force directly over the channel. Yes PLEASE HAVE MORE EVENTS! AIR, GROUND, EVEN SEA! IT WAS GREAT FUN! Maybe develop landing craft and have an invasion, maybe even an alternate reality of Operation Sealion, the German plan to invade England. vids coming later
  4. That top's MINE!! Vids coming, 1 hr 47 mins of it as is lol, will be cutting it down to a few 2 minute clips. For now, let me set the scene: 15:00 hrs EST 2nd Wave of bombers over the channel After taking off late I watched as aws moved closer and closer to our small armada of 7 spitfire mk 1s. I was straining to catch up but to no avail, and I watched in awe as the yellow square surrounding our squadron turned red. "Mj, 666!" "He's on my tail, I can't shake him!" "1 109 in the drink!" I drew closer to the battle, and suddenly, coming over the horizon, I saw a large gray cloud. I then realized with horror, "That's no cloud. It's a staffel." Duh duh duhhhhhh
  5. I was able to find a good free software for screen recording and got a high quality vid out of it I will be able to film, but don't expect great things please because I am, in fact, a noob pilot. I'll do the best I can, and wort come to worst some of my footage can be used for filler. The software is Blueberry FlashBack Express for anyone interested. It is completely free, requires no membership, and requires little technological ability (I did it) Just mess around with the FPS in 'options' and you should be able to find the right setting.
  6. Allies (except blens) are closed until they get more axis escorts
  7. frantish I'm no video artist, but I'll send you guys any good footage I have. I'll record the whole thing.
  8. I notice that I've been switched to the CAP squadron, is that in response for my request for experiecned pilots? (if so that is OK I suppose Also, wildcat5 is listed twice under the alert squadron, just a heads up
  9. I am requesting some experienced hurri pilots on the alert squadron (my flight) obviously any other hurris will be placed with us but just saying that I am a noob pilot and a few of the others are too (no offense to them) just so we have a few seasoned pilots. S!
  10. Bump for a great squad!! Great guys always helping greentags learn and participating in great squad ops!
  11. I'm still thinking abbout my squad, narrowed it doen to 13th and allfor I think.