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  1. I just renewed my subscription after approx. 7 - 8 years since last time. Will be interesting to see how I stack up with my flying but I guess I need quite a lot of practice. Used to be a member on SAFD flying allied, do not know if they still exists. One question, I now have Mac and wonder if there is anything like force feedback available for Mac? See you in the skies, after I have done some training :-) Cheers Zip
  2. found this: Apple's hybrid graphics technology is supported under the MacOS X operating system version 10.5.5 and higher only. When running Microsoft's Windows XP™ or Microsoft's Windows Vista™ using Apple's Boot Camp, the system locks into higher performance mode which uses the Geforce 9600M GT discrete GPU for all graphics related tasks and can not be changed to use the Geforce 9400M motherboard GPU for battery life mode. ....but i have decided to stay OSX for the time being.
  3. if i go bootcamp and install Windows how do i handle the dual graphic cards with the drivers?
  4. Can i install it on my existing OSX installation? ..btw will TrackIR work?
  5. Hi, What is the pros & cons going bootcamp and run the game under Windows? BTW, can i install bootcamp on an existing OSX install?
  6. Hi, Sorry if this question is out of line with the "support" topic but i am really looking for help finding the right stick. I have been asking in the hangar ( but no real good answers. I thought that as this is a mac only forum you guys may be able to help me. Cheers
  7. I have a new MBP with dual graphic cards, currently the game starts only using the "low-end" graphic card. Does this statement mean that i need to run the game on the optional "high-end" graphic card. BTW, i am very new on the mac platform as you can see on my questioning.
  8. Hi i have seen that when i fly over water it looks black and wierd, is this something that i can do anything about? The suggestion above did solve my previous graphics problem. When i switch to the best graphics card in my MBP the game doesnt launch.
  9. Thanks, do you know if it is a big difference what graphic card in the MBP i use?
  10. Hi, I am sorry if this is an old issue but i have not found it here. I used to play with Windows but now I have a new MacBook Pro 15" with the two graphic cards. When in the game the weapon has no graphics at all, i can see the weapon but it is just grey or black.
  11. ...aftar a lot of searching i found the solution, needed to configure the main key and not secondary. Feels like the idiot i am.
  12. I have a Logitech 3D Pro USB jstick and everything, except the throttle, works. All works in windows. Can this be the same issue? [edit] ...aftar a lot of searching i found the solution, needed to configure the main key and not secondary. Feels like the idiot i am.