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  1. There really needs to always be a free to play option. Extra soldiers with rifles and some low-tier equipment use is definitely better than nothing. That's a no-brainer. I still don't understand how or why they struggle with this concept.
  2. Welp.. can't say we'll do a complete turnaround and push to Antwerp again, but I will say it was fun halting that Scheilend siege and then taking Velbert & Ratigen.
  3. I'm cool with that. We just need the air game to come back (be real guys, its dead), let alone pilots willing to run RDP missions.
  4. True, however, HE is still pretty bad regardless.
  5. The issue is with dive bombing, where the aircraft is going at an 75-90 degree angle, at a fairly high speed, releasing its bombs, and pulling out of it. The bombs hit the ground very fast.
  6. Eh, I think there should just be less automatics in each brigade and RDP repair time should be increased (was just recently changed to 48 hours, that's start. ) to 60 hours.
  7. Yes, .5 seconds down, 1 more second to go. Its progress. I will say I can't believe they increased RDP time. Hopefully people start doing more RDP runs and the decision isn't reversed.
  8. Back when I was learning, I would hurt or kill myself with bombs. So it is modelled to a degree already.
  9. If suicide bombing (directly flying into the target and releasing bombs at the last second) was truly a problem, all you would need is a 1 sec delay, not a 2.5 sec delay. This explanation doesn't seem to be the honest answer as to why the timer was set that long.
  10. what rampant kamikazees? Ju87-Bs are rarely seen in this game.
  11. I'm not sure what type of reply that is, but on my last mission I went into a dive with a stuka: dive brakes, siren, 50kg bombs ready. I dropped and pulled out at ~500m, then I got a message saying something along the lines of "wasted bombs, give the bomb time to arm" Hey, geniuses, a dive bomb is very precise because its VERTICAL, and when you're dropping bombs like that, they impact the ground much faster than 2.5 seconds. Am I supposed to level bomb with a Stuka now? You clearly did not think this out at all. If you want to prevent suicide bombers, all it would take is a .5 second delay. Planes fly fast. .5 seconds is a significant amount of time, 2.5 seconds is a very long time.
  12. Before ordnance arming timers are implemented, bombs should be able to kill medium and heavy tanks without having to literally land on top of them. A 2.5 second delay could be difference between a stuka pulling out of a dive at 500m vs., say 700 meters; the accuracy goes down. I get wanting the prevent suicide bombers, but was that really a prevalent issue? The air game is as close to death as it can get. To prevent suicide bombers, that timer could go down to 1 second and still work. This does not seem well-thought out.
  13. Except for maybe the weekends, I don't think the amount of automatics in each brigade is even close to being the deciding factor here. Also, since the release of semi-autos, I don't know why so many people still use SMGs and Automatic Rifles. M1 & G41 are king.
  14. The issue is, that all of the fixes needed would literally just be reverting the values/properties of the equipment to periods of time 6-8 years ago. Its not a major undertaking.