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  1. Have been away, love coming back.
  2. I'm spending $30 a month on a game I believe in, WWIIOL. Regardless if I play or not, I am still paying a builders subscription. Because I see the potential. Perspective, I don't go to the bar one night a month so I can pay the sub fee. Problem with most folks today, is that they believe everything should be free. I don't agree with that. Currently I am active in another game that requires a subscription for new content. And they deliver, frequently!! ...almost too frequently! I believe in getting something for your money. No one should ever expect to get something for nothing. That is a problem outside the realm of WWIIOL or any other game. Nothing is free, there is always a hitch.
  3. Sandman.. It speaks in volumes, the enthusiasm that you put into your posts, to me at least. All of the points you raise are valid, and have been talked about quite often. I am a Day 1 player, and I play other games with a few folks from those days. My heart is in WWIIOL because I have always seen the potential. And that is why I stick around, and invest as a builder. Just the other day, I was trying to convince some of the guys to come have a look, and the first question to me was... "have the graphics improved?" Sadly, we all know the answer to that. As an old skool gamer, I cringe at the graphics, and mostly it is what keeps me from playing more often. The second thing, is the ego and arm chair Generals that come with a majority of Vet players. Third is gameplay; and a strong majority of veteran players who know every vantage point and can very easily camp any spawn point. I have a strong belief that if there were a strong foothold in this game, and if the players wanted more, the important thing to do is invest. The only real alternative is getting someone like Nvidia involved, financially. It would take a lot of code... What we have, is no where else. I would kill for towns that did not all look the same, and a more real feel environment. The fact that folks can turn off terrain and see someone crawling/hiding in terrain that they have turned on.. wtf is that? Friendly kill bombs should alert players to GTF OUT of buildings about to be destroyed by proximity... massive list of wants out there. Biggest thing for me, is graphics. This is 2017... Imagine...
  4. I am going to have to commend Sandman on a very accurate post, all of his points resonate in me and I have mentioned the very same concerns over and over... his points are worth taking seriously.
  5. Coming up in the coming days I have been asked to join my step-father and my mother, attend his reunion banquet for the Ivy Dragoons Chapter of the National 4th Infantry Division Association, in Washington DC. He was one of the only two Company Commanders [he was XO & CO] waiting to receive these guys coming into what would be..almost the beginning of the Vietnam war. ...Wow
  6. Here is a pic of my father next to his gunship, Dad's center
  7. Same old same old, rinse and repeat. Always the same thing. Unfair Timezone advantages. Haven't played a full session in a while. Being recognized by a playerbase that is bias is not a reward system. Stat padders whom know the map and kill spots, aka campers. Terrain does not provide any sort of adequate cover. Regardless of said PPO's which only call attention to a location. No modern graphics. I am keeping my Builder account active to support a positive change in some sort of reward, player retention and modern graphics. I have an undying love for the idea of this game, however find some of the playerbase to be unrecognized in times of heroic action. No modern graphics. Love the game. .02
  8. Yup, even have a USB hub connected to the KVM switch, and my Saitek X52 Flight Control System swaps, in milliseconds.
  9. I tried and tried, built a second PC and swap with KVM.
  10. I could be heard, then I couldn't. Check settings everything is fine. Nope, unheard. Exit WWIIOL.
  11. If you have some, post em up. I found some archived discs. I'll start with this one,,,
  12. Looks like there is a need to spend $4k for 4k? Super envious! looks awesome
  13. Was fun tracking the movement on the one concealed, after the first shot miss/hit