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  1. keep i on the sd swig 905 of time is related to group logg on and off ( work schoool etc)) also ther is a corilation to when ao's are about to swtich and people are mving in mass to new one and cathcing the the sd timer at tath moment mulrti acounts are helping to keep gaem going do not blaim your miney ticket
  2. acount down atm but wil be up again soon as finance are allwoing
  3. my mind lags a lot see enemy take 3 sec to prces gofor button on mouse zse i am already dead..
  4. ph i have great internet were i am and this comp was build ( xmans preasenT) by a skilled server builers and could if i coudl afford it handle 3 acoutn s with very litle if any laggg;) ( no i cna balry handle one acount LOL)
  5. hmm somew exploit it so get rid of 2nd acounts.. hmm some "exploit" the location in real world to live 3 to 5 ect after apearing ot get shot mind u it takes 3 to 5 sec for teh info to get across and back in the world so lets get rid of them (see were this is going???) and btw on there end they see same thing it si real wourld mechainics at work live with is as nohtign can be don wiht the delay death/ life and ther are lagg expoits out ther( sad some peeps are so low and self absorbe dto see cheeting as a win, bu tin realyt they are truley just big loosers. Rats wil fix waht they can fix monitor waht they can monitor. report susucios activity and trust it willbe checked out and delt with if anythign is rlay ther ;D
  6. STILL have my fisrt progam somewere in storadge and yes in punch card from LOL ahh th ememeory of when those first "floppy disk" came out one statick and poof [my mom] thing wiped the server used was at dartmith and they had a habit of [censored]ting down w/o warning and looosign your program on its last line LOL ( can laght now but that was ton what the workds wer back then
  7. If game alows an ms can be set 180deg to the attacking fb (if multi fb's may open op most or all of town but so waht that happnned) if a cp is taken then that open up more area to setup msp (if cp lost then u figire it out lose ms or ms limeted supply so that of a cp.) hq ms have ot be within X dist of a regular ms (helps prevetn gamey attacking and deffence behind each other lines) fms atack ms when set also setup barrior from inta camping opponent Veh goes down way too easy to anemy ari atack if it is to be attackbel and dmged fro ari setup seom bloddy ai aaa at least ;D
  8. a) If you place an AO on a town..... That fb is not bustable. Either for a period of time. Or forever. This eliminates the need for players to guard fb's..... That [censored] is boring and should be cut out of the game. no no and no grab a fb to key town ao other town and leave they canot hit your town now as long as you keep up your ao. way too easy to abuse
  9. make it so hq ms have to be wihtn X dist of a ms they spawned from, this adds a 2nd spawn point and stops the run behind lines and kill everthing anounce and def ruin
  10. freenili?
  11. was just having fun LOL
  12. so you have your second acount likeing you?
  13. i tried teh spell checker again is fried
  14. make it have 2/3 4 facing sides wiht randum spanwing? or a t wer u sapwn inf at inside back?
  15. when u hade a sd of 28 sec+ the def can sapwn in multi times b4 the attacker can respawn B4 my las thealth isue and loss of my hsort term memory ( and the confusion to go wit it) i did enough fb def atttack to remebr were 90% of the fbs wer w/o the map Is this the case now? so idea but sghenning took the horable and admited he was in the wronge on the placement, the linching crew needs to put the rope away. I have sen tons of allid and axis player clip to get inot a undamged inf to palce charges inside the inf tenst ( the axis i tell em to get out or i WILL report them ) many times it is beaucse of not knownf it is a nono other times it is those trying to get an unfair adv. But never will i a palster and try to humilate and shame a player in these forums if ther is a chance it was a honest misakte ( i iwl rant and rave sometiems when not well on caht i game ans e en then i shodl not ;P )