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  1. I seen santa, my wife sat in lap and they talked about the first thing to come up....
  2. And what does st nickolaus have to do with counter attacks? his reindeer have vendetas?
  3. Seen many propper attacks, 1lb used to be great at is as was recking crew 91st etc. Atm need mor epalyers to start worknig togtehr as a unit for you to see it again
  4. I disagree, if when up and you know soon ( in hour or 2) you wil be even or op, gonig turlte and not just bluntin gan attack but atritting the attackers equip/ will alow a counter attack of sometimes devisataig effectiveness.
  5. best fix is a moving line aka houses/ min tonws out side of main tonw that need to be taken beofr emovign up to next target, u can then use the mini towns/ buildign as spanw ms's . you want a virtual battle this woudl do it
  6. /great thing about medocracy no one rties and hunt you down
  7. Must have ben marge.....
  8. strip pole sheep for Father day?
  9. donot look for me i die too much clearing cps' bunkers and camps or driving opels to save towns
  10. I want sheep with mg's in mini skirts!!!
  11. Umm was not devs WAS Me who ask to balance the sides and give allies some breather to regroup. Parania will destroy yea (psst the are after me not you;) )
  12. .Salute Rip to a good person pancreatic got one of my aunts this year diagnosed ded next week. porblem with that cancer most are not diagnosed till stage 3 or past
  13. a. not 28 min b. some of us like to drive trucks with fresh supply and set up were enemy is not looking ( called battlefield team stratagy, something missing for those who want to insta spawn into balle areas c. when game was most ubber groups of players teamed up to hit a stratigic goal as a team/ the k/d of each person was not the goal but the taking/deffending/ resupply etc of the GOAL to help win the overall goal ( take a town def a town etc. The team work aka band of bro's was the huge aluer for old vets/ and people not wanting a me first shooter but a stratic game. d,AND yes i hav foudn it excisting to drive 15 to 20 min to set up a ms to save a town rigth under the noses of the attackers.
  14. one arti flag you can move around. Will keep it from non stop boom boom everwere
  15. IRONWOLVES think it was 2002 ( was real sick then memery hazy LOL )