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  1. freenili?
  2. was just having fun LOL
  3. so you have your second acount likeing you?
  4. i tried teh spell checker again is fried
  5. make it have 2/3 4 facing sides wiht randum spanwing? or a t wer u sapwn inf at inside back?
  6. when u hade a sd of 28 sec+ the def can sapwn in multi times b4 the attacker can respawn B4 my las thealth isue and loss of my hsort term memory ( and the confusion to go wit it) i did enough fb def atttack to remebr were 90% of the fbs wer w/o the map Is this the case now? so idea but sghenning took the horable and admited he was in the wronge on the placement, the linching crew needs to put the rope away. I have sen tons of allid and axis player clip to get inot a undamged inf to palce charges inside the inf tenst ( the axis i tell em to get out or i WILL report them ) many times it is beaucse of not knownf it is a nono other times it is those trying to get an unfair adv. But never will i a palster and try to humilate and shame a player in these forums if ther is a chance it was a honest misakte ( i iwl rant and rave sometiems when not well on caht i game ans e en then i shodl not ;P )
  7. seen this happen by allies also, 90% of time it is not intenitional. And Jsilec, your language fits your one sided rants When EVER you take a ballnced aproach and lojic to equip "imbalances/ team play over all game fun, I may have "some respect" for anything you say. I do not take your attitude as truly that of allies, but a person who only want to win at all cost to the palyer base or game.
  8. This can be gamed preaty easy... "ok everyong moving to new obj depawn cept for so and so who are settign fms' and the 2 tanks setting up ot camp" once ao up spawni nthen WE now have tonw camped presetup AND have sd!!!! for a few min LOLOL"
  9. open up hw ms's use to those who sinh up for a loppop side auto load in for a campain. aka if u click a button before the campain start, you will jion the sidde underpop on log in , but are given the hq ms as a bounus for when u you. (on ballance no idea) there has to be a way to stop "mamanging " this aka TOM is used instead if people find a way to break it.
  10. wack a mole
  11. the use of a truck or liek ot kil ei on the spot as the spawn is bad for game the sapnewer has zero chance.. and is jsu t plain cheep.
  12. saw him playing axis last map, nothign special he even talks ot mice......................................
  13. old base program i am just suprized that it took this long for us to HAVE to do full redown lowds ( great job on keeping the spagetty unwound rats ;D ) As a once progrmaer fro when we needed punch cards, I understand how hard it is to NOT blow up system everytime you tweek a line.
  14. i agree
  15. LOL that brought backon e of my memoreis fo defedning a depleted fb agains rush after rush, last one was a para drop attemp, I shot her out of ari with a STUG before any para got of