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  1. any spots left ? ill fly allied pref, but axis will do also
  2. yeah, i just read about the lack of sli support in intel chipsets not 5 minutes ago, really sucks. i want to add a 2nd screen for parsing etc, but not sure how best to do it with the card i have, dont want to spend too much at this time, if needs be ill sort out an alternative using the network and a laptop but thats more long term (im wanting to setup an internal network with a domain controller as practie for work)
  3. oooh i should update this, replacement came in May, it was built on a budget (about 2/3s what I would consider needed for a decent system): Intel Core 2 Duo E6750 2,67Ghz J&W P35 Mobo (only piece im not 100% happy with, i wanted an Abit but it was part of a bundle with cpu and memory) 2Gb of OCZ ram Pallit 8800GT (thinking of adding a 2nd, but undecided) 320GB Hitachi Deskstar HDD Soundblaster XFi - (something not right with this, sometimes i have to wear my headphone back to front because it reverses the audio) Case is a licensed version of the Raidmax Smilodon but has the added bonus of a 120mm exhaust fan instead of the Raidmax 80mm (there is also a 120mm intake and a further 3x 80mm intake/exhaust fans (the 120mm intake and 1 of the 80mm fans blow air through the HDD - i recommend this case for the budget builder (sub $100) ) Corsair 520W modular PSU 22" widescreen monitor Saitek X52 Pro joystick (pedals and trackIR to follow over the next couple of months)averages around 70-80fps most the time with variation from about 30 to 190 that i can recall depending on the whether on ground or in the air, light or heavy fight. Much higher than my old system, however 1 thing i have found is that i now suffer from the lag death of killing someone, then them killing me and both dieing (previously i would just miss and die due to lag and low fps ) I still suck at flying though, only now i cant blame my pc hehe
  4. you guys can all bow down to my 128 bit 2mb Videologic Grafixstar 600 WITH an Apocalypse 3d PowerVR add in card for those of you not on the cutting edge of technology, PowerVR will be powering Sega's next generation console, the Dreamcast
  5. oh FFS i give up. i tried last summer to buy a new pc, refused credit i tried in january, refused credit i tried tonight making a debit payment aka the stupid money is sat in my account.... the card issuer, my bank, refuses the tranaction is there anything more depressing than a bank telling you that you cant spend your own money ? guess im stuck with my pc from 2001 for a while longer, or until i try again in the morning and give the bank an earfull!
  6. about to order the parts making sure im not forgetting anything silly/last minute changes PS i have already sourced a case, OS, mouse and keyboard i realise the mb isnt going to be the greatest but well ive gone over my initial budget so purchasing everything seperatley to get a better mb would be too much
  7. im about to build a new pc this week (for those that remember/care it has taken me 8-9 months to get to this point, talk about long winded), im thinking if i can get a camera ill document the build for a thread on the principles of home building. unrelated but it may help those thinking of home buildingbut unsure whats needed/worried about the difficulty
  8. how flexible is that budget ? this might help you Graphic card guide March 2008
  9. thats your pc telling you that you dont have enough ram, download more
  10. their due middle of this month no ?
  11. have a look at how the 9600gt compares for £104, about £25 cheaper than the 8800gt of course the other option is the ati 3870xt at £112 those are the 3 cards im looking at for my next build (with luck later this month). As i understand it, the 9600 performs similarly to the 3870 - with filters on the nvidia is better, with filters off the ati moves ahead. the 9600 is new so may have a price effect on the other cards in the next few weeks. I personally would be interested in the opinions of others on these as atm im undecided between them myself
  12. LOL that one always made me laugh
  13. current pc, i kid you not this is what im really using. My PC is the same age as the game AMD Athlon 1.2Ghz (yep the original PIII equivalent) 1gb PC133 SDRAM Abit KT7A motherboard 64mb Geforce 3 (plain vanilla original version) 30gb, 250gb and 1.2gb (from my very first ever pc) hard drives Soundblaster Audigy 17in LG LCD monitor 1024x768 mouse and keyboard 'acquired' from a previous employer (along with a few other bits) Windows XP Pro fps ranges from 3-40, generally around 5-10 fighting in cities. recently 20-25 flying though low over contested towns and/or close to ea has seen it slideshow at around 3-4 so quite a few rammings replacement due in April
  14. back in the summer is was about going to build a new pc to replace my 7 (yes seven) year old pc thats never been upgraded (bar sound card). Anyways due to other circumstances it never happened and so I am once again looking for some advice. I shall be going with the advice of the previous thread for the most part (eg case, motherboard, hdd's, dvd's, psu etc) and replacing the cpu with whichever similar model falls into the same price band. The area I need advice is with the gfx card, back then i was recommended the ati x1950 as the card to go for in the sub £100 (or there abouts) bracket. Would this still be the card to go for ? or is it worth looking into a dx10 card (though i plan to to run on windows xp initially for the forseeable future) for some degree of future proofing (bare in mind im still running an original standard geforce 3 card so i am a bit of a masocist for low res poor frame rate torture by using kit until it either explodes or fails totally to run my games ) thnx all