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  1. Video: Return to the Front! Some may remember me from the dark ages of WW2OL. I used to push a CaMle38 around and made some movies. Then I left the game for quite a while. When I came back, the CaMle38 sights had been radically changed, and I couldn't seem to get the hang of hitting anything with the changed sights. Because of this, I figured I was going to have to relearn anyway, I might as well relearn the Bofors instead of the CaMle. I started midway through Campaign 50, and after a few frustrating weeks, finally managed to start hitting stuff occasionally. Now, I can actually hit stuff semi-regularly, and I captured enough footage to make another AAA movie, since it's been over 4 years since the Campaign 13 video. What Squidrd does with precision and aiming, I manage with massive ammunition supply thanks to my own truck, and a little bit of luck. If I keep at it long enough, who knows, maybe I'll actually get good at this again! Video: Return to the Front!
  2. Operation Parking Lot! I didn't name it On the spur of the moment, the squad decided to grab some bombers, and turn an AB that was being attacked into a parking lot. We had 7 or 8 bombers, and 5 or 6 of them were multi-crewed to help newer members of the squad get some British air rank. I flew solo and captured it all, and threw together a video for the participants to enjoy (hopefully). Probably need to figure out a better way to film a squad event, as once the bombing runs started, I didn't see a lot of the other guys, and they don't appear much in my captures. Also, it's fairly apparent from the video that I don't fly much. I figured this would be good practice at getting back into the video making thing. There are a couple of problems that I didn't notice until after it was rendered, but I am not going to go back and fix it, since this was just for fun. In any case -
  3. Shoot me a PM with your contact info (i.e. email or something). When I get home tonight I'll set you up with an FTP account to my server and send you the info you need to log in.
  4. How much hosting space do you need for these?
  5. That's actually the one named "Carnage in the Skies".
  6. So I was never aware of this threads existence. Sadly, many of the videos I tried to download are on dead links (it appears that Filefront for example, drops videos more then a couple months old, so Svedala's videos are not accessible, etc.) In any case, I saw that 3 of my old video's were linked back on page 4 or 5, but I'll go ahead and post all of the links here just because. Unless I lose my server for some reason, they should continue to be good for the foreseeable future. Newfive - contact me privately via PM. If you want to take the time to set up the page and maintain it, I'll give you an account on my server with a directory to use. Space isn't an issue and I've got a 100mb connection, so unless your page has a huge CPU usage issue (which it shouldn't), I should have no problem hosting it. My server is a Linux box, just fyi. On to the links - You can get to all of them at a simple index page (also in my sig) at My first movie, a very short 90 second clip called "Verdun", has been lost in time, and it wasn't really much more than an experiment to see if my original crappy capture system worked. My second movie which was posted earlier in the thread - Verdun II Next up, I put together a bunch of stuka only footage, and made Stuka Carnage! This was also posted earlier in the thread, and appears to have made it's way onto one of the Kilemal DVD's, which is kind of cool. Every once in a while I noticed something going on in the ground war, instead of looking up at the sky. In this case, it was hard not to notice, as an Opel full of troops drove right up to my position near a CP. Opel Rush! The third AAA video that was previously posted, since I had already used up most of my stuka footage, concentrated on Messerschmidt aircraft. Messerschmitt Mayhem! Except that I spelled Messerschmidt wrong Back in the day, you couldn't always get the equipment you wanted, so sometimes I would run around as any infantry guy. Normally this was simply a method for me to help some Axis guys pad their kill stats, but every once in a while, the blind acorn getting a nut theory would pan out.. and this time I actually got it on video. I thought it was funny chasing the guy around the CP, hence the music. Storming the CP And finally, the last video I made before the sights changed on the CaMle38, and I quit the game for a while. This was put together at the end of Campaign 13, and is my most recent video, so yea, these are all pretty old, and the quality is poor compared to what is possible these days. Carnage in The Skies