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  1. Forgot one more: -The HUD scrolling/notifying you of kills you earn as they happen
  2. -Redesigned infantry gameplay/movements and controls, currently horribly sluggish and unwieldy. -Improved terrain and buildings. -Area capture points of something other than repetitive current buildings, i.e. hills, fortifications, different buildings, something/anything. Not a fan of repetitive towns either -Improved/more immersive weather, to include better clouds for air. -Improved/more immersive sounds. Guns, tank shells, DD shells, explosions, etc. Obviously and probably most importantly, actual WW2 Online instead of 18 years of the battle of the low countries/NE France. I recognize this is a long term dream and not even really feasible with current population, but the hope of this is what keeps me around after all these years.