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  1. Can we free Riflemen from SD at least? So then you have the option to still play??? I insist SD is against players game enjoyment, Allie or Axis. And if it is noted it affects a side more than the other then it should absolutely be reduced.
  2. Today at Noon US Eastern time Operation DRAGON was launched on schedule and as planed. The awesome execution and teamwork required from Air and Ground worked perfectly. Details of the preparation are still classified but for those who participated.... What a FANTASTIC 2 town attack! In 1 hour MARTELANGE and ARLON fell in the hands of a few disciplined AXIS men. I and all at HC are very proud!!!!! THANK YOU ALL! Also THANK YOU to those who defended KERPEN during our Assaults.... I hope I got the names right for the following medals, if you were there and I didn't mention you please reach out to me so I can add you to the list as long I recall seeing you there or HC confirms. Again I apologize If I missed someone right now. Either way BE PROUD for your participation! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Medal for pre setting the OP: HASTIEN and KEVIN Forward Base Offense The award goes to those individuals that go the extra mile and take down FB after FB for the Axis. This tireless duty is what makes or breaks an offense and allows us better defense. Medal for officers setting Tactical FMSs in the way directed, time sensitive and PERFECTLY executed twice!: NORMAL, MAJES99, FLONG139 OKW Bluestar (Team Effort Award) This award is issued to individual officers that show continued team effort. An Officer that goes above and beyond the call getting things team orientated shall be eligible. Issued by Korps level up. Should always be more than one officer receiving it Medal for mandatory and superb AIR cover: JARVEX, COOPER Meritorious Service Cross Awarded to individuals for meritorious service in the superior performance of their duties. Medal for JU52 pilots CHIPPROX and GRUPANIA Bronze Fallschirmjäger Medal Can be awarded to a player or officer who has dedicated their time conducting Fallschirmjäger operations to support Axis Victory! Bronze designation signifies this soldier constantly answers the call for paratroopers, whenever the call is heard! Medal for combat action as Para and ground troop: BIGCATMIMI, XOHORVATH, VONRASHER, SALLONDON, DULLEDGE, JARRU, GRUPANIA, NILY5000, MAJES99, KEVIN, CLERIXX, NORMAL2, JPAK36, JYK, GABYFAYOLL Order of Petro This medal will be awarded to players that go the extra step for the Axis. These players are what make the job of the HC work. They will be regarded with honor by the OKA. AGAIN reach out if your name is missing as in the middle of capping and killing I was trying to write down names... Not too easy THANK YOU ALL!!!! AXIS SPIRIT!!!!
  3. In a CP even with a longer cap timer at least you are still playing, you can kill ect… Staring at a page waiting to spawn in you are not. Even I choose to run errans rather than wasting time in front of my screen. So are we in the business of losing attendance? I am under the impression the business model includes having more guys playing. It is hard enough to bring in new players, then for us to keep them motivated ect…. Hurdles are not welcomed.
  4. SD to 30sec is killer for whatever side gets hit... Consider going back to 10 seconds PLEASE. Why reinstating something that upset players????????????????
  5. Stay strong and beat it! IF I can knife these two for you....
  6. GREAT JOB! Keep it up!!!
  7. I agree. It could be that losing the garrison with the fall of the Armybase might be the twick that speeds up the campain just right, just enough... And force a better defense organization, more focused.
  8. You cant stop people to play around with the tools the game offers... Its part of the variety of things you can do... Not a cheat, not a spying act, just sabotage like another way to fight.... Let it go please.
  9. Cool! Bluninja doing the Moonwalk at Min 7.... Lol
  10. For a good job at HC Kgarner was promoted General (first star) a couple months ago. Yes, his killings deserve recognition.
  11. PM ME. We can talk out of channel. Use Discord. I am always available to you guys to find ways to improve the game for both sides. Without feeding the Drama queens or awake the dragons...
  12. No actually ALL TZ3 I show up at we are underpop, for as long I can recall. Which is why I was always scratching my head about the complains because it is Axis that had issues... But... To avoid drama I will leave it at that. Allies best players are doing their job the last few days and they do it well. Actually a GREAT fun to play vs the Allie elite. Like this morning. I think it shows that Moral and focus along with lining up talent shows in the results. Not nerfing weapons, supplies or ect…. Just talent and Morale. So GJ to the Allies, keep UP with the good play, I don't mind!
  13. Axis way underpop this morning TZ3. Got up at 5 am to take a look. Axis taking a beating.... One day the game will wake up with zero Axis players. Gonna be a sight....