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  1. Very nice! GREAT JOB HAMZA!
  2. Thanks @xoom and @Dwalin for clarifying your position on the subjects.
  3. No problem. If I do not communicate it will continue and Squads wont improve. We re trying to get squads stronger and I agree that it would be great to see it happen.
  4. It was done on a 1 in 10 Campain schedule I believe to add spice and non routine for those who wanted it. Cool and FUN even for me who doesnt switch. This time it happened in a very different way and at the last minute.. And we have now internal issues. I am not here to provide reasons or explanations. I am here doing my part to protect the integrity of our Squad and others that might fall into this backdoor game. DWALIN IS A FRIEND. But this is wrong. Not recognizing it is hurting our community alltogether. Facto... Not an opinion. I saw it today.
  5. Nothing you cant stop with a good squad on D making early DFMS. When I am camped I am EITHER content to play the Davy Crockett in the Alamo or guilty of bad/ too late defense. I have no excuses. I shall not look at an artificial tool to protect my sorry butt. My view.
  6. Dear Rats, You guys do such a GREAT job YET hurt the game so much at the same time... Please stay away from the natural flow of the game with the Spawn delays and Capture timers.... There will be 1 winner. 1 loser at the end... Let It happen naturally. It only upset players... Pleases no one. Sending a Rat to lure his Squad into playing with the other side is only creating internal squad issues and departures when you actually try to get STRONGER squads... A non-sense!!!! We all love your work in keeping the game clean... Addressing bug issues and such... Keep it up... And PLEASE!!!!!!! PLEASE!!!!! STAY AWAY from micro managing the natural flow of the game!!!
  7. GREAT JOB!!!
  8. Great job!!!!
  9. Haaaa… Hastien in fact never mentioned how great he was during this Defense... Yet... Isn't Hastien ALWAYS great? Often those who recount others' Heroic actions forget to say that if they saw it, it was because they were there too... In this case... As Hastien isn't large enough yet to wear ALL the medals he has accumulated, we will say "next time...!" And will pin it on his butt cheeks! How about that!?
  10. IAN77, BADBILL and SSLEGO displayed tremendous teamwork, dedication and LETHALITY defending OOSTMALIE's NFB against wave after wave of ET's, EIs and multiple EFMS.... Hastien wrote: " TO THEM I SALUTE A GREAT JOB..."!!! Allies failed! MEN.... STEP FORWARD to receive the Forward Base Defense
  11. Well.... If in the Southwest of town a barrage kills 1 in 5 infantry approaching town... There goes balancing a 20% overpop situation in a natural/fun way... And like I said above... If CRS increases the number of shells to match the level of imbalance... After a couple of campains they will know what works... I mean... Lets say 100 x 75mm HE landing in a general direction/ area where there is an Ant trail.... Casualties are guaranteed! No thoughts from the RATS???
  12. Nice!!!
  13. AXIS LISTEN UP! Today Operation SEA TURTLE was launched at scheduled time! HC officers, officers and soldiers all responded very well to assignments and orders! Good communication and respect of orders resulted in 100% success in all objectives. CONGRATULATIONS TO ALL INVOLVED!!!!!!! ~~~ EVERYONE~~~ Axis took Breskens, Ljzendijke…. Lufwaffe regained use of Vlissingen Airfield, 16 infantry D reunited, Allies lost North sector Air supremacy, Allie lost many aircrafts... AXIS LOSSES WERE MINIMUM! KEY roles were assigned and rewards are now going to: HASTIEN for transporting OPELS across the channel and at the end under fire delivering the last vehicle to grounds, no EWS... Perfect loading/unloading.... PRO! Golden Eagle on Silver Goldener Adler auf Silber: Awarded to those that have consistantly shown outstanding examples in leadership, tactical knowledge, communication, initiative and who's presence in battle was noted as having contibuted immensly to the results achieved. HASTIEN and HAMZA For decisive, smart FMS' moving them when under fire, keeping the flood of INF going to Breskens… No replacement possible… MAX PRESSURE! Meritorious Service Cross DESTROYER CAPTAINs! Impossible for operation to be a success without the incredible harassment provided by those men! DESTRUCTION of countless Aircrafts, tanks, infantry... Awesome support... SURIM, RPW1, KRAZYDOG, VAPUR6, ROTSECHS, TZU, DOMINO STEP FORWARD AND RECEIVE THE Order of V-Rab HASTIEN (AGAIN), ELLA, SCRUBBOSS, NJORD88 Capped the bunker under heavy defense and with super slow timers, killing wave after wave of EIs... Njord88 doing the risky trip to bunker solely to provide ammo to the cappers!!! STEP FORWARD MEN as AXIS REWARDS YOU! Order of Petro The Allies wont forget Operation SEA TURTLE!
  14. TODAY South AB in ATH stayed AXIS because of a great Defensive comeback but most particularly because 2 MEN stayed behind and guarded the Bunker with all they've got... REDLEGS and MAGNUMUS55 you deserve the Merit Star Awarded to an officer or player that has shown meritorious service to the Axis Side. This can be from guarding a bunker, running supply, ht/Opel driver ... This award is highly regarded and the recipient of this is held in the highest respect by OKA.