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  1. The game is fun at HC level too even if it keeps us from the field/action. I enjoy bringing entertainment/action to the guys. After all maybe the game isn't "broken"... Spirits and resolves might be broken... People's will to keep fighting when pushed a little might be broken... BE STRONGER! COME ON GUYS! ~~ MAN UP! ~~ FIGHT BACK! I challenge the ALLIES to beat us this campaign! And that you do or don't.... GOOD GAME ALL! See you next campaign with new strategies!
  2. Guys... Allies had a great start and we had to scramble whatever we could to avoid being crushed on day 2. We played 1 vs 3 when I took over MAP and all we did was plug holes and defend fanatically. Then the Allie push went too far and left a very weak "hinge"... Axis attacked there. That's all there is to it. I am not a fan of Big cuts but it played out that way. I didn't run out in panic or screamed unfair when I was moving flags back East and defended CP's by myself against massive waves of EIs... I took a deep breath and defended the best I could... Most Axis guys did the same that I saw and when I left the MAP to the next HC I thanked ALL defenders for doing their best in spite of weak odds. It sometimes plays down to 1 town too far or 1 Brig at the wrong place.... 1 CP left unguarded.... Allies I am sure will react and fight back... COME ON! Cheer up! I d rather kill smiling Allies
  3. Gents, As we are talking a lot lately about the idea of town base supplies.... How about keeping the current format, Brigades/Divisions/Army, moving from town to town.... But once AXIS enters Belgium/France/England territory those towns are fielded with town base "Resistance units". This would be more historically accurate! Same when Allies enter/ AO an AXIS {German} town. {volkstrom} Small units that could defend a town for a while, mostly Rifles and Bazookas/ Schrecks.... Therefore no more pure softcaps.... And this could buy time for real Brigs to deploy or paras or whatever. Could eventually design semi civilians outfits.... Just an idea... How about staying historically accurate???? Thoughts?
  4. Good to know you guys are ok!
  5. My Personal experience with WHIPS is that the game became more fun and my K/D better after I joined... Lone wolf was my thing... Now I'd rather get killed helping a squad buddy than letting him struggle.
  6. Cannot load discord because of " Administrator" reason.... I am no computer genius so.... I m dead in the water.
  7. Will never forget HVY's last words to me on the field... And the last action we were in together... Hastien be proud!
  8. I remember this sortie Rod.... I couldn't "terminate" you fast enough! And yes I sometimes switch to knife instead of firing my gun/pistol to confuse the enemy about what got their buddy. Good job shooting me
  9. Is that my reputation on the Allie side? "Shagher is a lag killer" ???
  10. Here is a copy of my last AAR. Though I d share this fun one: The butcher of Sonsbeck Post by shagher » Sunday 31. July 2016, 23:31 In the small town of Sonsbeck lived a Butcher named Shagher... A peaceful man really... Until one evening an evil band of Allies stormed his village and captured most CPs... Fine so far. But when the men invaded the AB bunker, Shagher's Butchery shop... Things changed... Got out of hand. The strangers came in with 4 ETs blocking the front door and cutting every corners, even 2 men in the courtyard were playing with his chickens. All villagers but 2 old men on wheel chairs were dead... So the Butcher went alone and decided to take back his shop, his beef.... Mr Shagher said afterwards: " Well, as I entered the courtyard I saw all those ETs and EIs and smoke and stuffs... So I ran and wacked 2 EIs on the side, then I squeezed in between two Tanks' engines trying not to put grease on my pants... You know... Never go dirty in my butchery. One tank on the other side kept firing at me... Scary stuff for my old age... So then I entered MY shop and came face to face with those ugly men, touching my beef and poultry... I saw red what can I say... Guilty! I even saw one trying to put his hands on my sausage!?!? He died quickly... Well, there are 4 rooms in my shop you know? They were in every room... All 8 of them... So I wacked them all... Simple as that. Was a mess... Even after that, 2 more got in without knocking... Well I KNOCKED sir.. Both of them. I had time to rebuild my place about 75%... But then it got so crowded and filthy.. I had to go... So here I am Mister Saint Peter... Talking to you about my Butchery... Which way do I go now?" And with God's blessing Mr Shagher Opened a Butchery in heaven. He called it: WHIPS The end. Kills Units Hit by Mr Shagher: 2016-07-31 22:53:20 kbuzz101 (FR SMG) <--- The one playing with the chickens 2016-07-31 22:56:24 jmc75 (FR Rifleman) 2016-07-31 22:56:26 narg (FR Semi-Auto) 2016-07-31 22:57:21 moarram (FR Ltd M3A1 SMG) 2016-07-31 22:57:21 jeremycros (FR Rifleman) 2016-07-31 22:57:54 narg (FR Semi-Auto) 2016-07-31 22:58:03 klaus75 (FR M3A1 SMG) 2016-07-31 22:58:04 thugnasty1 (FR Sapper) <--- The one trying to grab the sausage 2016-07-31 22:58:09 talimas1 (FR Grenadier) 2016-07-31 22:58:25 jtnumba1 (FR Sniper) 2016-07-31 22:58:32 dmw2 (FR Semi-Auto) 2016-07-31 22:58:36 bigass (FR ATR) <--- The one who could barely fit thru the front door
  11. Hi guys I have been monitoring the Top Tanker stats for several campain.. I find out that the numbers don t add up. As an exemple this campain 124 my PIVD stat alone 80+ kills is higher than my total Tank kill according to the stats.... My K/d is around 4.0... It shows 1.2 or so.... Same previous campain... same before... Am I missing something? Shagher.
  12. Here it is: I get disconnected every 5 to 10 min for packet loss... If not that, LAG comes and makes the game unplayable... Now before the last patch this would never occur and LAG once every blue moon... So I go do something else instead... Give me one good reason why I would pay a fee every month to end up doing "somethimng else"? I am beyond aggravated and worse yet I used to recommend the game and last night I actually did the opposite to 4 hardcore game players... Result for CRS: loss of income. I am giving it to the end of this month... This was my last contribution if I get a packet loss after dec 1st. Used to be fun, was a great game. Thanks.