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  1. Kaparopa heard my call that ANYONE who would recap the Spawnable in Samer would get a medal... That CP was out of town.... Multiple Sherman near... AA guns... EIs by the dozen.... Kaparopa was the only one who got there... AND TOOK IT BACK! AWESOME! Receive the Meritorious Service Cross
  2. Xl2dylar has spent countless hours bombing Allies factories and resupplying the Luftwaffe from the back Airfields.... Every soldier on the front line owes a bit to him for the supply situation. Step forward Sir! Here is your Luftwaffe Bomber Badge in Bronze
  3. ELLA, BADBILL, GLOCK1 and HASTIEN step forward!!!!! The defense of ST Riquier/ Frevent FORWARD BASE by the 4 of you will be remembered as EPIC! Allies pushing back on our AO failed at the FB location when they hit this wall of AXIS WARRIORS! Enemy Body counts was approximately 16 trucks, 37 Infantry, 7 Tanks, 19 aircrafts and 3 ATGs! ~~~~ Lots of Ugliness off our planet! Receive the Forward Base Defense Medal AND The Meritorious Service Cross
  4. Redoak84 Flying alonside JG-51 and hammering the Allied factories has great impact on the war! Step forward!!! Receive the Luftwaffe bomber badge in Silver! - Witcher - Phil999 - Katapage - Robbie and Arenafox!!! Your Close Air Support as been noticed and is VERY VALUABLE! Step forward!!! Receive the Luftwaffe CAS badge in Bronze!
  5. Behind the front lines another combat takes place, no bullet can hit him but an Allie bombing raid or a typo could be deadly.... A typo yes.... Imagine crating a wide spread document misspelling "Shagher"... Or "Googs"... Very risky! PROPA step forward as your fantastic work in boosting AXIS soldiers morale creating great documents and Propaganda is PRICELESS to the war effort! Receive the OKW MAX "This award goes out to players spending countless hours creating tools, documents and applications outside the game in order to help the AXIS player to be most effective"
  6. Awesome!!!
  7. @redoak84Medal switched to Silver as you already have received Bronze!
  8. Mosizlak performed very well at the defense of Roulers' FB and allowed AXIS to attack by using great communication and unselfishly covering the rear... The uglies failed to take it down! STEP FORWARD and receive the Forward Base defense Medal!
  9. To all JG-51 members please accept if you do not have it already the Air supremacy Medal (Bronze). For Air Squads showing supremacy and AXIS teamwork, ensuring the Allies do not gain any advantage in the RDP war... STOP THEM - BOMB THEIRS! Keep it up! Axis looks up to you!
  10. Majes99 in Andenne…. In a short outburst of greatness Majes99 captured by himself Andenne's NCP and BUNKER! While all of us on the South side were still trying to figure out how our rifles work (They don't)…. Majes99 rised to HERO STATUS and delivered AXIS the city of Andenne! Thank you MAJES99! Meritorious Service Cross Awarded to individuals for meritorious service in the superior performance of their duties.
  11. FANTASTIC work!!!! Keep it up!
  12. Thank you Indian!
  13. Much much appreciated work!
  14. A brave one!
  15. Allie armor superiority is undeniable. 1 incoming shot and death is most common outcome, even by lower calibers. Piat / zook 1 tier before Axis... PIAT shoots laying down, saw it twice.. Schreck denied that possibility... Matty... Well... Axis sapper not allowed to sap them if they move... Air... Mobil AA guns armored... Axis given convertibles. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Axis better Assault rifle with Fj42 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Pop...? People's choice... Not imposed on players. Now that's good!
  16. Drloo!!!! SO DESERVED!
  17. Great work!
  18. Awesome!!!! I love para action!
  19. Well done!
  20. 1 AO only per side regardless of Population..... Want bigger more populated battles... Focus on 2 towns, 1 AO and 1 DO... We could try that for a campaign. Just an idea...
  21. Great work Greyone!