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  1. I actually like the early Tier where INF play rules. All tier have their thing... Need them all I think to cater to all preferences.
  2. Sorry to hear that Vegoman, if that guy is AXIS I will keep an eye on his attitude, like TMAN said sometimes so we miss a chat... Cant read them all. If it happens again reach out to ANY HC or RAT in game and they will help ASAP.
  3. I may add a note so: It appears to me that what hurts us all is to be found in the . reports and chat bars as it illustrates raw feelings and abnormal situation that frustrate the writer. I for exemple send a lot of . reports and even so I know that likely 10- 20% of my reports are likely due to something I missed in the action and is likely to be invalid ( Even so I think before I write...). It does represent what is not working properly in the game... Something that if repeated again and again might be a problem. I think RATS do a great job with terrain, new buildings and toys on a steady basis and the subs are reasonably priced when you compare to the amount of entertainment we get, I suppose the alternative could be that we could charge by the hour of play... So those who play less don't feel like they pay too much? But I do not think it affects numbers that much. (And SD should be removed then) For what I have seen the last 8 years, upsets players leave because they saw something in game they got frustrated by, piiised of about, and it s mostly about how the action unfolded.... Or weapons got.... " Changed". So I encourage RATS take some more serious look at dot reports and their trends, group them up, see what comes on top and start addressing from there... I bet magic will happen once you go after what the problems are, experience now shows that nothing good happens when you try to tweak the mechanics to influence outcomes. Actually the opposite. Just a note....
  4. I would prioritize towns that have an isolated AB and not change the ones where Bunkers are close to other buildings, the design of those awesome bunkers do not belong in urban areas, they are clearly meant to oversee open fields like Airfields or on the edge of coastal towns... Maybe towns near a river too would make sense as well. But yes it would be good to have more of those in Game. Stuff like that trigger excitement to players and to my opinion help retaining guys in game... New buildings, new terrain fixtures, new PPOs... That s fun to have stuff to discover, play with, fight in....
  5. Today a fun, tough, long, exciting, exhausting, bloody battle raged in Rocroi…. Axis trapped 2 Allie brigades, its HC and the town garrison in Couvin and they tried all they could do to free it... Allies did fight well and hard. We struggled to line up enough supplies to stop them from breaking through... Most the battle down to rifles... For hours... Losing the bunker was a hard blow and with no link CP left only 1 thing saved the day and closed the deal.... EAGLE MADE a DFMS all the way from CHIMAY and in a perfect spot.... Allowing AXIS teams to regroup, recap... kill. Without EAGLE's actions and the support of all men in or around town Allies would have successfully freed themselves.... EAGLE was the Hero among Heroes! We owe you, STEP FORWARD and receive the Merit Star Awarded to an officer or player that has shown meritorious service to the Axis Side. This can be from gaurding a bunker, running supply, ht/opel driver ... This award is highly regarded and the recipient of this is held in the highest respect by OKA.
  6. Today in Bertix... Last CP north of Bertix still in Allie's grip and difficult to access was no problem for Vicfranko who, covered by AXIS heros such as Koopman and Dagunny, managed to survive all assaults, kill 11 Allies and recap the CP. Sole survivor.... Then stayed and defended the cap! Killing 1 more... AXIS thanks you VICFRANKO! You are awarded the Iron Cross 3rd class Vicfranko's kills: Jul 24 18:36 dilbert1 (FR SMG)Jul 24 18:36 vicmorrow (FR Rifleman)Jul 24 18:37 dilbert1 (FR Rifleman)Jul 24 18:37 mikeaz (FR SMG)Jul 24 18:37 kefooian (FR Sniper)Jul 24 18:38 cobra (FR LMG)Jul 24 18:38 dilbert1 (FR LMG)Jul 24 18:39 michaelv (FR Rifleman)Jul 24 18:39 dilbert1 (FR SMG)Jul 24 18:40 cobra (FR Rifleman)Jul 24 18:41 mcafeed (FR Rifleman)
  7. I did Sgthenning.
  8. It is time to award a group of men who showed AXIS SPIRIT and at the very least, dedication to make things happen! Are ALL those who deserve recognition in the following line up of Braves? No... Some men worked or accomplished amazing things in spots so dark that HC itself couldn't see them. Yet we know they are there and for that reason, I thank everyone, yes.... E V E R Y O N E Not forgetting AEF men who helped us achieve a good campaign. Here are a select few lucky bastages that I am proud of fighting alongside: Soldiers and Officers receiving the Order of Petro This medal will be awarded to players that go the extra step for the Axis. These players are what make the job of the HC work. They will be regarded with honor by the OKA MYCAT, ELVS2001 for overall constant greatness and reliable actions. TEAMWORK! HASTIEN, PYM, QOR and SHOTDUCK for FBs attacks and Guarding!!! TEAMWORK! XCAS for critical resupplies or garrison towns. TEAMWORK! RATOMANIAC for long, away from action CP guarding and support of ALL kinds. TEAMWORK! JET2019 for blowing all Gent FBs several times for hours. TEAMWORK! PARASIT for so many great FMS after some looong drives! TEAMWORK! PHAULTYC for Seclin's insane killing spree and many supports after being called for help! TEAMWORK! KEVIN for a difficult SOLO bunker cap in TEMSE and so responsive to help calls! TEAMWORK! JSILEC for helping at every calls, great Comms on Discord and first class soldier! TEAMWORK! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Officer school Cadet Oberst WIRKLICH receives the Golden Eagle on Silver Goldener Adler auf Silber: Awarded to those that have consistantly shown outstanding examples in leadership, tactical knowledge, communication, initiative and who's presence in battle was noted as having contibuted immensly to the results achieved. WIRKLICH is ALSO about to receive his promotion and FIRST STAR as General WIRKLICH and new commanding roll within the High Command. VERY WELL DESERVED! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- As those men already know I am sure As Campaign commander I was not the most flexible and once decision was made I gave directions that did leave little room for misinterpretation or deviation as I believed it was in the best interest of all AXIS troops and AXIS' final goal: Victory! {And thanks for putting up with me} HC Officers GOOGS, EYESHANK, KARDEHK, CHYRENZ and POTTHEAD step forward to receive the Axis Eagle Cross This award goes out only to Axis officers. This is one of the highly regarded medals an officer can receive. This medal commemorates the undying efforts put forth by an Axis Officer. Without the efforts of these individuals there would be no Axis HC. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Memorable mention to SQUADS attached to 3rd PANZER Division. This Division made the South cut possible, then destroyed the Allie defensive line along side the river starting near Sedan and created the Central pocket then helped cutting Antwerp off before Heading to ENGLAND for a brutal rampage! The LUFTWAFFE also deserves a GREAT SALUTE for doing everything it could to support Ground actions, Always responding to calls!!!!! Many paradrops would have been impossible without cleared skies! To LAFLEUR, DUDECAN and AXIS!
  9. During the battle of HEESCH, AXIS was throwing all it had toward the town to break open the pocket where 40 Axis town were trapped... Do or lose it all time. Many fought for a couple hours bravely, relentlessly... Then Icarus66 came to N bunker to help Shagher to guard it while under constant Allie assault. Twice, as an ATR and with pistol only he fought back all Allies and used all its bullets literally to the last one... He lived to kill so many that all held good and the rest of the troops could focus on the South part of town.... Great Great work! ICARUS66 step forward and receive the Merit Star Awarded to an officer or player that has shown meritorious service to the Axis Side. This can be from gaurding a bunker, running supply, ht/opel driver ... This award is highly regarded and the recipient of this is held in the highest respect by OKA.
  10. Today at Noon US Eastern time Operation DRAGON was launched on schedule and as planed. The awesome execution and teamwork required from Air and Ground worked perfectly. Details of the preparation are still classified but for those who participated.... What a FANTASTIC 2 town attack! In 1 hour MARTELANGE and ARLON fell in the hands of a few disciplined AXIS men. I and all at HC are very proud!!!!! THANK YOU ALL! Also THANK YOU to those who defended KERPEN during our Assaults.... I hope I got the names right for the following medals, if you were there and I didn't mention you please reach out to me so I can add you to the list as long I recall seeing you there or HC confirms. Again I apologize If I missed someone right now. Either way BE PROUD for your participation! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Medal for pre setting the OP: HASTIEN and KEVIN Forward Base Offense The award goes to those individuals that go the extra mile and take down FB after FB for the Axis. This tireless duty is what makes or breaks an offense and allows us better defense. Medal for officers setting Tactical FMSs in the way directed, time sensitive and PERFECTLY executed twice!: NORMAL, MAJES99, FLONG139 OKW Bluestar (Team Effort Award) This award is issued to individual officers that show continued team effort. An Officer that goes above and beyond the call getting things team orientated shall be eligible. Issued by Korps level up. Should always be more than one officer receiving it Medal for mandatory and superb AIR cover: JARVEX, COOPER Meritorious Service Cross Awarded to individuals for meritorious service in the superior performance of their duties. Medal for JU52 pilots CHIPPROX and GRUPANIA Bronze Fallschirmjäger Medal Can be awarded to a player or officer who has dedicated their time conducting Fallschirmjäger operations to support Axis Victory! Bronze designation signifies this soldier constantly answers the call for paratroopers, whenever the call is heard! Medal for combat action as Para and ground troop: BIGCATMIMI, XOHORVATH, VONRASHER, SALLONDON, DULLEDGE, JARRU, GRUPANIA, NILY5000, MAJES99, KEVIN, CLERIXX, NORMAL2, JPAK36, JYK, GABYFAYOLL, MYCAT Order of Petro This medal will be awarded to players that go the extra step for the Axis. These players are what make the job of the HC work. They will be regarded with honor by the OKA. AGAIN reach out if your name is missing as in the middle of capping and killing I was trying to write down names... Not too easy THANK YOU ALL!!!! AXIS SPIRIT!!!!
  11. Should not have to, PRIDE shall be enough to log in and fight.
  12. Can we free Riflemen from SD at least? So then you have the option to still play??? I insist SD is against players game enjoyment, Allie or Axis. And if it is noted it affects a side more than the other then it should absolutely be reduced.
  13. In a CP even with a longer cap timer at least you are still playing, you can kill ect… Staring at a page waiting to spawn in you are not. Even I choose to run errans rather than wasting time in front of my screen. So are we in the business of losing attendance? I am under the impression the business model includes having more guys playing. It is hard enough to bring in new players, then for us to keep them motivated ect…. Hurdles are not welcomed.
  14. SD to 30sec is killer for whatever side gets hit... Consider going back to 10 seconds PLEASE. Why reinstating something that upset players????????????????
  15. Stay strong and beat it! IF I can knife these two for you....
  16. GREAT JOB! Keep it up!!!
  17. I agree. It could be that losing the garrison with the fall of the Armybase might be the twick that speeds up the campain just right, just enough... And force a better defense organization, more focused.
  18. You cant stop people to play around with the tools the game offers... Its part of the variety of things you can do... Not a cheat, not a spying act, just sabotage like another way to fight.... Let it go please.
  19. Cool! Bluninja doing the Moonwalk at Min 7.... Lol
  20. For a good job at HC Kgarner was promoted General (first star) a couple months ago. Yes, his killings deserve recognition.
  21. PM ME. We can talk out of channel. Use Discord. I am always available to you guys to find ways to improve the game for both sides. Without feeding the Drama queens or awake the dragons...
  22. No actually ALL TZ3 I show up at we are underpop, for as long I can recall. Which is why I was always scratching my head about the complains because it is Axis that had issues... But... To avoid drama I will leave it at that. Allies best players are doing their job the last few days and they do it well. Actually a GREAT fun to play vs the Allie elite. Like this morning. I think it shows that Moral and focus along with lining up talent shows in the results. Not nerfing weapons, supplies or ect…. Just talent and Morale. So GJ to the Allies, keep UP with the good play, I don't mind!